Friday, 15 July 2016

Now You See Me 2 - The scoop and digest

Jon M. Chu replaces Louis Leterrier as director and Lizzy Caplan's Lula steps in for Isla Fisher's High Priestess Henley Reeves.

There's nothing sinister or untoward about Fisher's absence, as pregnancy deemed her unavailable.

Women eh? They'll use any excuse.

Ha ha ha!

For fun, they did share screen time together in decent 2012 girlie comedy Bachelorette.

Oh, Harry Potter is introduced as Tressler's son Walter.

Jesse Eisenberg - Atlas
Woody Harrelson - Merritt/Chase
Mark Ruffalo - Agent Dylan Rhodes
Dave Franco - Wilder
Michael Caine - Arthur Tressler
Morgan Freeman - Thaddeus Bradley

New Jersey, 1984.

A young Dylan witnesses his father Lionel Strike attempt to escape from underwater safe go drastically wrong.

30 years later, the Four Horsemen are keeping a low profile.

With frustration and patience wearing thin, Atlas takes the bull by the bollocks and seeks out The Eye.

A mysterious voice in a tunnel hints mission start isn't too far away.

'Amateur magic geek' Lulu is soon recruited as new Horseman and Rhodes ends frustration by challenging them to expose the corrupt Owen Case.

Reason given for Henley Reeves' expulsion was because of The Eye's 'inactivity'.

Things don't go swimmingly at product launch and while evading the FBI, they're captured by Merritt's twin brother Chase who presents them before tech tycoon Walter in Macau.

British silver tongue persuades them to steal a data card from Case's secret facility located underneath a local gambling den.

Why the fuck are secret facilities always 'under' and not above something?

Determined to learn the truth behind conspiracy, Rhodes busts Thaddeus out of grey bar hotel and seeks answers in China.

Brushing up on slight of playing card hand, Horsemen manage to complete assignment and steal chip.

Almost inevitably, Walter and cronies poop on elation.

Guess who that voice belonged to?

W is for...

Rhodes intervenes and fists fly, but is ultimately taken by Walter's men.

The Fool.

Still pissed at Rhodes for screwing up a tidy insurance claim, Tressler places him inside replica safe and leaves rival to drown.

After escape is secured, Rhodes and the Horsemen reunite after baddies foolishly assume murder success.

Magic shop owners Li and grandmother reveal they are members of The Eye and performing on the streets of London to flush out baddies sounds like a spiffing idea.

Lula (doves), Wilder (giant playing cards) and Atlas (weather control) all wow curious onlookers.

Pattern is sniffed out and Horsemen are again taken, this time on board private jet.

Chase, Walter and Tressler celebrate after human disposal but the joke's on them, as plane never took flight.

It's amazing what rain machines and powerful fans can accomplish...

With shady dealings televised live, criminals can kiss freedom and asses goodbye.

Rhodes gives chip to the bureau for safe-keeping and the Horsemen finally shed unwanted skin.

Li takes all and sundry to 'another' secret location and Thaddeus lauds Rhodes for what master illusionist has become.

Film closes with Thaddeus narrating and Horsemen gazing above spiral staircase forming The Eye.

As expected, this lacks the, ahem, magic of original.

Ludicrous plot is muddled, script disappoints and chase sequences are pointless.

Daniel Radcliffe serves up another lifeless performance and why overrated asshole keeps getting work begs bastard belief.

Woody's gobshite brother irritates, but Lizzy Caplan injects some charisma.

For all its faults, running time somehow entertains.

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