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Street Fighter - Brilliant blunders (Part 1)

Following 'gratuitous gaffes' and 'calamitous cock-ups', comes...


TWW - The World Warrior
CE - Champion Edition
HF - Hyper Fighting
TNC - The New Challengers

For punches and kicks, let's briefly slam what shouldn't be seen and heard in TWW, CE and HF.

Setting of car smash bonus stage is basically a cut down version of Ken's stage, but for whatever reason, boat with flag that once got wind is now static.

Unlike Blanka's electricity, effect of Dhalsim's fiery breath condemns sprites to one size.  This just looks daft when Chunners, Zangief, Honda and Blanka are incinerated.

Apart from Chun-Li, everybody emits same death scream.

Despite having different nationalities, Ryu and Ken sound identical.

It doesn't stop there.

For example:

Zangief, Sagat and Honda mimic each other's cackle during victory poses.

Vega's grunt for performing suplex is the same as Honda and Sagat's throw.

Etc etc.

Much of what I mention was fixed in TNC and Super Turbo.

However, Balrog's 1 2 3 Turning Punch voice is actually that of ring announcer.

But regardless of remake or update, Ken's boat and/or yacht is immortalised in video game history for defying the laws of physics by bobbing up and down on inanimate sea.

Okay, here we go.

The United Kingdom is a sovereign state.  A commonwealth realm and a kingdom of four constituent countries (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland).

Union Flag, (commonly called the Union Jack), is composed of flags (or symbols) of England, Scotland and Ireland.

Wales is indirectly represented through the flag of St George, as Wales was part of the former Kingdom of England.

England's flag is derived from St George's Cross.

In short, England is only part of the UK.

So what the fuck does this have to do with anything?

Before emigrating to Italy in SF Alpha, Birdie was based in England.

I use Fighting Street (PC Engine port of Street Fighter) as proof.

But look at flag.


Same with Cammy in TNC.

Background of Union Jack is purple, not blue.


So it should be.

In SF III: New Generation and 2nd Impact: Giant Attack, the mustachioed Dudley boxed in London.

Geographical delusion returned in 3rd Strike.


Fifty stars (or 'dots') for fifty states?


Street Fighter

Course select
(32 states)
Then on map.

5 states

TWW, CE and HF
13 states
But in TNC

25 states

New globe yes, but it's the same in Super Turbo.

SF III: 2nd Impact

Huge flag on building in Alex's stage cannot be missed.

39 stars
But pre-match image appears to count correct quota.

It gets weirder in 3rd Strike.

Same character, different stage has a very disjointed 44 states.
Why keep changing things?

Sean fights in Brazil.


But stage contradicts itself with Brasil.

Make up your bastard mind.

TWW debuted in February 1991.

Therefore, comrade Zangief coming from U.S.S.R. is fine.

CE and HF came out in 1992.

By now, the U.S.S.R. no longer existed, as former Soviet Union was dissolved on 26 December 1991.

Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Lativa and obviously Russia, are all examples of post-Soviet states.

Even in Alpha 2 and Alpha 3, problem remained.

Capcom first acknowledged Moscow in SF III, as we fight Necro in New Generation (flagless) and 2nd Impact.

Russian flag is apparently Moscow in 2nd Impact, but I'll let that one slide.
3rd Strike reverted back to countries, and like compatriot Twelve, Russia is Necro's homeland.
I think you could call this progress.

For what is essentially HD Remix wearing uninteresting new features, asking price for Switch exclusive Ultra SF2: The Final Challengers is daylight robbery.

Fair enough, gallery was cool, but Way of the Hado is one of the worst fucking things I've ever played.

Nevertheless, let's look at specifics of wholly unnecessary update.

Well shit.

23 years after Super Turbo was first released, Zangief finally hails from Russia and together with fellow Americans Balrog and Ken, Guile represents one of 50 states.

But what of Cammy?

Nervous drum roll...


Still, at least the St Andrew's Cross is blue.


Alex's portrait without vest in 2nd Impact and 3rd Strike.

 But he 'can' shred garment Hulk Hogan style pre-fight.

Capcom only knows why, but blondie declines to do so in New Generation.

Ken's stage in 2nd Impact is all about Ken Masters, but there's no way in the world sign says 'Masters'.
Looking closer, it's more like 'Mastr'.
You'll love this one from 3rd Strike.

Nothing sinister about hovering over and/or selecting Twelve.
 But if you come across him during 1P mode.

Freak's name has changed to Tweleve.

Via fussy code, Akuma is playable in Super Turbo.

Face was merely a silhouette.
Black square miniature is unacceptable.
Come on, be fucking consistent.

Finally, a very unusual mistake in Street Fighter Alpha.

Note apostrophe after Warriors showing plural possession, and placement of TM.
Every home version replicated logo, except for the incredible Game Boy Color port.

Ignoring purple background, Crawfish Interactive 'forgot' about punctuation and bizarrely moved position of trademark.
Cake may be cut into two more slices, but we'll see.

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