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If this isn't variety - you're simply the greatest denier! Ud 03/11/13

The Garden of Earthly Delights (amongst others) is a surreal painting by Hieronymus Bosch.

Call this The Post of Worldly Pleasures...

As the host, you are my honored guests so please tuck in to the next but not the last part.

I have so much material that I could practically build a house, but instead of bricks and mortar, I choose to populate it for everybody to have a butcher’s at.

By now, you know what to expect but I say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

This doesn’t mean to say that further insight will become like a long-running movie franchise - boring, unoriginal and perfunctory.

Touching mahogany, it will be fresh, exciting and innovative.

It begins (again).

The Modfather (Paul Weller) wrote Wings of Speed and also has an album called Days of Speed.

Justice is a film, Red Dwarf episode, a song by Colourbox and artist.

The Thin Blue Line is a British sitcom with bobbies starring Rowan Atkinson and James ‘Gimme, Gimme, Gimme’ Dreyfus.  The Thin Red Line is a WWII drama with Sean Penn, John Cusack and George Clooney.  Although it is set during World War II, its story is entirely fictional.

More self-titled albums:

Blink-182, LCD Soundsystem, Mayday Parade, Slash, Beach House, Django Django, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, February Birds, JLS, Wheatus, Justice, Wheezer, La Roux, Daughtry, Wolfmother, Avenged Sevenfold, Way Out West, Storm Corrosion, The Hollows, Young the Giant, Puressence, February Sky, Oh Land, The Smiths, Mona, Big Sir, Magnetic Man, Monster Folk, The Wanted, Blondie, Halestorm, Train, Scissor Sisters, Cults, Be Your Own Pet, Crystal Castles, The Pierces, Mighty Clouds, Wayward Vessel, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Ladyhawke, Veronica Falls, Rage Against the Machine, Selah Sue, Morning Parade, Various Cruelties, Santogold and The Airborne Toxic Event.

There are obviously twelve months of the year, why not write a song about.....

January - Paolo Nutini
February – Mineral, Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 and Lusine
March - Teddy Geiger
April - Deep Purple, Wolf People and Chapterhouse
May – Lifehouse
June - Pete Yorn and Wijk & Mero
July - Ocean Colour Scene, Babybird, Drake, Scuba, Low and Youth Lagoon
August - The Hollows
September - The Shins and Daughtry
October - Broken Bells, U2 and Deadmau5
November - Azure Ray, Silverstein and The Pineapple Thief
December - Collective Soul, Teenage Fanclub, Weezer, David Gray and Norah Jones

The only artist I know resembling a month are The Decemberists who also have a January and June Hymn.

Linkin Park clung onto My December and The National were given the award of Mr November.

Video games are potentially an important pastime and they'd only become upset if they didn't somehow grow into various lists.

These were toughies to populate but bearing my teeth - here goes.

We begin with games that are also songs.

Some will be familiar and some will only ding dong if retro has a special place in your heart.

You may notice that some were included in the original but I removed them for the purposes of this feature.

Like SNK - The Future Is Now.

Anyway, I like to call this list pixels and lyrics: 

