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Kick-Ass 2 - The scoop and digest

The original thrived on controversy with its comic book graphic violence, levels of profanity, general outrageousness and the sprinkle of dry irony.

Can new Director Jeff Wadlow handle the pressure and proceed in a similar vein on a new freight train?

Not that this is a bad omen but the man at the helm was responsible for Never Back Down.

Plot details and/or spoilers will be delivered by Justice Forever.

Those attempting to make light work of all who oppose include:

Aaron Taylor-Johnson – Dave/Kick-Ass
Chloe Grace Moretz – Mindy/Hit-Girl
Christopher Mintz-Plasse – Chris/The Motherfucker
Morris Chestnut – Marcus
Clark Duke – Marty/Battle Guy
Jim Carrey – Colonel Stars and Stripes

For Dave, the novelty of a crime fighting vigilante has worn thin.  However, Kick-Ass has become the inspiration for others to follow.

So while he sits on his own, several have gotten off theirs.

Mindy is still struggling to come to terms with the loss of Big Daddy and now has Marcus as a legal guardian to look out for her.

Dave looks to Hit-Girl to provide the necessary training to become a real hero.  She puts him through the mill to prepare him for such a responsibility.

How this is done reminds me Bloodsport...

One day, he dons a typical pimp outfit and Hit-Girls demands he goes ‘fishing’.  He gets jumped by a band of thugs but is saved by Hit-Girl’s intervention.

Hit-Girl makes a promise to Marcus to become a normal teenager, lead a normal life and fit in at high school.

In order to achieve this, she meets a trilogy of your typical bitches and Brooke, the so-called Queen Bee who is just one of those types you can’t help but despise.

Meanwhile, Chris scowls at mummy’s dismissal of his father’s death and while using a tanning bed, accidentally kills her by kicking the machine in anger.

He stumbles upon the recently deceased interesting get up of leather and super villain, ‘The Motherfucker’ is born.

All he has left of ‘family’ is Javier and uses his wealth to recruit a band of evil assholes - Mother Russia, The Tumour, Genghis Carnage and Black Death.

Kick-Ass doesn't want to be a loner and after meeting Doctor Gravity; he joins Justice Forever lead by Colonel Stars and Stripes.  This motley crew of heroes includes Night-Bitch, Insect Guy and Battle Guy, who is quickly revealed to be Marty.

They smash a prostitution ring which features the ‘dog on your balls’ part that isn't particularly funny.

Kick-Ass and Night-Bitch begin to develop their own form of action whenever they can…

After using her father’s s.i.c stick to gain revenge on Brooke and co, school’s out for Mindy.

By now, the Motherfucker has his own haunt complete with immobile shark in tank, where he plans to use fertiliser and create DIY bombs.

His reign of terror begins by locating the Colonel and with the help of Mother Russia, commits murder and attempts to rape Night-Bitch.

Due to Mother Russia’s police massacre in the neighbourhood, all out war is declared on any costume freak.

During the city-wide witch hunt, Dave’s father is arrested for claiming he’s Kick-Ass.

Todd was earlier ridiculed by Kick-Ass and Battle Guy who in retaliation, is an even bigger dick and informs Motherfucker that Dave’s father is in jail.

A successful hit is arranged that naturally knocks the wind out of Dave’s sails.

Showing a total lack of respect, Motherfucker’s guys gatecrash the funeral and kidnap Dave.

After a brief kill and chase courtesy of Hit-Girl, she convinces Dave to confront and kick the Motherfucker’s ass.

Appearing at his lair, a war ensues between opposing armies with Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass each having their own personal battle with Mother Russia and Motherfucker respectively.

Yeah, it’s Braveheart without the kilt and grass.

Hit-Girl is overpowered but her adversary is fooled with the syringe containing the ‘last resort’.

“It’s called adrenaline bitch”, and after a flurry of glass shards, Russia’s interest is ended.

During the rooftop brawl, Motherfucker falls through a skylight but is saved by Kick-Ass.

Acting the martyr, he forces release.

Surviving the shark tank fall provides only brief relief, as the now stimulated apparently enjoys a tasty meal.

Hit-Girl leaves town to protect Marcus as she is wanted for murder.

Dave is the hero that the city needs, so sets about training and his new helmet on show strongly infers that he and whoever will return to kick ass for a third time.

Not so immediately after, a short scene confirms Chris is not dead but screaming legless in a hospital bed.

While this doesn't quite suck ass, it is undeniably disappointing.

As before, fights are well staged but there’s much to dislike, namely the forced and crass nature of events.

The Motherfucker masturbating to instigate the rape of Night-Bitch leaves an unpleasant and sour taste.

Okay, it doesn't actually happen but the principle remains.

Gross-out humour can be funny, but the s.i.c stick effect of projectile vomiting and diarrhoea evacuation ultimately fails.

For this sort of shit to work, look no further than The Farrelly Brothers…

Also, I don’t think it’s unfair to say that too many villains and/or goodies spoil the broth.

In light of the Sandy Hook shootings, it’s no secret that Jim Carrey refused to support the film due to the level of violence contained.

Okay, that’s up to him but I cannot help thinking this was more a publicity stunt as it generated massive income for the film.

If I was in charge, I’d never work with him again.

Carrey's participation does at least inject a bit of quirkiness but his reputation suggests he'd be far more maniacal.

Kick-Ass and more so Hit-Girl are still fun but I hated the new Todd.  As for the others, performances are mostly more wooden than a rocking horse.

For the inevitable third, methinks a different approach is required.  Otherwise, it may reek of something far worse than mediocrity.

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