Sunday, 30 September 2012

If this isn't variety - you're sensationally the greatest denier! 1/2 Ud 03/11/13

Well folks, here we go again.  Sit comfortably as possible as after much debate and controversy, this game will be contested as a normal league fixture, as agreed by the FA and each manager.

Weather cannot and will not play a part as the Wimbledon roof has been stolen and swiftly applied to prevent any complications and force abandonment.

They will go at it, hammer and tongs as one way or another.  We’ll have a winner.

The First Half begins (again).

I demand that Alt-j play me Something Good.

Undercover Brother is a 2002 film and Undercover Lover is a song by Kids in Glass Houses.

The Maccabees built a structure out of Lego.

Slow Hand and Slow Hands are songs by Pointer Sisters and Interpol respectively.

Bombay Bicycle Club always give change to Beggars.  Beggars Banquet is a famous album by The Rolling Stones.

Many will find it Undeniable that The Feeling are any good.

I’ve got Hundreds of Years to listen to Thinking Fellers Local Union 282.

Red Hot Chili Peppers were found again at the Police Station.

Crystal Stilts are falling Through the Floor.

I could Endlessly listen to Mercury Rev and Muse.

Forget the music scene, Deerhunter dig the Basement Scene.

Don’t be caught chomping when fasting as Lower than Atlantis will remind you that Eating is Cheating.

It’s Getting’ Better (Man!!) and We Want Better, Man are songs by Oasis and Twin Atlantic respectively.

Kids in Glass Houses must be ghont hunters as they Hunt the Haunted.

The Dears are fed up of travelling as there are No Cities Left to visit.

Attention to all those who have been possessed.  Please use this hot tip of asking them to Leave My Body as Florence + the Machine are never in need of such a ritual.

Red Rabbits, Red Moon and Red Rain are songs by The Shins, The Walkmen and Peter Gabriel respectively.

I think Passion Pit are great, I mean brilliant, awesome and truly fantastic.  They’re just….

Sorry, it appears I was getting a little Carried Away.

Myself and a friend passed PJ Harvey and she turned and gave my friend a funny look.  Clearly confused, we sat down and thought about it.  I turned to him and decided that she must have thought You Said Something.

This is rather incredible...

Yours Truly, Angry Mob, Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose and Yours Truly, The Commuter are albums by Kaiser Chiefs, Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves of Destiny and Jason Lytle respectively.

Lethal Thunder is 1991 Irem arcade and Lethal Enforcers is Konami lightgun franchise which first started in 1992.

I went to purchase a boat from The Duke Spirit.  I was skeptical at first as she didn’t look a fine vessel, as its timber looked very immature.  However, its plaque read This Ship Was Built to Last.

Electric President are glum because We Were Never Built to Last.  I can understand their frustration and situation but is there any need for them to suggest (when offering support and sympathy) that I should Eat Shit and Die.

The Human League are Together in Electric Dreams and Bad Religion can be found Beyond Electric Dreams.

After seeing Lambchop enter the library day after day, month after month and year after year, I came to the decision that they will return to read The Book I Haven’t Read.

The Horrors warn me that the Ocean’s Burning.

I always enjoy a glass of Wine when The Raveonettes, I hide my stash from The National as they drink All the Wine and David Gray is fussy as he drinks Only the Wine.

Don't get wood but….

We Were Promised Jetpacks – Pear Tree
Crystal Stilts – Sycamore Tree
Bright Eyes – Poison Oak
Trevor Hall – The Lime Tree
Eels – Apple Trees

Pink Floyd invited me to a nightclub.  I was still feeling it from the night before but apparently, I must See Emily Play.

I visited my local music shop and became extremely disappointed that it was Closed for Business.  I later found out that it was owned by Mansun.

Don Broco knows what Priorities are important.

The Cranberries revealed my Animal Instinct.

There’s a lack of Communication between me, The Cardigans and Thinking Fellers Local Union 282.

Scissor Sisters are broadcasting Tits on the Radio.  Tune in lads.

Primal Scream are due their Medication.

He what? he never, He Did.  Anais Mitchell said the third set of words.

The View will happily take a Bullet.

I am Sick to Death of Atari Teenage Riot.

Ocean Colour Scene tell me they are On My Way and Alabama Shakes are On Your Way.

The Duke Spirit led a peaceful Procession of good music.

Mr Burns regularly releases the Hounds on The Antlers.