Univited - Alanis Morissette

Soldier of Fortune - Thin Lizzy and Deep Purple
Heart of Darkness - Sparklehorse
Postal - Ocean Colour Scene
Myth – Beach House
Burnout - Green Day
Bug - Lower Than Atlantis
Syndicate – The Fray
Fire and Ice - Evanescence
Blood Money - Primal Scream and The Pop Group
Area 51 - The Charlatans
F.E.A.R. - Ian Brown
Full Throttle - The Prodigy
Summer Camp - Summer Camp
Second Sight - Kula Shaker and Placebo
Black - Danger Mouse, Pearl Jam and Daniel Luppi
Fuel – Catatonia and Echo & the Bunnymen
Rolling Thunder - A-Ha
Vigilante - Magnum
Stuntman – Kasabian
Pandemonium - The Flower Kings
Loaded – Deacon Blue and Primal Scream
Lemmings - Blink-182
Exodus – Levellers
Narc - Interpol
Exterminator - Primal Scream
Breakout – Foo Fighters and Black Sabbath
Don’t Panic – Coldplay
Jailbreak – Thin Lizzy and Ac/Dc
Vendetta – Slipknot
Bully - Shinedown
Metal Warriors - ManoWar
Pure – The Lightning Seeds
Dizzy – The Goo Goo Dolls, Jimmy Eat World and Siouxsie and The Banshees
Agony – Paloma Faith and Eels
The Getaway – Athlete and Hilary Duff
Forsaken - Within Temptation
Finders Keepers – You Me at Six
North And South – The Clash
Fallout – Linkin Park and Moon Duo
Phoenix - The Prodigy
Another World - Puressence and The Chemical Brothers
No More Heroes – The Stranglers and Slash
Overdrive – Foo Fighters
Hysteria - Muse and Ceremony
Stardust - Menswear and Ian Brown
Aquarius – Within Temptation
Spellbound – Ash and Siouxsie and The Banshees
Run Baby Run – Sheryl Crow and Garbage
Altered Beast – We Are Scientists
18 Wheeler - Pink
Halo – Foo Fighters, Slash, Deep Blue Something, Bloc Party and Texas
Phoenix – Daft Punk
Smash TV – Chase and Status
Black & White – Detroit Social Club and Deep Purple
Painkiller – Turin Brakes, The Chap and Paper Aeroplanes
Last Resort - Papa Roach
Fallen Angel - Poison, Neil Young And Elbow
Stormbringer – Deep Purple
The Great Escape – We are Scientists, The Rifles, Boys Like Girls, Arena and I am Kloot
Crush - Pendulum
Zero Tolerance - The Bluetones
Head over Heels - Tears for Fears
Dead or Alive - Deep Purple
Flashback - Calvin Harris and The Twilight Singers
Switchblade - Incubus
Feud - Band of Horses
Civilization - Justice
One - Alanis Morissette
Rez - Underworld
The Bouncer - Electric Light Orchestra
Nebulus - Fluke
Killing Floor - Black Stone Cherry
Golden Sun - Fenech-Soler
Toxic Crusaders - Deastro
Worms - Yeasayer
Primal - Slowdive
Dirt - Lou Reed
Elite - Deftones
Exile - Show of Hands and Hurts
Renegade - Thin Lizzy
Parallax - Atlas Sound
Moon - Foals
Rubicon - Threshold
Gun - Soundgarden
Dead to Rights - The Twilight Singers
Defiance - The Young Veins and Incubus
Breakers - Local Natives
Vampire - Bluetones
Black Mirror - Arcade Fire
Yesterday - The Beatles
Still Life - Suede, The Horrors and The Stranglers
Heart of Darkness - Sparklehorse
Nemesis - David Gray
Remember Me - British Sea Power
Kid Chameleon - The Pineapple Thief
Fable - Paper Aeroplanes
Chain Reaction - Diana Ross
Fade to Black - Golden Silvers

The most frustrating number that can't be included is Lethal Enforcer by We Are Scientists

It's so tantalisingly close to being that series of lamentable lightgun arcade games by Konami.

The Neo Geo games are Last Resort and Breakers.

Brilliant stuff!

Songs have featured in films and advertisements for years.  Video games can also make an appearance that sometimes, (but not always), appear in blockbusters.

Here’s a decent slice of steak and ale pie.

Data East’s 1984 Karate Champ was played by Van Damme and Donald Gibb in cult 1988 martial arts thriller Bloodsport.

Midnight Resistance can be seen in average sequel Robocop 2.

Hardball! released by Accolade in 1985 for the seminal C64 is used in Rob Reiner’s The Princess Bride.

Afterburner and Missile Command are played by John Connor in Terminator 2.

SNK’s Metal Slug is seen in the 2009 action film Gamer starring Gerard Butler.

In charming romcom Going the Distance, Drew Barrymore is a demon at Atari’s Centipede and Golden Tee is also featured.  From a music point of view, The Boxer Rebellion also makes an appearance.

