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If this isn't variety - you're definitely the greatest denier! Part 1 Ud 05/05/13

Good morning, afternoon or evening.

Thanks again for tuning in for another cocktail of variety.

I’ve decided that because my material has become heavier than a Blue Whale, I deem it sensible to imagine this as a game of football.  This isn’t a normal league fixture so expect it to be split accordingly.

What's more obvious than an elephant hiding amongst a crowd of meerkats is that I revisit these when I think of new material as I intend each segment to be beefier than Ian Botham.

The referee begins the First Half.


Wish You Were Here is a film, Pink Floyd album and songs by The Sounds and Avril Lavigne.

Blondie is a very famous 70s band fronted by Deborah Harry.  It's also a song by The View.

Cassadaga is an album by Bright Eyes and a 2011 horror film.

Elephant Stone is a song by The Stone Roses.  It’s also an artist.

Maniac is a song used in Flashdance and also inspired a cult horror film.

Lou Reed was just Hangin’ Round whereas The Stranglers and The Cardigans were Hanging Around.

The Jam know that life is Precious.

Hey Foo Fighters, Wind Up that clock.

Elbow, I love The Bones of You.

The French Open is associated with Rafael Nadal who is notoriously hard to beat.  It’s also a Foals song.

The Ballad of....

Robbie Jones - The Levellers
Planet Earth - Adept
Chasey Lain - Bloodhound Gang
TV Violence - Cheap Trick
Jayne - L.A. Guns
Dorothy Parker - Prince
Ronnie Drew - U2

St Anne's Reel - John Denver
Tom Jones - Space
Gay Tony - a standalone GTA IV game or DLC.
Mona Lisa - Panic! At The Disco
John and Yoko - The Beatles

Richie Lee - Spiritualised
Bill Hubbard - Roger Waters
Michael Valentine - The Killers
Cyrtis Lowe - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Billy the Kid - Billy Joel

Emmerson Lonestar - Mystery Jets
Tommy Clayton & The Rawdawg Millionaire - Of Mice & Men

The Ballad of the Pyjama Kid is a track by John Murry.

Selfishly, Gomez wrote Ballad of Nice and Easy, Sparklehorse rolled Ballad of a Cold Lost Marble, Kula Shaker went on a diet with Ballad of a Thin Man and Great Lake Swimmers had what they caught for tea with Ballad of a Fisherman's Wife.

Foo Fighters dug deep with Ballad of the Beaconsfield Miners and Last Day of the Miner's Strike is a great song by Pulp.

Mother's Day and Father's Day are both quite different films.

Devil is a 2011 film and music artist.

Avril Lavigne and Goo Goo Dolls were Naked, Radiohead became Nude and Talking Heads are Totally Nude.

The Rolling Stones and Elastica both felt a Connection, Goo Goo Dolls and Keane were Disconnected.

It’s fairly obvious that I think 'same title', but totally different 'whatever' is a very interesting concept and situation.

I've previously explored films so give a warm welcome to pixels.  This counts if they’re both the same type of game but played completely differently.

In addition, it's irrelevant if the later games became a long-running franchise as the fact is a game from the now or now-ish shares the same name as a game from the then.

Chiller - 1985 and 1986
Barbarian - 1987, 1987 and 2002
Starhawk - 1977 and 2012
Badlands – 1984 and 1989
Fable - 1996 and 2004
Overlord - 1994 and 2007
Nightshade - 1985, 1991 and 2003
Juggernaut – 1985 and 1999
Barbarian II - 1988 and 1991
Burnout – 1996 and 2001
Spellbound - 1984 and 1985
Portal - 1986 and 2007
Area 51 – 1995 and 2005
Full Throttle - 1984, 1987 and 1995
Star Fox - 1983, 1987 and 1993
Overlord – 1990, 1994 and 2007
Spore - 1987 and 2008
Total Eclipse – 1988 and 1993
Asylum – 1981 and 2012
Conan – 1989, 2004 and 2007
Z – 1985 and 1996
Outlaw – 1976 and 1990
Warhawk - 1986 and 1995
Vendetta - 1990 and 1991
Dante's Inferno - 1986 and 2010
Ninja Commando - 1989 and 1992
Magic Carpet - 1984 and 1994
Fantasia - 1991 and 1994
Unreal - 1990 and 1998
Avenger - 1986 and 1990
Knightmare - 1986 and 1987
Eliminator - 1981 and 1988
Football Frenzy - 1987 and 1992
Cliff Hanger - 1983 and 1984
Equinox - 1986 and 1994
Critical Mass - 1984 and 1986
Diablo - 1987 and 1996
Star Solider - 1986 and 1987
Apocalypse - 1994 and 1998
Phalanx - 1987 and 1991
Legend - 1992 and 1994
Outzone - 1990 and 1991
Microcosm - 1986 and 1993
Fahrenheit - 1995 and 2005
Another World - 1991 and 1991
Breakers - 1986 and 1996
Apocalypse - 1990 and 1998

Most know about the Palace interpretation of Barbarian, and yes, it is to do with decapitation and Maria Whittaker...