When Panic! At The Disco and Maverick Sabre look back on their music career, they’ll have many fond Memories.

We Are Scientists have a distinct lack of Ambition.

I seek Salvation from The Cranberries.

Take it as Gospel that The National are a great band.

Tapes ‘n Tapes will Buckle under pressure.

Do Yourself a Favour and listen to Tim Booth.

Bon Iver were offered a Lump Sum to sign a record contract.

They Might be Giants have fan mail posted through their Letterbox.

The Moons was caught doing something.  They made me Promise Not To Tell.

Cry Baby and Cry Baby Cry are songs by The Rifles and The Beatles respectively.

The Raveonettes tend to make me Blush.

In my eyes, Thirteen Senses can Do No Wrong.

Young Guns will run like a rabbit to Headlights.

Wudja Cudja was a short-lived UK TV gameshow which asks the public to do all sorts of embarrassing and cringing dares for the ultimate bribe - money.  Forgive me for knowing this but if you reverse and spell things correctly, Could You? Would You? is a song by Lower than Atlantis.  Shoulda Coulda Woulda is a track from Flying Colors.

I let Cage the Elephant Shake me Down and Florence + the Machine to simply Shake it Out.

Of Montreal were sectioned as We Will Commit Wolf Murder and Radiohead heard A Wolf at the Door.

The Company of Wolves is a 1984 horror film and In The Company of Wolves is a Incubus number.

If James don't want to know the football results, I suggest they Lookaway now.

Take my advice, never work for Of Montreal as they only offer a Dour Percentage.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart have a Heart in Heartbreak, Barenaked Ladies suffered Another Heartbreak, Electric Light Orchestra witness despair as Another Heart Breaks, The Walkmen and Alabama Shakes are a Heartbreaker, Aqualung are Breaking my Heart Again and James Vincent McMorrow is busy Breaking Hearts..

The Pierces will Go to Heaven, Dream Theater are Far from Heaven and The Stone Roses are struggling with Breaking into Heaven.

I wanted to have a wander with Slow Club but they told me you don’t want to be a part of Where I’m Walking.  I accepted and respected this.

The Hives are Insane and Lambchop are Crackers.  However, Midlake asked Am I Going Insane and Sonic Youth declared that I’m Insane.

Santigold open their Big Mouth, Oasis cannot shut My Big Mouth and The Smiths inform me that Bigmouth Strikes Again.

Young the Giant brought Guns Out and Radiohead meant business with Knives Out.

Tindersticks have lost their Marbles.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are My Terrible Friend.

I’m sorry but there’s just something about All Time Low.  I really do hate their Guts.

Boys Like Girls are Love Drunk and Incubus are Punch Drunk.

Sonic Youth have a song called Kool Thing.  Did the awful Mortal Kombat gimmick infect their minds.

Brett Anderson spurned the advances of Pretty Widows, Arctic Monkeys regularly expect Pretty Visitors, The Sex Pistols are Pretty Vacant, Tindersticks speak Pretty Words, Low know Pretty People, Soundgarden admired a Pretty Noose, Iggy Pop was in awe over a Pretty Flamingo and Space didn't attempt Pretty Suicide.

Quick, somebody alert the Twilight Singers as There’s Been an Accident.

It has to be said that The Smashing Pumpkins are very Quiet today.

The Waiting Room is a far more interesting place when We Are The Ocean are present.  No Doubt prefer to be patient in a Waiting Room.

Even from a distance, Sound of Guns can see The Whites of Your Eyes.

One More Revival and Good Morning Revival are songs by The Answer and Good Charlotte respectively.

You have to be Beneath the Surface to experience Dream Theater.

Thinking Fellers Local Union 282 investigated A Serious Matter.

Without a heartbeat, we are no more.  Here are what you can find in music.

Brett Anderson – Brittle Heart
The Duke Spirit – Wooden Heart
Wolf People – Empty Heart
Jonathan Coulton – Artificial Heart
Turin Brakes – Paper Heart
Broken Bells – Mongrel Heart
Starsailor – Restless Heart
Flyleaf - Tiny Heart
Badly Drawn Boy - Blistered Heart
Cat Power and Garbage - Metal Heart
Flyleaf - Green Heart
Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart
The Futureheads - Radio Heart
The Walkmen - Southern Heart
Rainbow - Desperate Heart

Don’t ask Pixes to bid farewll as they can only offer a Wave of Mutilation.