Doom is given a spin in 1995 Van Damme action popcorn Sudden Death.

In the 1990’s, the Game Boy title theme of Robocop was used by kitchen appliance company Ariston in a series of TV adverts.
You little devils (that form part of film headings)....

While a majority are, not all are concerned with all things horrific.

The Devil Wear’s Prada, The Devil’s Rejects, To The Devil A Daughter, The Devil’s Backbone, The Devil Inside, Devil, The Devil’s Advocate, The Devil’s Double, I Saw The Devil, Devil’s Arithmetic, Daredevil, The Devil’s Tomb, Two Devils, Dance with the Devil, Race of the Devil, The Devil’s Men, Devil’s Brigade, The Devil’s Rock, Dust Devil, Shout at the Devil, Shake Hands with the Devil, A Candle for the Devil, Devil’s Playground, The Devil’s Own, House of the Devil, The Devil’s Chair, The Devil’s Whore, Devil’s Bridge, Pretty Little Devils, Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, The Devil’s Backbone, The Devil Rides Out and The Devil's Business.

I’m sure you appreciated that playlist.

I’ve just had some thoughts…

Thought 1

The Park had The Water with The Undiscovered and still setting of a Graveyard.  I Feel It All and asked myself How Come You Never Go There?

Maybe it was the Bittersweet Melodies or is it How My Heart Behaves.

Thought 2

Last Night I Dreamt I was a Techno Fan who caused Walking Disasters.  I read the newspaper and incredibly it was 1996, to get back to the present I took a Jump into the Fog and found myself in Tokyo (Vampires & Wolves).

It was only then I realised I was Our Perfect Disease but it wasn't all bad news as Girls/Fast Cars were available to hire.

Thought 3

 My name is Grace and I'm Happy with Life even though I'm secretly a member of a Witches covenant and a Blondie fan.  Whilst Underneath the Light, I practice Tragic Magic and stare at Walls.

Thought 4

I tried to Call Someone, but I got no Answer even though the phone was on Automatic redial.  As I wandered, it seemed all Contact had Gone and Home seemed a very distant memory.
I sat and Imagine Life to Last Forever and After the Retreat, I sent myself literally insane by remembering All the Love in Your Hands.  There was A Lot of Silence Here so I ran until a snarling Animal emerged from the darkness.

Naturally terrified, I froze and imagined it would go and jump Into the Fire.  It didn't and I was helpless as it prepared to strike.  My final thought was a notion of acceptance as I was shortly to become part of History.

Thought 5

 Misery is a Beautiful Place, All Black but It Wasn't Enough.  Where Would We Be Now if it wasn't for Little Things and The River?  I climbed a Mountain which was All Black and was Wounded in doing so.

Struggling up its treacherous peak, a Ghost of You appeared as a vision.  When it ended, I wanted to Break Apart Her Heart and understood that it was time to Meet My Maker.  While all this is a bit Predictable, this is The Chronicles of Life and Death.

Thought 6

I'm fascinated by the concept of Binary.  Apart from counting from 0 to 1, I really do believe it can Change Your Name.  I hate people who squash Insects and while I appreciate it's Instinct, maybe they should Dare to Dream of a more Physical World.

As Summer Snow falls, I become surrounded by Teenage Wildlife.

I'm sure like many others; they too feel the warm embrace of Carnal Love and become Spellbound as we and they enter Spheres.  After such a wonderful evening, we gaze at the Nightfall and despite negative rebound, There Is Hope Again.

Thought 7

As long as the rail tracks function, I can always ride the Dog Train to Hope Street.  When I arrive, a Fantasy is always indulged with Julie during my visit spanning Saturday to Sunday.

I tend to Celebrate with my good friend Captain Courageous and raise a drink to him at the local pub.

After stepping out, a lonely figure seeks sympathy as he hoped that the girl from 15 Years ago was dead.  I urged him to Leave This Town and be Miles Away as soon as possible.  He took my advice but also reminded him not to ponder Forgotten Ground.

