Friday, 23 November 2012

Generalising DVD Deja vu (1) Ud 09/12/12

I'd suggest that when we've seen sleeve and/or poster art, another rings a bell louder than a campanologist.

As usual, I've no idea if it will prove interesting but I've devised devious sets that will bring them to justice.

With this effort, I'm merely bringing many similar types together (in no particular order of release).

These are innocent compared to others and that magazine will be viciously unloaded in the near future.

I will endeavour to split each into categories as each share something that guarantees they were dipped into the same gene pool.

Split into many parts but remaining as one.

Posing and glancing for the camera.

Breaking a perfectly good CRT.

John Madden just has to ruin the principle...

Will they, won't they?

Cousin Itt innit!

The Ring we all should know.

We all stand together.

Shake on it?

Holding weapons... (look at this shit)

Approaching danger with their backs turned.

Using a shoulder to rest on.

Aiming below without firing.

Reaching and scraping (ouch)...

The back end of a 'head'

Bunch of fives.


Let's spilt up again.

Inspired by Gary Numan.

They came from below.

Showing teeth.

A worried eye.


Back off.

That should keep you going and the final set will follow...

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