Barenaked Ladies only have a Half a Heart.  Bless them.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart exist Even in Dreams and Weezer are Only in Dreams.

Garbage is my Beloved Freak and Eels are a Beautiful Freak.

I lost my Great Lake Swimmers album today.  Oh well, Easy Come Easy Go.

As Far As I Can See, there was life after James for Tim Booth.

If people bitch about Chairlift, I think they may have the Wrong Opinion.

The Maccabees took an X-Ray and Gomez took several X-Rays.

I hope The Raveonettes don’t commit Suicide and according to Manic Street Preachers, Suicide is Painless.

Ben Howard is always Gracious in defeat.

I will drink Every Last Drop of The Joy Formidable.

St. Vincent overpowered me and they couldn’t stop laughing.  I take it they must have Hysterical Strength.

The Pierces confused all as they gave a stranger peck on the cheek.  When challenged, they apologetically claimed they were just Kissing you Goodbye.  When boarding a train, Kasabian blew a Goodbye Kiss.

Oh My God was stated by Cults and Kaiser Chiefs and Bombay Bicycle Club exclaimed My God.

Gigs to see Twilight Singers are very reasonably priced as they will only set you back Forty Dollars.  Even better are Radiohead concerts as they just cost Dollars and Cents.

I lent $20 from Low and The Asteroids Galaxy Tour throw Dollars in the Night.

If I Had a Cent for every time The Hives were played, I’d be rich.

The Airborne Toxic Event gave me directions to their abode as it’s indeed difficult to miss.  I just had to look for The Graveyard near the House.

The Cranberries believe there is No Need to Argue and Lambchop are boring as We Never Argue.

Twin Shadow inflated a Yellow Balloon and The Raconteurs warmed to a Yellow Sun.

We Were Promised Jetpacks are a Picture of Health.

Keane are all set at the Starting Line and Yellowcard will see them at the Finish Line.

Bad Religion remain Incomplete.

Trust me when I say this as Garbage are Not Your Kind of People.

The Darkness are set in Concrete.

Seven Below is a 2012 film and Ten Below is a James song.

The Ataris wrote me a letter.  I haven’t sent My Reply yet.

I asked Two Door Cinema Club a question.  They wouldn’t budge but they finally coughed as I reminded them that I know You’re Not Stubborn.

I don’t think Embrace and No Doubt realise the Gravity of their situation.

Keane were making general noise all day but were finally Silenced by the Night.  Only by the Night is the fourth album by Kings of Leon.

Whenever, Whatever and Wherever are songs by Tribes and Beth Orton, Oasis and Five Times August respectively.

Five Times August and Black Flag are trying to Fix Me with Coldplay attempting to Fix You.

Life looks different through a Kaleidoscope.  James, Ride and The Script are in the process of lending me theirs.  Death Cab for Cutie pretend I Was a Kaleidoscope.

Will somebody Call Someone as I’ve just met Thirteen Senses.

Good Charlotte appreciate the Little Things in life.

The Boxer Rebellion will Evacuate any building.

If you don’t like The Rules, talk to Elysion.

When Twin Atlantic use a computer, the monitor screams Edit Me.

Whether they like it or not, it’s All or Nothing for Theory of a Deadman.

If Keane fancy visiting a greasy spoon, they will only enter the Sovereign Light Café, Ultrasound is my Sovreign and Shearwater are becoming a Dread Sovereign.

Beak> reflected on Dundry Hill, Thom Yorke tumbled down Harrowdown Hill, The Imagined Village and Bellowhead scaled Byker Hill, Sonic Youth relaxed on Chapel Hill, Coldplay climbed Violet Hill, Tindersticks took a moment to reflect on Hubbards Hill, The Cardigans braved Marvel Hill, Supergrass made holes in Shotover Hill, Madness trimmed Primrose Hill, Dodgy stumbled across Raggedstone Hill, Bellowhead swept Broomfield Hill, Show of Hands reminisced on Reunion Hill and Green Day failed to borrow cash on Tight Wad Hill.

Hamburger Hill is a 1987 war film and Bombay Bicycle Club sat on The Hill.

Grab me a Cold Beer and the Remote Control and slam Indigo Girls on.

James and The Temper Trap climbed down a Rabbit Hole and Bright Eyes are Down in the Rabbit Hole.

You know you have a predictably awful horror movie when you know Jason Donovan is among the case and that’s exactly what The Legend of Harrow Woods is.  Yes that’s right, with an American accent.