Before the End of my visit, maybe I had A Life Less Ordinary when compared to others but I consider it a Duty not to shove my boast down people's throats as Death Loves Youth.

I promised myself Just The One when I see my Three Friends later down the pub as I know they won't Carry Me home.

So what the hell?  What’s behind these stories?  Well apart from my own imagination, the answers and/or theme will be revealed later.

Echoes are songs by Klaxons and Washed Out.  This is also a Pink Floyd Best Of and an album by The Rapture.  To finish up, guess what subtitle Metroid Prime 2 on Gamecube possesses...

Most bands have a Greatest Hits collection.  Mystery Jets chose to have it as a song. 
Know Your Enemy are songs by Rage Against the Machine, Hybrid and Green Day.  It's also a Manic Street Preachers album.

Dear John is a song by Taylor Swift, Ryan Adams and Jessie James.  It's also a 2010 film and an 80's sitcom by John 'Only Fools and Horses' Sullivan.

Snake is an annoying and popular mobile phone game where it sees the player attempt to eat objects to grow and prevent the snake from either crashing in to itself or into a wall.  Who’d have thought it to be a song by Frightened Rabbit?

A Sleeper Hold is a famous act of restraint and/or grappling hold in combat sports, intended to reduce the air and blood flow through an opponent’s neck and force the recipient to surrender.  It’s also a No Age tune.

After performing such a move, you may even beat somebody into Submission, providing you’re thinking of Delphic.

I was on the dance floor at a club at the weekend and noticed some girls eyeing me up so buoyed by this; I continued in a similar fashion.

A few drinks later, they told me You’re Pretty Good Looking.  With my ego boosted I tried some lines with more cheese than Edam but it was to no avail as I soon worked out that they just liked The White Stripes.

Blue are a terrible boy band, it’s also an early song by The Verve.

Red Hot Chili Peppers had a Minor Thing, Passion Pit have a Better Thing and Travis giggled at a Funny Thing.

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start and U,U,D,D,L,R,L,R,A,B,Select,Start are tracks by The Ataris and Deftones respectively.

Both are also variations of the famous Konami cheat code.  Okay, unless you are a retro gamer, you may not know that.

A band member from The Ataris owned a collection of Atari video games so it's pretty simple to work out the origin of their band name.  

Ride a Ghost Train with Summer Camp and you'll go Down quickly.

Kasabian saw a Neon Noon, The Killers admired a Neon Tiger, Keane swam in a Neon River, Starsailor are below a Neon Sky, The Solar Bears became part of a Neon Colony, Kraftwerk turned on Neon Lights, Calvin Harris threw Neon Rocks, Various Cruelties told a Neon Truth, Neon Neon composed a Neon Theme, Mouthwash felt a Neon Heartbeat and Deerhunter rummaged through a Neon Junkyard.
Here's a different take as certain films focus solely on a central character.  So much so, the film is named after its protagonist or based around the main point of the synopsis.

I’ve named this set:

I'm so important - I must be a movie title.

Part (a) Christian and/or Surnames only.


Part (b) Christian and Surnames

Peter Pan
Michael Clayton
Ned Kelly
John Carter
Charlotte Gray
Donnie Darko
Rocky Balboa
Michael Collins
Ed Gein
Veronica Guerin
Jackie Brown
Johnny English
Fanny Hill
Jack Reacher
Dick Tracy
Mary Poppins
Harry Brown
Sydney White
Donnie Brasco
Forrest Gump
Billy Elliot
Elfie Hopkins
Sherlock Holmes
Donnie Darko
Erin Brockovich
Jane Eyre
Nancy Drew
Dorian Gray
Dorlores Claiborne
Dick Tracy
Adam Chaplin
Max Payne
Patch Adams
Jerry Maguire
Johnny Mnemonic
Solomon Kane
Napoleon Dynamite
Rob Roy
Van Helsing
Tony Manero
Stan Helsing
Tamara Drewe
Bugsy Malone
Christopher Roth
Billy Maddison
Stuart Little
Jonah Hex
Anna Karenina
Alex Cross
Drillbit Taylor
Sylvia Scarlett

Next we dive into movies that coincidentally also just happen to be totally unrelated video games.

