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Titles, taglines, subtitles and miscellany - Devious and delicious 06/01/14

Sit, please.  Stay a while.

There's everything and more that I'm sure you'll adore.

The title of film and poster.

This memorial day was more painful than chewing nettles and nails.
To understand this stint, you must arm yourself with retribution.

Music that is deceased and departed, ceased to be and passed on.

Weird right?

To consider this as France's answer and/or response to Hostel would be foolhardy.
The 1993 sequel's 'new' title to the still frankly amazing space trading original should explain why the above features.
I now take you on a side story.

The Gradius game was released in 1997 for the PS1, the departure from traditional biohazard shenanigans happened exclusively in 2001 and as for Ninja Gaiden, its design shouts of Castlevania.  In fact, how about a screaming rip off...

There's something wrong here and I can't think what.

Oh yeah.

And subtitle to plasticine.

I've fought --- to achieve the following.

Album title is also a film.

This can be also 'cross' referenced with another film...

Before moving on, 'the tagline is here', providing you replace the necessary word and rewind to Tooth & Nail.

Alternative moons in pixels and film.

Although fairly original, this was one of Thalamus's weaker efforts.
You say you want a evolution, well you know, you know that's not right, but what the hell (in music, film(s) and selected pixels...

Forgotten 8 bit pixels from 1982.
This is totally unrelated but Evolution's front gave me an idea...

Coming to our shores on 14 October...
A film title and a subtitle that are so close to being identical.

Flipping the coin, titles that teeter on the brink...

Now to mix it all up...


Reduced title;  

Subtitle in film; and... obscure sequel released in 1995.

Finally, the sequel to a cult film.

A different kind of deja vu.


Subtitle; and

Extension to title and/or subtitle.

An identical tagline and subtitle are extremely handy...

...because they also share the title of a failed Karate Kid wannabe.

Jason Statham attempted something slightly different earlier this year.

Earlier, Local Natives had the same title for their album.

Tagline and word replacement.


X doesn't always mark the spot.

Although this very decent shmup found its way to the Amiga and Atari ST in 1990, this was originally a 1989 C64 exclusive.
Just to rub salt into several wounds, the sequel Z-Out didn't stray from the aforementioned 16 bit computers.

In my opinion, 'Heroes The Next Day' was a fairly terrible return for the Glam Rock genius.
This is rather crazy so just feast your visual aids around this subtitle.

Okay, the sequel ruined the original and best teen sex comedy but what the fuck?
American Pie was good but Michael Hunt and the shower scene ensured this was the benchmark that others followed.
Porky's Revenge was the final film in the franchise and involved the nonsense of Porky asking the boys to throw a basketball game in order to win a bet.  Predictably, it was absolutely awful.

Tagline repetition rules the roost not once, not even twice but three times.

Super, smashing and marvellous.

A black hole remains a mysterious space phenomenon.

An interpretation.
This 1989 puzzler involved firing small 'blocks' from your craft, to make other partially formed and falling shapes bigger until they become whole and disappear.
The fourth episode of Red Dwarf IV.  Howdy doodly do!  Does anyone want any toast?  You don't?  You must be a waffle man.
Finding there is No Way Out of whatever can be rather inconvenient and frustrating.  I've found a few exceptions to this theory.

Those three little words are used to conclude this poster's tagline. 
Well shit bricks, it's happened again.
 Finally, those choice words also form a 1987 film.

When you think about it, the taglines of 'Once you're in, there's no way out' and 'One way in. No way out' are extremely similar...

Ding Dong...

Aside from that, what a strange coincidence that one's 'alive' and the other is 'dead'.

Behold this tagline.

One can only assume that this is a parody of the famous phrase.
 Now this.

This was the first in a 90's trilogy based on the famous fantasy table top RPG.
The others were The Legend of Darkmoon and Assault on Myth Drannor.
Moves can be shrouded in alternative darkness.

In Carl Schenkel's decent 1992 thriller, a chess grandmaster (Lambert) is forced to play a deadly game of alternative chess with a serial killer.  As the bodies pile up, the police quickly begin to question his own innocence.
If there are more okay, but the only other film I'm immediately aware of with 'checkmate' being pivotal is 2009 psychological French thriller 5150 Elm's Way.  You'd expect torture porn but it turns out to be a rather different animal.

Getting back to Christopher Lambert, undoubtedly his most famous role is Connor MacLeod in the silly but entertaining Highlander, with Clancy Brown putting in a career best performance as villain The Kurgan.

Infamously, Highlander II: The Quickening is one of worst sequels and/or films of all time.

His career also includes Luc Besson's 1985 tale of blackmail, Subway and futuristic prison thriller Fortress.  I'll finish off with two little words, MOOOORRRTAALLLL KOMBAT.

Gene Hackman is a cinema legend and this 1975 mystery thriller is highly recommended.
I present the weirdest coincidence of the lot.

This was one of the many bundle packs that Commodore's seminal machine offered.
I reach an end that won't disappoint.

Before ported to systems including the C64 and SNES, the 1991 Amiga version of this action platformer may be remembered for audible shouts of 'hallelujah'.  Sensibly, the 1994 sequel on Amiga and Mega Drive was Second Samurai.
So that's the first but not the last samurai.

Look at this 2012 subtitle.

Now for an unrelated title in 2003.

Finally, my learned friend and a no holds barred 1987 C64 classic.

The amount of superlatives that you could heap upon System 3's masterpiece is unfathomable and at the time, nothing compared.

I believe this series is worth exploring a tad...

In 1988, Last Ninja 2 simply gave more of the same and was even more impressive.

In the original big box release (which more than likely cost a tenner), to help you complete your quest they gave you free...

Avengers 3D Map, Avengers Handbook, Shiraken Star and Ninjitsu (Fighting) Mask.

I can't even begin to imagine how much all that shit must have cost to produce and who knows, it may have been at a loss before a profit was made.  PS. Although the shiraken was made of rubber, it didn't prevent a spate of ninja attacks lol.

On the C64, there was a massive difference between original and eventual budget release because the latter only brought plastic, sleeve inlay and cassette so you never got the complete package.

For instance, take the Kixx release of Creatures as it just wasn't the same without that cute and furry Fuzzy Wuzzy...

Right, back to kicking the Shogun's ass.

Last Ninja Remix was only worth buying if you didn't have the sequel as it was marketed as an updated version of the sequel.  These new licks of paint were an intro sequence, new tune and screen display.

I'll help make this clearer than grime.

Last Ninja 2 aka: The dog's dingle dangles.
Last Ninja Remix aka: eyebrows.
The Amiga version of Last Ninja 2 demonstrated that having more power couldn't prevent a piss poor playing experience.  Does it even look better?  Not really, as the colours are inappropriate and garish.
Incredibly, even the Speccy had a right good stab.

Only released on Amiga and ST in 1990 (the same year as Last Ninja Remix), Ninja Remix was more irritating than itching powder because it was a remake of the original Last Ninja. This must go down as one of the most fucking stupid titles ever in the history of computer games, as they were known back then.

Yeah, wrap your head around that bullshit.

Ninja Remix aka: idiocy.
The C64 original aka: an inspiration.
The unofficial trilogy concluded in 1991 with Last Ninja 3 and while the principle remained and boasted an excellent intro, it failed to conjure up anything new and is rightly condemned as definitely the weakest entry.

During the intro, they thought it would be a good fucking chuckle to call it something else.  I have to ask... WHY?

Oh well, at least they were consistent.

Two down, eleven to go...
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