Rik Mayall for some reason snorted a line and starred in this classic too.

Young the Giant are always by Your Side.

The Cure are best heard Another Day.

I’m sure you’ll agree that The Smashing Pumpkins are Perfect.

Twilight Singers are rated Number Nine in the world.

System of a Down seem to always fancy a game of Darts.  C’mon lads, pool is far more fun.

In 1987 classic Predator, Mac (Bill Duke) in shock tells Dutch (Arnie) I Saw It.  Barenaked Ladies were safely hidden during the firefight.

The wind of change…

2Pac, David Bowie, Magnum and Black Sabbath all went through Changes, The Airborne Toxic Event are Changing, The Bluetones and Kaiser Chiefs state Things Change, I notice a Change to The Young Veins and Tears for Fears, Flying Colors state Everything Changes, Pulp are aware that Something’s Changed, Nothing’s Changed for The Calling, Alice Gold notice how Seasons Change, The Moons warn Don’t Go Changin’, Aqualung know that Everything Changed and according to Keane, Everybody’s Changing.

Destroy Me and If You Don’t Want Me to Destroy You are songs by The Answer and Super Furry Animals respectively.

Stone Cold Crazy and Tom Cruise Crazy are songs by Queen and Jonathan Coulton respectively.  Stone Cold Love is brought by The Treatment.

They Might Be Giants are tight employers as they will only pay their staff the Minimum Wage.

Holy Man, Holy Rollers, Holy Money and Holy Smoke are all films.

Nemo is a very unknown 1990 Capcom arcade based on a comic book by Winsor McCay and Finidng Nemo is fairly obviously a famous Pixar movie.

The Courteeners are not musicians, they are a Sycophant.

If you listen carefully, Band of Skulls are creating Patterns in their music.

3 X 3 is a Bloc Party track and 3x3 Eyes is Anime.

Fancy a game of Snakes and Ladders?  Okay, each to their own but I can always count on Scouting for Girls.

I am left Shaken when Shiny Toy Guns are belted out.

The Maccabees arrange Death by Entertainment, Manic Street Preachers do little else as All We Make is Entertainment and The Jam stated That’s Entertainment.

In their own way, The Smashing Pumpkins will Suffer and The Czars experience Pain.

A sudden burst of pace, a delightful bit of skill and a deft chip sees the first goal….

Fantastic stuff and the excitement can only grow.

Electric President went and had their fortune told by some incoherent gypsy.  When asked about this meeting, it was Some Crap About the Future.  However, Owl City know This Is the Future, The Drums and Austra have seen The Future, The Kills feel the Future Starts Now, The Big Pink demand you to Future This and Smoke Fairies offer a Version of the Future.

Indigo Girls are the Least Complicated band to understand.

Taper Jean Girl and Blue Jean Cop is a Kings of Leon song and a forgotten Paul ‘Robocop’ Weller action film.

It’s a bit Late in the Day for Supergrass but what the hell.

Incubus feel Love Hurts and R.E.M know Everybody Hurts.

I am a Worried Man after speaking to Paolo Nutini.

I was up all night listening to Barenaked Ladies because after all, Who Needs Sleep?

The Maccabees fancied a dip as they Like Swimming.

Spiders and Flies don’t get on unless we weave the web of Mercury Rev.  Falling in Reverse were Caught Like a Fly.

Future of Forestry were accused of some lie.  Look, if you don’t believe me, it’s As It Was.

There are Many Ways to do things and Bombay Bicycle Club have their own way,

Good Charlotte are experts in Cardiology.

System of Down are suckers for a game of Roulette.

Field Music never play roulette as they find it difficult Choosing Numbers.

The Answer are Under the Sky, Oasis are Underneath the Sky and Death Cab for Cutie rest Underneath the Sycamore.

When attempting a robbery, the Arctic Monkeys were hardly original as they wore a Balaclava.

The Empire Strikes First and The Empire Strikes Back is a song by Bad Religion and Star Wars Episode V respectively.

Muse live a life of Bliss.  White Lies have Nothing to Give anymore.  I embrace Elbow with Open Arms.  Kites with Lights are A Mystery to me.  I Know a Song by Plan B.

Add Get for a film.

Carter, Low, Real, Smart, Shorty and Crazy.

Get Kalsi, Get Some, Get Lucky and Get Giddy are tracks by The Imagined Village, Good Old War, The Twilight Singers and Grouplove respectively.

