Sunday, 2 March 2014

Hearing the same, seeing different - Crack 1

Take a look at this non-exhaustive list.

Pear and pair, no and know, pier and peer, raw and roar, stake and steak, coarse and course, bare and bear, heal and heel, her and hair, night and knight, piece and peace, steal and steel, root and route.

Etc etc...

Homophones eh?

This is a spin-off to tags and miscellany because it vastly expands upon the occasional tease.

Told in three scintillating parts, it won't burn your toast.

For extra freshness, subtle liberties will be baked and not fried.

Inkubus and Incubus

Dread and Dredd

After the Stallone debacle, this was lean, mean and hardly obscene.
I hope the threatened sequel becomes a reality...
Cyberia and Syberia

Slither and Sliver

Remember, the show's not over until the fat lady in the barn explodes.
Call it a Basic Instinct but I detect that Sharon Stone starred in some steamy shit.
That's now, in an hour she'll have Total Recall.
Catatonia and Katatonia

Two very contrasting thrillers.

Night Moves and Knight Moves

Two different forms of media.

Overboard and Overboard!

The only difference is the mark of a good game.
Seven and 7

It seems that Envy is my sin.
If you doubt this isn't a great album, do Shut Up.
Nine and 9

Lifeblood and Life Blood

S.C.U.M and Scum

For trivia junkies, the acronym stands for Society Cuts Up Men.
He's not the Daddy.  I'M the Daddy.
Wargames and War Games

Apparently a classic film but I don't see the fuss.
Maybe 'cult' would be more appropriate
Please, just forget it.
Killzone and Kill Zone

The Kids are All Right and The Kids are Alright

Excalibur and Excaliba

Retelling La Morte d'Arthur, John Boorman's 1981 fantasy epic boasted a stellar cast including Helen Mirren, Patrick Stewart, Liam Neeson, Nicol Williamson as a ditzy Merlin and Carl Orff's Carmina Burana.
You don't have to be a fan of Arthurian legend to appreciate a fantastic film.
A forgotten 8 bit parody that neither you or I gives a flying shit about.
Conceived by Kingsoft in 1988, King Arthur piloted a spaceship...
Bee Movie and B-Movie

AM and A.M.

Arctic Monkeys - AM

Zookeeper and Zoo Keeper

One of the many Tetris variations...
Hell Night, Hell Knight and Hellnight

Linda Blair?  Perform an Exorcism.
The Hell Knight, from all Doom and little gloom.
A weird 1999 Playstation survival horror from Atlus as a cult keenly follows the Dark Messiah in Tokyo.
More, more, more.

Fire and Ice and Fire & Ice

These obviously don't sound alike but...

The Fog and The Mist

A famous horror remade in 2005.
While nothing special, the Lovercraftian like monsters were great.
Now you'll see why I didn't Myst this out.

A visually pleasing but slow burning puzzle franchise.
Bloodstone and Blood Stone

Alucard will exploit several collectibles in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
To the left, American action and so-called as it refers to a cursed gem with the other being a unique 007 adventure made purely for the home.
Adding this bloody classic from 1991 felt right...
Bullitt and Bullet

The car chase is infamously good...
Stick with Machete.
Arcade action from 1987, courtesy of Sega.
Eye ball and I, Ball

8-ball and Eightball

Eightball (Dorian Harewood), eventually gets wasted by a sniper in Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket
Ram and Random-Access Memory (commonly known as RAM)

An album from Paul McCartney
At least 8 gigs is recommended for the games of today to 'perform' correctly.
As it's pretty similar.

Random Access Memories by Daft Punk
VS. and Versus

Alyce and Alice

After accidentally pushing her best friend off a building, Alyce (Jade Dornfeld) descends into a world of debauched madness.
A nice little horror that I'd recommend.
Recurring protagonist Alice (Milla Jovovich) takes on the might of Umbrella in Resident Evil.
How about this?

Marshall Law and Martial Law

Tekken mainstay
A short-lived American TV series watchable only for Sammo Hung.
He ain't a patch on Jackie Chan though...

Tacuma and Takuma

An example Chevrolet model
Takuma Sakazaki (Ryo and Yuri's father) became playable in SNK's Art of Fighting 2 (as shown) and like so many others, enjoyed The King of Fighters.

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