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Generalising video game impostors throughout history - Final Pixels

Here it is - the dramatic conclusion.

Pixels whored out to other home systems will be marked *, with a specific format chosen at my discretion.

Otherwise, imagery is courtesy of coin munching upright cabinet.

Backstreet Soccer, SunA 1996 vs Street Hoop/Dunk Dream, Data East 1994 (Neo Geo)

Intro slice.

Team select.


Data East were far from innocent as I'm sure they 'sampled' Midway's NBA Jam, hence running commentary and super shots.

With that said, the 'accused' also nicked clumps from SNK's Super Sidekicks series.

I'm using the example of The Ultimate 11: SNK Football Championship.

Wheeling away in celebration.

Here's the strangest bit.

Discounting original, observe how keepers gesticulate to their team-mates.

The World Championship (left) and The Next Glory (right).

To accommodate France '98, Neo Geo Cup '98: The Road to the Victory was a pointless remake of second sequel The Next Glory.

However, unlike all those other assholes who released whichever game prior to tournament commencing, SNK took it upon themselves to do this AFTER the host nation claimed glory.

Yeah, what's the fucking point?

Sticking what can be the 'ugly' game.

Microprose Soccer*, Sensible Software 1988 (C64) vs Fighting Soccer, SNK 1988

It could be the other way around, but unlikely.

Yes, the ball does increase and decrease in size.

Don't forget, Microprose Soccer was the genesis of Sensible Soccer.

There is no doubt about this one.

Demon Front, IGS 2002 vs Metal Slug*, Nazca 1996 (Neo Geo)

How to play.

'Heavy machine gun'...

The former was developed on the obscure PolyGame Master system board.

Red Earth/WarZard, Capcom 1996 vs Metamoqester/Oni The Ninja Master, Banpresto 1995

As you can see, each CPU opponent has lengthy vitality.

But wait, both raped...

Monster Maulers, Konami 1993

Mystic Riders, Irem 1992 vs Cotton: Fantastic Nights Dreams, Success 1991

You could also bring in Chariot: Adventure through the Sky from 1991 Capcom compilation arcade Three Wonders.

The others were:

Midnight Wanderers: Quest for the Chariot precedes Chariot.
Err, so where does out of place puzzler Don't Pull fit in?

I'm more stumped than a cricketer.

And years before...

Cauldron, Palace Software 1985 (C64)
Okay, riding on broomstick was only half the story.

Some took graphical 'inspiration' too literally.

Rapid Reload: Gunners Heaven, Sony 1995 (PS1) vs Gunstar Heroes, Treasure 1993 (Mega Drive)

Panzer Bandit, Fill in Cafe 1997 (PS1) vs Guardian Heroes, Treasure 1996 (Saturn)

Marko's Magic Football, Domark 1994 (Mega Drive) vs Soccer Kid*, Krisalis Software 1993 (Amiga)

A definite red card.

Scooby Doo Mystery, Illusions Gaming Company 1995 (Mega Drive) vs Day of the Tentacle, Lucasarts 1993 (PC)


At least joypad point and click looked the part.

After dropping frilly knickers and lifting short skirt, Scooby and Shaggy were horrified to learn Daphne was actually a ladyboy.
Incorporating clues and scrolling platform action, the four story Argonaut version on SNES was very different.

Expect to solve haunted ship-wreck, amusement park, spooky swamp (on the grounds of Dean Drabwell's Ranch) and Bradshaw Manor.

To trap respective villain, specific items must be found.

Its nearest rival was much shorter and only had two scenarios (Blake's Hotel and Ha Ha Carnival).

Both maintained humour synonymous with the classic show.

Punch King Arcade Boxing, Acclaim 2002 (GBA) vs Super Punch-Out!!, Nintendo 1984

I could have used the 1994 SNES remake but hey ho.

Frank Bruno's Boxing is still the greatest rip off by a country uppercut.

Again, I'm not sure which wrestle came first but I'm giving SNK the benefit of the bout.

Mutant Fighter, Data East 1991 vs King of the Monsters*, SNK 1991 (Neo Geo)

The Ninja Warriors, Taito 1987 vs Kung-Fu Master, Irem 1984

Do mirrors placed either side of horizontal monitor creating the fake impression of extended perception have the right to steal the basic, but ingenious formula of bashing a relentless onslaught of baddies coming from left and right?


Increasing difficulty level...

Tom & Jerry in 'Fists of Furry', VIS Interactive 2000 (N64) vs Power Stone, Capcom 1999

PS2 sequel War of the Whiskers continued the piss take.

Rough Ranger, SunA 1988, vs Rolling Thunder, Namco 1986

For that 'hack', balls on the rack...

Charlie Ninja, Mitchell Corporation 1994 vs Sunset Riders, Konami 1990

Adapted from the cartoon series of the same name, Wild West C.O.W. Boys of Moo Mesa milked arcades in 1992.
Like Commando, Capcom's Gun.Smoke was released in 1985 and this screen is wanted in connection with the above.


Gunfright was a similarly themed 1985 isometric Spectrum effort, with most outlaws named after actual bandits including Jesse James and The Sundance Kid.

You also had the Rumpo Kid, surely in homage to Sid James in Carry On Cowboy.

Sheriff Quickdraw may have been reffing eponymous protagonist of Hanna-Barbera series Quick Draw McGraw.

Before shaming the next...

When SNK went portable with the brilliant but short-lived Neo Geo Pocket, cut-down interpretations of specific one on one entries favoured chibi over realism.

Fatal Fury: First Contact (Real Bout 2)
Samurai Shodown! (Samurai Shodown IV)
King of Fighters R-1 (The King of Fighters '97)
King of Fighters R-2 (The King of Fighters '98)

Samurai Shodown! 2 was a frankly amazing conversion of Samurai Shodown 64: Warriors Rage, the sequel to Samurai Shodown 64.

In case you're unaware of its confusing existence, Warriors Rage on PS1 was standalone.

Featuring a limited selection from the cast of Fatal Fury, Samurai Shodown, The Last Blade and KOF, SNK Gals Fighters was all out boobage warfare.

Anyway, enough of that - this is this.

Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix/Pocket Fighter, Capcom 1997 vs SD-Fighters, Semicom 1996

Capcom employed the cutesy look in 1993 with Mighty Final Fight (NES spin-off of original 1989 arcade), but that's totally irrelevant.

Is this an 'unconscious' rip off?

Double-Wings, Mitchell Corporation 1993 vs Raiden, Seibu Kaihatsu 1990

Title screen for title screen.

Weapons for weapons.

It's probably more accurate to say the whole thing clones the 1993 sequel, which apart from improved pyrotechnics; isn't that different from original.

Replacing fighter jet with bi-plane?


Kong Strikes Back!*, Ocean 1985 (C64) vs Mr Do's Wild Ride, Universal 1984

Even taking era into account, how Ocean got away with this begs bastard belief.

What visual pollution insults most?

Over to you Lucasarts.

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine, Lucasarts 1999 (PC/N64) vs Tomb Raider, Core Design 1996 (PS1)

You could also reference 1998 N64 classic Ocarina of Time.

The 2001 Game Boy Colour version was top-down and predictably 2D.

Expect more guilt to be buried within 'video game miscellany' and don't worry Rezon, I haven't forgotten about your sorry ass...
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