I'm a Big Fan of The Wannadies.

Forget any sized bottle, Morning Parade only drink a Half Litre Bottle.

If you mess with Rocket from the Crypt, expect a Fat Lip.

The Solar Bears leave me Delirious.

Shiny Toy Guns are like a glass of wine or beer, it always Starts with One...

After one of their gigs, Good Charlotte received a Standing Ovation.

Orbital have Tunnel Vision and Foreigner see Double Vision.

The Wannadies attended a Disko and Shiny Toy Guns spoke of Le Disko.  Le Casio and Le Garage are tracks by Athlete and The Futureheads respectively.

5150 Elms Way and 388 Arletta Avenue are both films.

The last I heard, Foo Fighters are On the Mend.

The Cure came to a Grinding Halt.

Athlete boast quite A Few Differences between their albums.

The Smashing Pumpkins stumble across Bodies and Longpigs will claim Over our Bodies.

All the Young were asked on a riotous night out but they declined.  They just fancied a Quiet Night In.

Somebody asked me "Did you hear the thunder last night?"
"No, but I did listen to The Prodigy."

Rocket from the Crypt intervened in a brawl by asking both parties to Break it Up.

I heard that Athlete were making a new album but then again, Don't Hold Your Breath.

Mindhunters and Headhunters are both films.

I ran a red light the other day and the police stopped me.  If I'd done something wrong, fair enough but in court, I argued that I was given the Green Light by Sonic Youth.

According to The Boxer Rebellion, a Flashing Red Light Means Go that suggests they were hallucinating.  It's okay, Red Light Means Go as Massive Attack explain the recent spate of accidents.

The Strokes are eager to run a Red Light and Bloc Party were unsure what to do at a Blue Light.

I was infected by Of Montreal with the Enemy Gene.

Samsara is a 2011 film and Zamzara is an ancient C64 game with the hero having an amusingingly shaped head.

I was in the dark so I asked The Pierces to turn the Lights On.

Lowgold need to add a little Flavour to their music.

After having an argument with The Moons, I was urged to Let it Go.

We Were Promised Jetpacks stand out like a Sore Thumb.

The Wannadies have done Nothing Wrong in the music industry.

The Raveonettes can Ignite any situation.

Panic! At the Disco are Bittersweet and Verve expertly provided a Bitter Sweet Symphony.

Feist beared witness when The Circle Married the Line, Ocean Colour Scene were on the outside of The Circle, R.E.M. drew a Perfect Circle and Levellers are Broken Circles.

I go around in Circles with Electric President.

It Ends Tonight at 11:11 PM.  That’s two reasons not to pay attention to The All-American Rejects during a night on the town.

The Maccabees await impatiently until the clock strikes 5 Minutes to Midnight and Justice are on tenterhooks until One Minute to Midnight.

Orbital wear Acid Pants now is it me or will that burn a tad?

Still Alive made Jonathan Coulton a worldwide hit and Stay Alive are songs by Hard-Fi and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart.  Okay, I’ve probably already mentioned it but for a recap, Stay Alive is also a film about a killer video game.  It’s as bad as what it sounds...

I’m a huge Portal fan and I’m not talking about the 1986 game.  Still Alive is better than Want You Gone.  It works both ways though as the game sequel is better than the original and that is usually where films fall down but games seem to succeed.

Foo Fighters will Come Alive, Everything Everything begged Come Alive Diana and Pink Floyd are Coming Back to Life.

Noel Gallagher will surely be, The Death of You and Me.

You shouldn’t gamble when The Unthanks visit as there’s Not Much Luck In Our House.

Hang on a minute ladies and gents, a very contentious decision to award a free kick from 20 yards out leads to a peach of a strike and we’re all square.

Calvin Harris experienced the Worst Day of his life.

The Shins were apparently Gone for Good from the music world – the little fibbers.

School Uniforms appealed to The Wombats and Shearwater wore Uniforms for every gig.

The Chap was asked what they do as a second job.  Whether this was rehearsed of not, they all said We Work in Bars.

The Hoosiers are advised to strap themselves for this Bumpy Ride.

All of these bands were intent on getting Into the….

