Sunday, 5 February 2012

Nukes and Knives - follow me?

Hello one and all,

In homage to Hudson (Bill Paxton) as while trying to show off to Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) in Aliens: Directors Cut, he tells her not to worry, as amongst other things, he and his squad of ultimate bad asses will protect her.  He has also got nukes and knives yer' know....

What a film eh?  Disagree?  Well it's a free country I suppose.

I have all manner of ideas and topics and hopefully that will encourage most, many and others to follow.  I believe my posts are getting better, a little better, all the time.

For many years of talking the talk, I've decided it's time to walk the walk by sounding off, sharing my knowledge and put my innovative branding to the test.

My ultimate aim is to give material (old and new) a fresh and exciting new angle. 

I may go off on one and rant, but that's what many will hopefully come to expect; but in a good way....

To dampen yer' whistle - video games, music, films, music, mainstream and not so common, together with other sub-genres etc will be unable to hide even with a cloak device but be advised - yer' gonna need a bigger boat....

I'm a huge retro fan of most things electronic and film orientated so will be covering that subject matter too.

Here's a classic - who or what is SNK?  I'll bet my green money, or lack of it, that sadly, many still don't know today :(

If you like clever, subtle refs to films and music (amongst others), great as I'll be using them often. 

There's already two buried in this short noise above, can you get them without cheating - I have huge confidence in you...

Any feedback, comments and even requests will be met with great appreciation.

Email me at

I have a frightening amount of ideas in the pipeline so keep checking back regularly for new posts and like Magnus - "I've started, so I'll finish."

On a serious note, please be aware that profanity may be used.

Content is writ in my own unique, satirical, irreverent, humorous and even ironic style.

All features are 110% original as anything but would insult my own creativity and imagination.

However, the material devised is never designed to offend.

It's weird that sometimes that the visual images don't appear correctly but this is sometimes just a question of resubmitting them, but when they don't - I have no idea.

It is very annoying but Chrome seems to help.

Thanks in advance for your time!

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