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Deadpool 2 - The scoop and digest

With Tim Miller leaving project due to creative differences, David Leitch has giant boots to fill.

Warning. Feature presentation contains very strong fourth wall violence.

Ryan Reynolds - Wade Wilson/Deadpool
Josh Brolin - Cable
Zazie Beetz - Domino
Julian Dennison - Russell Collins/Firefist
Brianna Hildebrand - Negasonic
Stefan Capicic - Colossus (voice)
Bill SkarsgÄrd - Zeitgeist
T.J. Miller - Weasel
Terry Crews - Bedlam
Lewis Tan - Shatterstar
Eddie Marsan - Headmaster
Rob Delaney - Peter

DP bitches about Wolverine actually dying (reffing Logan) and commits suicide by blowing himself up.


Six weeks ago, he failed to prevent a drug lord from killing Vanessa.

Nevertheless, assassin ensures her murderer meets maker.

In the present, Colossus shows up at decimated apartment and takes body parts back to X-Mansion where DP becomes whole again.

Responding to shit hitting the fan at an orphanage, young mutant Russell (calling himself Firefist), gets out of control and after DP kills medical orderly, DP and Russell are arrested on Colossus's orders, with collars placed around necks removing super powers.

This signals bad news for DP, as cancer is given licence to return.

Hellbent on killing Russell, time-travelling cybernetic mutant Cable infiltrates prison, but DP's intervention ensures mission ends in failure.

However, Russell is detained and Porridge lifestyle continues.

Weasel agrees to help DP recruit a team to help fight Cable and protect Russell.

Domino, Shatterstar, Zeitgeist, Bedlam, Vanisher and Peter (a regular human who read ad and thought it sounded cool), complete X-Force.

A little derivative I know.

Following a series of bizarre accidents, everybody apart from Domino are killed.

Exploiting the ability to manipulate luck, Domino boards convoy transporting Russell, but Cable is in hot pursuit.

While DP and Cable scrap, Russell frees the mighty Juggernaut.

Learning of baddie's escape, Cable decides to join DP informing Russell opening kill account on Headmaster will lead to whippersnapper murdering his family in the future.

Juggernaut proves too much for DP and co to handle, but Colossus has more success.

After a titanic struggle, an electric cable is shoved where the sun will never shine and Negasonic forces behemoth into a large fountain, electrocuting him.

Believing that Russell is about to dispatch Headmaster, Cable opens fire, but a collared DP gets in the way.

DP dies safe in the knowledge that he saved Russell and Cable's daughter's once charred teddy returns back to normal, confirming family never died.

Cyborg's conscience gets the better of him and travels back in time before the fight with Juggernaut, blowing his chance to get home.

Awww. What a guy.

This time, Cable places DP's lead coin beneath suit, so bullet doesn't kill him.

Headmaster hurls anti-mutant insults and as the gang walk away, Dopinder's taxi flattens him.

That's karma bitch.

As camera pans out, we see that Juggernaut survived.


Negasonic and girlfriend Yukio fix Cable's time device and hand it to DP.

DP prevents both Vanessa and Peter from dying.  He also murders Wade Wilson (as Weapon XI) in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and best of all, blows Ryan Reynolds away after reading movie script for Green Lantern.

Fucking epic.

To my disappointment, there isn't a post-credits scene.


Nearly irresistible

Thoroughly entertaining, but original was always going to be a tough act to follow.

More later.

For the most part, sequel is an absolute hoot.

Script doesn't hit the giddy heights of predecessor, but still very funny.

On meeting Russell for the first time, Colossus says "Come quietly or there will be trouble", which adolescent immediately jumps on.

For the benefit of those who don't know, 1987 classic nicked that from Judge Dredd headlining front cover of 2000AD (17 June 1978).

Quite ironic really, because Russell says something like "You just stole that from Robocop."

Title sequence is obviously stylised on James Bond and at one point, DP sprawls out on a chair, basking in bullet rain.  Not only did one of several teaser posters made it to final cut, but it's also a parody of Flashdance.

Given director's background, it's not surprising that action is bloody great and orchestrated with flair and energy.

Members of X-Force suddenly dying was completely unexpected and had me in stitches.

It's like - WHAT?

Hobbling about on baby legs, DP creeps out Blind Al.

Ha ha ha!

Exploring DP's human side is a welcome addition, showing that just like everybody else, meta merc with a mouth has shit going on in his life.

To the gentle tune of a-ha's Take on Me, Wade sharing a tender moment with Vanessa during final vision is rather touching.

Film references

Additional to already mentioned.

The Human Centipede
Cool Runnings
The Proposition
The Goonies
Basic Instinct
The Karate Kid (1984)


Story feels recycled from Terminator 2 and to compound matters, did they really have to dress Cable like Arnie?

Sporadic c-bombing is unnecessary, chemistry leaves us wanting, jokes can miss rather than hit and racial stereotyping irritates.


Hairstyle similarity between Shatterstar and Street Fighter's Crimson Viper is uncanny.

And no, he didn't look like her in the comics.

Design of Icebox (right down to glass cells), is disturbingly similar to The Tomb (principal setting of Stallone/Schwarzenegger action thriller Escape Plan).

Go ahead doubters - make my day.

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