Another World are both platform games, in totally different principles.

Crackdown and Crack Down are two different types of games.  Many will be familiar with the former as that's a third-person 360 game.

Here are some facts concerning Second Coming.
It’s a song by The Stranglers, a much slated second album by The Stone Roses and a horror film.

About that Stone Roses album, how can this be with classics like Ten Storey Love Song and Good Times?

A Horrible Place to Die and A Lonely Place to Die are both unrelated films.

I bet Elbow and their Ribcage will be left to medical science.

Echo & The Bunnymen forgot their umbrellas and walked through Ocean Rain while Lighthouse Family spoke of Ocean Drive.

The Kills gave us all DNA.

Mountains are huge lumps of rock that people find fascinating to climb and risk their lives in doing so.

Here I Go Again on my own...

Midlake – Small Mountain
Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains)
Biffy Clyro and Sparklehorse – Mountains
Insprial Carpets – Biggest Mountain
Good Charlotte and Remember Remember – Mountain
Slow Club – Gold Mountain
Therapy? - Magic Mountain

Stupid Girl and Stupid Girls are songs by Garbage and Pink respectively.

Revolutionary Road is a 2008 movie and Revolutionary Kind is a song by Gomez.

Ian Brown titled his 1998 debut solo album Unfinished Monkey Business, it's also a song off that album too.  White Lies have Unfinished Business to attend to.

Blur drank too much so had a Bad Head and then suffered a Bad Day at work.

Gomez suffered similar problems as they woke up with a Hangover.  Discouting the appalling final part, The Hangover is a hugely successful 'what the hell happened' last night comedy.

Rocket from the Crypt were On a Rope and Richard Ashcroft was relaxing On a Beach.

I see the colour Red (in films)….

Red Dragon, Red Team, Red Lights, The Thin Red Line, Red Corner, Red Hill, Red Velvet, Red Shoe Diaries, Red Cliff, Red Rose, Red Dawn, Red Planet, Red Sonja, Red State, Red Riding Hood, Red Heat, Red Tails, Red Mist, Red White & Blue, Red Mercury, Red Eye, Red Scorpion, Red Sun, Rose Red, Red Angel, Red Shoes, Red Desert, Red Dust, The Hunt for Red October, Red Corner, Big Red, Red Baron, Big Red, The Hills Run Red, Red Sands, Deep Red, Red Angel, Red Violin, Red Dog, Red and Woman in Red.

I think that’s another mighty fine effort.

Silly sausages now:

The Beatles imagined a Fool on the Hill, Led Zeppelin saw a Fool in the Rain, Mansun and Blur knew a Fool, Admiral Fallow were a bunch of Old Fools, The Strokes were Taken for a Fool,  Feeder say Fools can't Sleep, Evanescence were Everybody’s Fool, The Doors sailed with a Ship of Fools, The Stone Roses found Fools Gold, Mansun and Public Image Ltd are a Fool, Flying Colors are a Fool in my Heart, Cerys Matthews committed no crime as she is Only a Fool and Graveyard will become a Fool in the End..

The Fool is a tarot card that forms part of the Major Arcana (not to mention also an album from Warpaint and a Neutral Milk Hotel song).

Sega's House of the Dead arcade lightgun franchise names each boss after a tarot card from the Major Arcana.  This does not extend to Overkill.

In House of the Dead III, The Fool is represented by a giant deformed sloth.

Using the tarot card concept is innovative but how Sega settled on using a particular card to form the name of each boss is just mind boggling.  Like many things in video games - it just doesn’t make sense but it sounds right.

Imagine if the hydra boss from Dead 2 was called Strength instead of Tower and the fat slob in Dead 4 was called The Empress etc.

I say this because the sprites have nothing to do with the tarot card.

Imagine, what about if King from Art of Fighting and later of King of Fighters fame was called Queen.  Makes sense right as she's a woman?