I have purposely left out efforts that are obviously based on famous franchises such as Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Max Payne and Hitman.  It should therefore give a very good insight into coincidence as I try and mix tactics up more than a confused football manager.  Brilliant!

PS. It may help if you wear a retro helmet…

Pixels and moving images:


Sleeping Dogs

Full Throttle
Shadow Warriors

Head over Heels
The Sentinel
Fade to Black
The Horde
Point Blank
Night Shift
Slap Shot
Bad Company
Dream House
Art of Fighting
Don't Panic
Deja Vu
The Dam Busters
Project X
Iron Lord
Shadow Dancer
Skate or Die
Rapid Fire
Just Cause
State of Emergency
Shadow Dancer
The Sentinel
The Note
Black Gold
The Plague
Chain Reaction

If you’ve played a lot of these games, to say the film isn’t different is like saying salt tastes like chocolate.

For example, Stardust is a family action adventure film.  The game equivalent is an Asteroids clone.

Primal is an Australian horror and the game is an action adventure involving the search for  your boyfriend and the need to cross over into demon realms.

As long as you're referring to the 2012 film, Project X is about one epic party and the game is a sort of classic Amiga space shmup.

Retrograde is a sci-fi action film with Dolph Lundgren.  Its gaming namesake is a classic C64 pseudo platform/shooting game with increasingly intelligent homing missiles, shops and planet busters.

Savage is a psychological thriller starring Darren Healy and the game is an ambitious 1988 Spectrum game from Firebird.

Quarantine is the most interesting of all because in film, it's the decent American remake of Spanish horror Rec and pixels sees a very violent 1994 FPS driving shmup.

You get the idea...

Stereophonics are Just Looking and The Charlatans were Just Lookin’.

She’s the One is a song by World Party, probably made more famous as it was covered by Robbie Williams.  She's the Blade is a track by Sugarcult.

The Black Keys insisted You're the One and Various Cruelties maintain She is the One.

She’s the Man is a 1996 romcom starring Amanda Bynes and Scissor Sisters warn you off as She’s my Man.

Dancing is a series of rhythmic movements that can be made by drunken men in an attempt to try and impress or potentially embarrass themselves in front of women.

David Bowie said Let’s Dance, I fancied a boogie so I asked Scissor Sisters to join me on the floor but they politely told me I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’.  This wasn't a problem as All Time Low inspired me as I Feel Like Dancin'.  Hot Chip saw me in action but insulted me by telling me not to Don’t Dance.

Longpigs observed that Sally Dances and The Velvet Underground potentially upset every girl named Sally as apparently Sally Can’t Dance.

Sod it, as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Lykke Li demand to just Dance, Dance, Dance, Longpigs told me to Dance Baby Dance and The Proclaimers asked to Dance with Me.

Envy seem to like binary as they like counting with 0 and 1.

Razorlight are North London Trash and LCD Soundsystem are North American Scum

Some bands really do insist on having some stupid song titles.  I’m not saying these are bad songs but they must try harder...

Kaiser Chiefs – Na Na Na Na Naa
Ocean Colour Scene – Wah Wah
Ian Brown – Nah Nah
My Chemical Romance - Na Na Na
Elastica - Da Da Da
Broken Social Scene - Da Da Da Da
The Wedding Present - Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah 

Okay, I could excuse those if they were purely a lyric but as an actual name.

I'm really not joking about the Elastica and Broken Social Scene songs so just one more Da obviously makes all the difference....

What’s next Baa Baa by Black Sheep of the Family?

Please don’t let that be an actual song and/or band....

One of the funniest song titles I know of is Robocop 4 – Fuck off Robocop by Future of the Left.

This is an odd one, Ocean Colour Scene are party to many great songs and one of those is The Circle.

It first appeared on seminal album Moseley Shoals and then as an acoustic variant on great B-Side (IMHO) album Seasides and Freerides.

Strangely, it was called Outside of a Circle and was exactly the same song.