Trees - Still Corners
Heart - Mirrors and U2
Corn - The Phantom Band
White - Pixies
Fire - Thirteen Senses
Gutter – The Answer
Fold – The Duke Spirit
Death – Atari Teenage Riot
Void - Lowgold
Chaos - Howling Bells
Wild - Gossip
Blue - Feeder
Silence - Robbie Williams
Sky - Howling Bells
Hollow - Queens of the Stone Age
Stream - The Tallest Man on Earth
Night - Super Furry Animals
Red - The Bluetones
City - Teenage Fanclub
Street - The Twilight Singers
Eye - Red Fang

I am Ascending, with Actress.

Last night I wrote To a Poet, I wouldn’t normally but First Aid Kit held me at gunpoint.

In two words, all of these films are Dead...

Time, Matter, Again, Calm, Mary, Fish, Reckoning, Air, Presidents, Silence, Ringers, Cert, Girl, Heads, Birds, Heat, Man, Genesis, End and Snow.

Green Day act as a good Peacemaker and The Peacemaker is a 1997 George Clooney movie.

It suddenly Dawned on Me that Wilco shouldn’t be ignored.

Beards are an unusual masculine growth.  Some men can grow them down to their knees and some can’t grow one at all.  What kind did Errors grow?

What a shame that Cashier No.9 was Lost at Sea.

Paddy’s Gone and Daddy’s Gone are songs by The Unthanks and Glasvegas.

There are Things That We Should Say and things we shouldn’t.  Future of Forestry are guilty of the former.

Elysium  is a Portishead song.  This song title is also an incredible coincidence that it is also an upcoming Matt Damon sci-fi film which is not the sequel to District 9.

Ashes to Ashes, Flood to Flood and Wire to Wire are songs by David Bowie, Liars and Razorlight respectively.

I really do wish that Bombay Bicycle Club would just play music, instead of leaving it on Shuffle.

I organised a picnic for Stereophonics and unlike them, I didn’t pack Too Many Sandwiches.

I hope The Czars are very happy in their Little Pink House.

Radiohead experience Life in a Glasshouse and Young Knives were found in a Glasshouse.

I am Struck Dumb by The Futureheads.

Pavement are Trigger Cut and Therapy? pull a Trigger Inside.

The Temper Trap weren't convinced that such an activity was enjoyable as This Isn't Happiness, (this is hell).

Metric nailed posters to trees and advertised in the local newspaper for their Lost Kitten to be returned.

Nice Guy Eddie is a famous char portrayed by Christopher Penn in Tarantino’s directorial debut Reservoir Dogs.  It’s also a Sleeper song.

If I gamble, I find it fun to bet on a rank outsider.  Scouting for Girls may say that’s Taking a Chance.

Tears for Fears think it’s a Mad World, Ladyhawke and Richard Ashcroft think it’s a Crazy World, The Vaccines live in a Lonely World, Duran Duran dream of an Ordinary World, Roddy Frame discovered a Small World, Gossip are under no illusion of being part of a Perfect World and Red are satisfied with an Ordinary World.

If it Wasn’t For You, I’d be listening to Various Cruelties.

2:54 always have Sugar in their coffee and/or tea.

In ancient times, you could be Stoned to Death.  In modern times, listen to Crocodiles for the same effect.

Sleeper are quite happy to take the Lie Detector test.

If you really want to listen to The Smiths, just Ask.

My stereo wasn’t working the other day when using a Snow Patrol album, so I suggested to check the On/Off switch.

If somebody is particularly choosy when going to an eatery, you could call them a Picky Bugger.  Don’t invite Elbow if you’re irascible.

If I Had a Boat, If I Had a Gun and If I Had a Tail are songs by James Vincent McMorrow, Noel Gallagher and Queens of the Stone Age respectively.

Maverick Sabre are Shooting the Stars so I suggest Vic and Bob better watch out.

Embrace and Threshold wish to be cremated so whoever handles the urn, make sure that you carefully scatter the Ashes.  It’s what they would have wanted.

I moved an object slightly to the left, The Smiths rightly asked What Difference Does it Make?

A bunch of louts, thugs and extremists brought Santigold to a protest that escalated into a riot.  What a waste of time as The Riot's Gone.  Elbow invite you to Some Riot.

Therapy? have Zipless garments.

I have grave Reservations about Wilco.

Lambchop will be here today and Gone Tomorrow.

Me and The Dirty Three are a right Odd Couple.

Madness is obviously a band but it’s also a song from the new Muse album, The 2nd Law.