Of course it doesn't.

Just imagine if the super group Queen was actually called King.

The Empress is a card from the Major Arcana and a boss in House of the Dead 4 as a thing holding two chainsaws which you fight while on a train.

Reference alert – that boss is also a song by Brett Anderson.

Bryan Adams with the Summer of ’69 and things got somewhat better a decade later with Summer ’79 by The Ataris.  How amusing it will be to find that I spent the Winter of '95 with New Found Glory.

I really wish I could disclose the lyrics to a song by The Stranglers but unfortunately, it's Top Secret.

I'm not particularly interested in going the same way as Rocket from the Crypt, because if so - I'll be Burnt Alive.

Wild Beasts have a Burning desire.

Don't Look At Me is what Frank from Hellraiser says to Julia before he drains men which are brought to him by the latter to make him whole again.  Or you could say it's also what The Twilight Sad might say if they're having one of those days.

On and On are both songs by Longpigs and The Answer.  Jack White and Wilco went On and On and On.

I Drove All Night so I needed a break.  This wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for The Maccabees.

Teenagers can be hormonal, unpredictable and a potential nightmare for a parent to endure.

Here are some songs that all things teenage may become, have or experience.

Placebo – Teenage Angst
Wheatus – Teenage Dirtbag
The Undertones - Teenage Kicks*
Katy Perry and T Rex – Teenage Dream
The Twilight Singers – Teenage Wristband
Ash and David Bowie – Teenage Wildlife
Kids in Glass Houses – Teenage Wonderland
The Ataris – Teenage Riot
Neon Trees - Teenage Sounds
The Vaccines - Teenage Icon
Guided by Voices - Teenage FBI
The Gaslight Anthem - Teenage Rebellion
New Fast Automatic Daffodils - Teenage Combo
Dog is Dead - Teenage Daughter

You thought that band My Chemical Romance are adults, they are in fact Teenagers.

*How I originally forgot that one - I'll never know... lol

Science comes in many forms and can be a fun school lesson as it involves much practical analysis.

Don’t fall off your chair or anything but guess what?

Detroit Social Club and Semisonic – Chemistry
Girls Aloud – Biology
Nations on Fire - Ecology
Nural and Magazine – Physics

Interpol recommend to Rest my Chemistry, You Me at Six are guilty of Contagious Chemistry and is The Chemistry Between Us and Suede that strong?

Requiem for a Planet and Requiem for the Russian Tea Rooms are tracks by Son, Ambulance and Primal Scream respectively.  Requiem for a Dream is a cult 2000 film.

Dark Moon Rising is a 2009 horror film and Gomez watched a Blue Moon Rising.

My Generation and New Generation are songs by The Who and Suede.  Pavement will Fight This Generation.

Embrace advise that if something is worth savouring, you should Make It Last.

Rooms in hotels owned by Walls are always Vacant.

Road Rage is what frustrated motorists experience when there’s something happening on the road that, rightly or wrongly they don’t like and react badly to it.  Catatonia felt this emotion.

If any band can grab your Attention, The Raconteurs can.

The Great Escape can have various meanings.

Songs by We are Scientists, Boys Like Girls, Arena and I am Kloot.  An album by Blur and a classic 1963 Steve McQueen POW movie.

It Bites made The Last Escape.

5-4 must always equal 1.  Not so, as according to Pavement, 5-4=Unity.  Also, Flux = Rad.

Subbuteo is table football or a song by Admiral Fallow.

The 51st State stars Samuel L. Jackson and Robert Carlyle.  51st State is a song by The Enemy.

Head Rolls Off and Heads will Roll are songs by Frightened Rabbit and Yeah Yeah Yeahs respectively.

Within You Without You is by The Beatles.  If you remove Within You, you’re left with a song by We Are The Fallen.  Within Without is an album from Washed Out.

According to Cloud Nothings, some things will Stay Useless.

If you ever want to learn the Alphabet, The Twilight Sad are happy to oblige.

Embrace is a famous indie band.  It’s also a song by Chase and Status, featuring the band White Lies.

Kid 2000 and Disco 2000 are songs by Hybrid and Pulp respectively.

Paul Weller was fascinated with Science but according to The Rifles, Science is Violence.

A butterfly is an attractive and colourful flying insect.

