Friday, 2 March 2018

Alien: Isolation - Perfect Organism

As every self-respecting fan will know, The Creative Assembly's smash hit horror is set 15 years after Alien and officially canon to franchise.

During Amanda's search for her mother, the ultimate Alien game makes multiple and often clever references to Ridley Scott's seminal classic.

I don't want to get bogged down with bonus content and DLC, so let's dispense with details of that now.

Crew Expendable

Shortly after Brett's death, use Parker, Ripley or Dallas as bait.

Last Survivor

A sequel of sorts, as just before Parker and Lambert perish, Ripley makes her escape.

Expansions largely give new maps to Survivor mode with NPC's from main course starring as playable characters.

Corporate Lockdown (Ransome), Trauma (Lingard), Safe Haven (Hughes), Lost Contact (Axel) and The Trigger (Ricardo)

Okay, it's game time.

Xenomorph is predictably incredible.
Due to the nature of gameplay, you'll see death sequence (or one of several variations), again, again, and again.
APOLLO Core is very Mother.
Don't really get this one.

Kane (or is it Cain?)
Err? What's the point?

Dunking bird

Pretty much like everything else, Torrens' mess hall is clearly modelled on Nostromo's equivalent.

Sevastopol Station vs Nostromo's refinery

Save point was inspired by Dallas inserting key card to access Mother's room.

After meeting Marlow, sequence of the Anesidora crew finding and exploring the Derelict years later is played out.

Just... holy SHIT!


Space Jockey

Marlow's wife Foster unfortunately stumbles across an egg.

Hmmm, interesting.
Egg looks unbelievably good.
Fate signed, sealed and delivered.
When not wearing a facehugger, Ricardo refers to Ripley as 'Rip'.
Considering Parker only says this once, I'd suggest this to be more bizarre than homage.
Working Joes are a nasty thorn in Amanda's side.

While prowling the corridors, hostile synthetics occasionally stop to jog on the spot.
This is a direct reference to Ash 'warming up'.
Working Joes go ape shit, with a randomer on the wrong end of death by magazine.
Ash's efforts to kill Ripley in the same way was less successful.

Amanda watches on in horror as Axel is taken away (presumably inside a vent).
Please note hanging chains...
Poor old Brett dies looking for Jones in a similar environment.
Next time, things get more exciting.

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