Tuesday, 9 July 2013

DVD Deja vu, it's nothing personal - Scene 9

Welcome to the penultimate race before the finishing line is crossed.

This will be my last feature of any kind for a few weeks so after wiping those tears away, please climb inside and enjoy another bubble bath of blatancy.

Here's a double crunch followed by the...

...one that didn't escape their attention.

Tonight they won't rule the world but here come the girls...

Now bask in variation and principle.

This is a fairly innocuous scram by Rick but jog further below...

Tell me you're not impressed by such a random steal?  It's brilliant.

Now we have a reissue of an 80's action film and its design is no coincidence...

Incidentally, if you have the opportunity to watch Grabbers, 90 minutes or so of your life won't be wasted.  The choice of weapon to fight back against extraterrestrial hostility automatically raises originality and with it, a smile or several.

This idea certainly didn't come from 'nowhere'. 

Well pour me a beer, it's Germaine Greer.

First we glance to the left and...

...then we gawp to the right.

Move over Ray, there's a new Daddy in town.

You couldn't make the next two up.

More gun slingers.

I decided this geezer was also connected.

Another weird entry but one that reigns supreme.

Here's some crazy shit that's more bonkers than a crate of jumping amphibians.

Even the latter eats the same cheese as an entertaining action violence fest. 

Unsubtle titles but not too dissimilar ideas. 

Doing my skull in.

These next two don't really look the same but...

...before you've declared madness, draw a rough outline around both figures and it will become clearer than a muddy windscreen.

Cross reference her 'reflection' to the third and the second speaks for itself. 

I can understand why John is shy when...

...Al has no reason to be.

My reasons are obvious.

Hmmm, nothing similar about the next four...

The gang's all here but they're not making a very good job at hiding something.

Yep, like Nowhere Boy ripping off Run Fat Boy Run, they somehow felt it necessary to compound this rate of knots with the same colour identification.

Out of this set, I'd rate this one as been the worst by a metric mile. 

TRRRAAAAIIIINNNNN!!!  Oh shit!  Move your ass man!  Hey, at least now we know when the next train was due.

I'll give them credit for at least making this half inch look a bit different...

...from David Cronenberg's head explosion effort.

So after nine features and countless examples of bullshit, the grand finale waits impatiently with bated breath.

The smart, the brave and the bold will stand trial while the downright incredible will be freed from solitary confinement. 

In Scene 7, you'll find The Blackout vs Feast which was the cat's whiskers.

However, those soft objects that swing proudly between the hind legs of a donkey will eventually be brought.

All will be revealed in August and much more besides, so until then, cheers m' dears.

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