William, It Was Really Nothing, William's Last Words and William are tracks by The Smiths, Manic Street Preachers and The Others

The Tallest Man on Earth seek Revelation Blues, The Black Keys get Aeroplane Blues and when stargazing, The Wallflowers experience Constellation Blues.  The Low Anthem are haunted by Ghost Woman Blues, Wooden Shjips crave blood with Vampire Blues, The Young Veins experience excitement with Dangerous Blues, Thin Lizzy taste sweet with Sugar Blues, Mark Knopfler enjoys Silvertown Blues, Eels became Paradise Blues, The Coral revelled in Milkwood Blues, Primal Scream were knocked out in the final and suffered Elimination Blues, Status Quo checked in for Roadhouse Blues, The Fratellis got spooked at Halloween Blues and Pavement stood tall on Platform Blues.

The Boxer Rebellion are my Flight of fancy.

I would stop listening to Turin Brakes but I have no Will Power.

Pride sets in when you’re being blown away in sport.  The Answer suffered similar emotion.

In My Life, In My World, In My Room, In My Dreams and In My Blood are songs by The Beatles, Don Broco, The Last Shadow Puppets, Eels and Starsailor respectively.

I only wanted an answer but The Hives gave me a 1000 of them and instead of a fool, Bad Religion gave a 1000 More Fools.  

After avoiding The Strokes and their Razorblade, that was a close shave.  Incubus own a very sharp Switchblade.

Green Day wrote the Song of the Century, Sleeper and The Futureheads made a Sale of the Century and Supertramp committed the Crime of the Century.

Santigold have such a Big Mouth, it's incredible.  Oasis accused My Big Mouth of beginning a downwards slide in their lyrical quality.

The Dark Hour and The Darkest Hour are both films released in 2006 and 2011 respectively.

Athlete are working on a New Project.

Look, it’s Never too Late to listen to any band, especially The Answer.

Beck head for the Emergency Exit, The Antlers make their escape via the French Exit and U2 are shown the Exit.

Where Did All the Love Go? and Where Did Our Love Go? are songs by Kasabian and The Crookes respectively.

I saw Snow Patrol doing Cartwheels and Zero 7 performing a Somersault.

The Cure are Sinking fast.

Whoah, take a read of this long song title by The Egg.

The Song of the Pusillanimous (or don’t worry, James, your socks are hanging in the coal cellar with Thomas).

Don’t go because of Seb Coe as Deastro are just taking the piss with this one.

Daniel Johnston Was Stabbed in the Heart With the Moondagger by The King of Darkness and his Ghost is Writing this Song as a Warning to all of us.

I don't know about everybody else but I'm exhausted just reading it.

Athlete observed a well dressed young man wearing all the latest labels so they tapped him on the shoulder and whispered You Got the Style.

After many years away, several loved ones surprised All the Young with a Welcome Home party.

I got in with the wrong crowd and got light fingered at various supermarkets.  Before getting brought to justice, me and fellow tealeafs met as finally, Shoplifters of the World Unite.  As I was led away to face uncomfortable music, The Smiths applauded.

Plan B told me I Don't Hate You, (I just dislike you immensely).

James Vincent McMorrow has a habit of Breaking Hearts.
If your Amplifiers blow, borrow some from Atlas Sound.

Like Tom Hanks in Cast Away, The Walkmen became Stranded on a desert island.

After suffering the same awful and unoriginal April Fool's joke every year, The Smiths finally lost their sense of humour and announced That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore.

For anybody interested in beeps and bleeps i.e. nostalgic video game music - take my advice and listen to Deastro as some of their music will remind you of this.

They Might Be Giants get right up my nostril as Someone Keeps Moving my Chair and Arctic Monkeys constantly warned me Don't Sit Down 'Cause I've Moved Your Chair.

Alice in Chains parked an Angry Chair, Status Quo are In My Chair and Oasis had a Rockin' Chair.

I hope you like Colgate when getting close to Foals as they only offer Toothpaste Kisses.

Don’t disturb Yuck as they are in the middle of a delicate Operation.

Electric President arrived home Safe and Sound.

Lambchop will Scamper back to the recording studio.

Arrogant Manc Liam Gallagher finally became a Millionaire after forming Beady Eye.  Millionaires is an album from James.

The Cure have a Primary responsibility.

Is it me or there Something Familar about Field Music.

Atlas Sound left me in the Doldrums.

So it’s half time in the penultimate period and it’s one a piece.

I suspect the team who brought things level will feel the momentum shift but don’t write off the other eleven as they may come out wilder than a hungry lion.

Pour yourself a single malt and I’ll be right back.
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