Saturday, 21 April 2012

Artypieces Upd 26/04/12

This is another personal post as the following etchings were drawn by my good self and I believe they're not half bad.

The amount of hours and effort put in these almost cooked my brain and only escaped, because I didn't allow myself to come to the boil.

One piece in particular did enough to make me hate one particular animal, and that poor animal is an elephant.

The lion is the said to be the king of all beasts, but these miserable looking beasts are w/o a doubt, surely the most difficult animal to draw.  That's official.

To even think about taking a project like this on, be prepared to experience frustration beyond your worst nightmare of hell and damnation.

The animal itself, is difficult enough but why are they so selfish in having more wrinkles than the entire membership of a Bingo club?

The very idea of creating another would send my frustration factor exploding above beyond the most unscalable peak, and then some.

It remains my greatest drawing achievement as at many junctures, I found it so hard - I nearly gave up but like the tenacious behemoth I am, I take pride in not letting anything beat me and eventually, I was victorious.

When I'm set a challenge, I don't believe anything can be beat me, apart from winning an argument with a woman....

Us men know that's impractical - even as an experiment :)

So other than that, I really enjoyed putting many a pencil to expensive paper and creating Dumbo and his mate.

For what it's worth, my favourite is the seal but the elephants are a better drawing due to the extremities of difficulty and frustration I went through.

There are others but I'm yet to acquire photos from those who own them.

I don't know (even after these added extras) if I'll do any more as they take so long to do....

I've added another Disney and animal piece.

They were all done (on request) for my daughters and from other admirers lol.
All of which can be seen below.

Those that have colours may have deteriorated somewhat due to their age but the pencil efforts are very recent.

Yes I was too lazy to take the elephants and seal off my daughter's pink wall hence the very 'pink' glow but it really doesn't detract from the quality of the photographs.

Anyway, I hope they're appreciated by somebody and these aren't the visual posts I'm planning.

Stay with me.


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