Various stages of happy:

The View and Travis are just Happy, Take That are Happy Now, Longpigs are Happy Again and The Jam are Happy Together.

The Stokes know there are Two Kinds of Happiness, Alexis Jordan, The Fray, Goldfrapp and Kasabian have all at some point experienced Happiness and Super Furry Animals display Fragile Happiness.

Sometimes song titles aren’t even spaced out (on purpose of course) so have to be read carefully to make sense of what the title actually spells out.

Here are some excellent examples:

Manic Street Preachers - Ifwhiteamericatoldthetruthforonedayit’sworldwouldfallapart
Future of the Left – adeadenemyalwayssmellsgood
Seabound - Doubleplusungood
School of Seven Bells - Iamundernodisguise
Manic Street Preachers - Autumnsong
The Enemy - technodanceaphobic
Propellerheads - Comingtogetcha
Gomez - Diskoloadout
Soundgarden - Superunknown
Flying Lotus - Sexslaveship
Gomez - Girlshapedlovedrug
Gotye - learnalilgivinanlovin
Melody's Echo Chamber - isthatwhatyousaid
The Black Keys - thickfreakness

This can also apply to albums....

Sparklehorse - vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot
Propellerheards - dexanddrumsandrockandroll

Some things are Hard to Explain, The Strokes know this.

In case you didn't realise, Franz Ferdinand was Cheating on You.

Myself and The Cribs were having relationship problems so I practically begged them to Cheat on Me and The Shins unhappily decided to Turn on Me.

The Sun is by The Naked and Famous and Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles.

MDK (Murder Death Kill) was a term made sort of famous due to 1993 action film Demolition Man starring Sly Stallone and Wesley Snipes as goodie and baddie respectively.  This later became a 1997 video game.

Hey... boys and girls?

You - Pink Floyd and Dinosaur Pile-Up
Now - Oasis and London Grammar
Dude - Kula Shaker
Jane - Pink Spiders and Spiritualised
Billy - Spitualised
Cisco - Deep Purple
Joe - Jimi Hendrix
Ya - Goo Goo Dolls
Bulldog - The Beatles
Ma - James
Baby - No Doubt
Johnny - Feeder
Joni - Sonic Youth
Daddy - Korn
Ho - Hinder
Floyd - Jamiorquai
Paul - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Hey You! is a track by The Cure and the lyrics ‘Hey you’ feature heavily in Oasis's Up in the Sky.

You may be thinking why I didn't include Hey Jude?  Well, I missed that out on purpose.

The Drums are Hard to Love, Hard-Fi are Hard to Beat and The Walkmen boasted We Can’t be Beat.

Paul Weller and Low picked a Sunflower and The Smashing Pumpkins smelt a Wildflower.

Smoke and Mirrors are tracks by The Magnetic Fields, Gotye and Jamiroquai with Smoke & Mirrors been a totally unrelated song by Lifehouse.

Falling in Reverse and The View cast Tragic Magic and Dirty Magic was used by The Offspring.

I live in Hull so I find it quite amusing that there’s a song called Hull or Hell by Chumbawamba.

Wild at Heart is both a TV show and unrelated film.

From Russia and From Paris with Love are rather different films.

Add Crazy, Funny and Ruthless to People and again, you'll get totally different films.

Secretary and Secratariat are both films.

A Day of Violence, A History of Violence and End of Violence are all, well you guessed it...

Candy Says is by The Velvet Underground, The Raveonettes stated You Want the Candy, New Edition and Baby Bird had a Candy Girl and Ash ate Candy.

That's nearly it for another set but before I disappear, the answers to those thoughts.

Apart from the obvious words that have to start with 'C'apital letters, they all feature songs by a single artist.

So whether you worked that out or didn't....

Thought 1 - Feist
Thought 2 - The Wombats
Thought 3 - The View
Thought 4 - Thirteen Senses
Thought 5 - Good Charlotte
Thought 6 - Ash
Thought 7 - The Levellers

On that note, this chapter draws to a close.

Don't adjust the station too much as it will return but next time,

The variety (all ends)? 

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