Here are tunes mentioning those virtually weightless beauties:

Paul Weller - Amongst Butterflies
The Verve - Catching the Butterfly
Butterflies - Michael Jackson, The Cribs and Alicia Keys
Mansun - Butterfly (A New Beginning)
Muse - Butterflies and Hurricanes
A-Ha – Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)
The Coral - Butterfly House
Weezer and The Verve - Butterfly
Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Butterfly Culture
Mercury Rev - Butterfly's Wing
Sonic Youth - Drunken Butterfly
Mercury Rev - Butterfly's Wing

The Smiths agreed I Know it's Over, Goo Goo Dolls and The Cure accepted It's Over, Starsailor were eager to Tell Me It's Not Over and Daughtry believe It's Not Over as it's just the beginning.

Ocean Colour Scene questioned how they all got So Low, Blur declared This Is a Low and Suede asked Have You Ever Been This Low?

White Dwarf is a magazine covering the world of role-playing and board games published by Games Workshop.  It’s also a song by A-Ha.

We all have to 'go' at some point.  In regards to this, take a skeg of how the following bands make statements or ask questions.

Slow Club - When I Go
No Mercy - Where Do You Go
Yellowcard - How I Go
Boys Like Girls - Go
Pearl Jam - Why Go
Jonathan Coulton - When You Go
Evanescence - Where Will You Go

Marion concluded Let's All Go Together and The Rolling Stones suggested Let's Spend the Night Together. 

We Need to Talk About Kevin is a very good film and Give My Love to Kevin is a track by The Wedding Present.  The Who spoke of Cousin Kevin.

Witches Brew and Bitches Brew are tracks by Katy B and Inspiral Carpets respectively.

Sheryl Crow and Garbage demanded Run Baby Run, Run Fatboy Run is a Simon Pegg comedy, The Hoosiers claimed it was best to Run Rabbit Run, Queens of the Stone Age ordered Run Pig Run and Rocket from the Crypt demanded Run Kid Run.

Red Hot Chili Peppers and Zero 7 will Give it Away, Ocean Colour Scene and Cast were Giving It All Away and Red on the other hand, Gave it All Away.

Bring It On is a Gomez and Hard-Fi song.  In respect of Gomez, their first album was called Bring It On but the song didn’t appear until Liquid Skin, their second album.

Another example is Queen.  Sheer Heart Attack is an album but the song didn’t appear until News of the World was released.  News of the World is also a song by The Jam.

Life is Unfair, just ask Pavement.

If an attractive woman asked me to make love, Yes, I Would.  Despite the passion, Frightened Rabbit were involved.

There She Goes is a song by The La’s and associated with heroin.  It features the lyrics “There she goes again.”  It’s brilliant that this chosen lyric is literally a song by The Velvet Underground.

Nevermind is a very famous and classic Nirvana album.  It’s also a Texas song.

Heels over Head is a song by Girls Like Boys.  Head Over Heels is a groundbreaking 1987 arcade adventure for various 8 bit computers.

(The band is actually Boys Like Girls)....

Poke can have many meanings.  In the music world, it's a Frightened Rabbit song.

The Hives knew a Main Offender and Travis with Re-offender.  Blondie saw the error of their ways and became an X Offender.

Saturday Night are all songs by Whigfield, Bay City Rollers, Kaiser Chiefs and Suede.
The Darkness had other ideas on Friday Night, Rebecca Black and The Subways were also otherwise engaged on Friday.

Ocean Colour Scene were on Top of the World, Boys Like Girls were literally On Top of the World and Cream were Sitting on Top of the World.

Embrace are just One Big Family.

I had to wait ages for an Autograph from Bernard Butler.

In bed, I like to have Pillow Talk.  You could also reference Kids in Glass Houses.

Lady Grinning Soul and His Grinning Skull are songs by David Bowie and Wild Beasts respectively.

Frightened Rabbit looked depressed but when asked, they're Not Miserable.  Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now is by The Smiths.

How about a bit of Romance?  Not with me, with Wild Flag.

Airbag is both a band and Radiohead song.

Deep Purple and The Killers are not under the hammer, they're Under the Gun and Red Hot Chili Peppers laid Under the Bridge.

Tommy is a rock opera by The Who and also an album by The Wedding Present.

Lovely Bones and The Lovely Bones is a song by Kids in Glass Houses and a Peter Jackson film respectively.

Marchin' Already is an album by Ocean Colour Scene and Good Charlotte March On.

Katie Melua had Red Balloons and Nena had 99 of them.

Admiral Fallow have Old Balloons and Foals inflated Balloons.

Right, the referee blows his whistle and after a very exciting and open game, the score remains level.

After an intense psychological work out, it’s time for an advertisement break.

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