Friday, 6 September 2013

Video games heavily Lost in Translation - First Blot

I don't forget others but these are more than relevant as one imagines what those couldn't.  We are here, I am hear so they might as well enjoyed this.  To begin is to end, why not sit and drain, pour brown liqued and drink with laughter, it will happen today so live yesterday.

Sum may laugh, some may cry but whatever, don't kneel down and dye.

Ahem, there is so much to 'admire'.

Blue's Journey - Arcade

It's my flower so I better hung on to it
I once won the lottery but because I admitted the numbers were drewed, they refused to pay out.  Okey, I bet it was they who fucked up and not the consumer.
So this old man wants me to answer his questins does he?  This may be brash but Peculu can shove things right up the place where the orange hot thing doesn't shine.
Okay, I had a change of heart as now I get to answer two 'questions'.  Shit man, I'd rather lose all of your flowers than becoming you.
I got it?  No I fucking don't.
What a strange set of choices and despite what you may think, we will all remain even after die, rather than death.  What do you prefer?  Oh fuck it.
As you're still listening, why not waste time by plaing games.  What?  You like to play games?  Great, as the majority would agree.  
Look assholes, why didn't you remind me to bring the torch wuth me as this would've avoided some uncomfortable with me moments.
No I'm not, what are you suggesting?  I can't forgive this shit, no way.  The insane may ask why and the reason being that the average life expectancy for anybody asking if I'm resistins is less than it takes most to blink.
Crime City - Arcade

Daily SNK, Daily Capcom, Daily Sega, Daily Konami etc etc or the Daily Taito?  It makes no fucking difference as journalistic integrity has brought the big news of some idiot apparently successful in rescuring mayor!  Now if that's a fact, remove my intestinal tract.
They're having a laugh...
With all the human filth that police wade through, I bet they've never apprehended Joe, a condemner crimina with a curious interest in stripes 
No he's not and shine on you crazy diamonds because it's clearly a fucking uzi.
This is just funny as what the FUCK has happened here?
The international edition of the same rag now has a Daily Mail feel to it and the headline that some genius compiled naturally makes no fucking sense.
Desert Breaker - Arcade

So what if this operation is confidential as thanks to this prick barking the orders, our fate is already sealed.  There force...?
Permission to speak sir?
With the senior officer's permission, I don't want to choose it over, I demand that I mull it over.
You slimy piece of maggot shit, choose it over or I will proceed to skull fuck.
Aye Aye Sir!
Oh didn't you know about sorage?  Well join the club as neither do I.
Enteenter!!  C'mon, what the fuck are you waiting for?  Let's go, our lives depend on it.
That's better, a wrong has been righted.  What?  It's now correct.  WHAT?
You want trought?  Then go fishing.  Honestly, I have no fish to embarrass myself further so I'll quickly jump trout of the nearest window.
Seizen whatever brings nightmare and 'head'ing for snowy Nortern mountain zone peak is not one for the scrap book.
Dino Rex - Arcade

If the collopse of the civilization ever rings true, we all know who's to fucking blame in the afterlife...
We all dream and when our thoughts become our worst nightmare, this happens.
Did you know that I dreamed a strange dream at that night.
At that night?  Which fucking night?  Thankfully, we'll never know.
Right, this is bad, it's very bad.  In fact, how about absolute horseshit.
Who are these clay figures and why did they discoverd ruins of South America and assumed dinosaurs on which mankind ride?  
I'm sure that a T-Rex would happily encourage you to hitch a ride and assume the position of Seabiscuit.
"From this, some were of the option that mankind and dinosaurs lived together."
If we are to believe such drivel, let's slumber in perfect harmony.
I'm also of the option that for this not to still make no sense, it should be opinion...
Nobody know where they have gone and it's unlikely that any further investigation will happen. Not now, not ever, fuck off.
Download - PC Engine

Whoah, pixels and profanity - an unexpected match made in heaven.'Is this not' or 'This is not' etc etc would have made a great beginning. 
Whoah, the f-bomb steps up to the plate and immediately doesn't impress.
If this is talking about the order of rhyme or reason, then you're in for a big disappointment...
See what I mean?  Should we all jack it all in now?  Probably.
Apply maximum cosentration or it's over.  Game, set and bastard match.
Nothing to complain about here (apart from missing ?), but wait a bit longer...
...normal service is resumed as it is not a over yet.
No shit... mate.  Only yesterday, I got the wrong end of a sharp stick.
Hey Nero, I can almost smell your dank fear.
Awwwww, really?  Oh well.
Dragon Master - Arcade

Another tease of sense.
I don't know, what is your ambition?
Oh right, nice one.
I will never knee down before any woman, let alone this crazy bitch.
You're not rude, there is somebody there and will be the weakest forever more.
I must try to find another my brain as it's totally gone.
Believe it!
What kind?  The variety of Les Miserables?
Ha-Ha-Ha !
How can we live with a peace forever when you bombard us with such bullshit.  Thanks... a fucking bunch of grapes, you insubordinate ape.
Earth Joker - Arcade

You don't flee, you fly and please do so, very quickly, to whatever unpleasant place from whence one came.
An having regrouped, let's continue.
Battle orders:
Be stationed over the jungle, regardless if weather reports show fog conditions.
Most commanders wish their crew luck, this one is proud to be different and completely insane.
Were and where, bear and bare, hear and here, pair and pear are examples of words that are pronounced the same but depending on context, have a totally different meaning.  If only they'd have used the alternative of 'there', we'd be kicking ass.  Ho ho!
Ghox - Arcade

Blah blah blah and madness thrives from beyond the underworld.
Me so horny, justice love you for long time.
If only Acshis and Briass were carved on the wall of Castle Aclia, then maybe we'd have a fighting chance.
Surely this should be bravery or child and grand child deserve to be sent to bed without the benefit of supper or story.
The National Diet Library provides an essential A-Z guide for salad dodging tips...
Final Blot to appear by whatever endeavour.

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