Saturday, 30 November 2013

DVD Deja vu, it's nothing personal - Final Scene

After generalising and nine personal scenes later, we reach the long awaited climax.

I've emptied my archive for their sorry asses to finally explode onto your screens and/or electronic device.

You'll simply lap this up like a thirsty kitten would a bowl of milk.

I'm aware that some have already been displayed but their perfect match has remained anonymous, until now.

There's even my top nine pairs to savour.

Nine you scream?  Why not ten?  You'll see...

Most are Region 2 but I'll state when this isn't so.

None are sequels or parodies and occasionally, the only thing they share in common is very similar subject matter.

Of course, that would still slouch rather than stand up in court.

As a little warm up, chew on who are guilty in regards to idea and layout.

Now, it really begins.

Chapter 1: The deeper you look, the more you see

These designs for life are not rip offs, until you look outside the immediate boundaries...

Region 1

Guy in a suit carrying and looking 'away'.  Nothing too innocuous until...
...the woman is removed to basically leave this.
A girl's position of choice.

This fox now starts to exude more cunning than a puzzle set by Professor Layton.

A tree with body parts hanging like a shirt and...
...applying digital zoom results in the same principle.
Clever eh.
They say there's always something smarter than yourself.  I beg to differ.

A concerned woman crumpled in a corner, wearing socks and vest top that used to be a whiter shade of pale, with only a shadow 'hiding' her shorts.

Oh look, another concerned woman crumpled in a corner, wearing socks and vest top that used to be a whiter shade of pale, with 'nothing' hiding her shorts.
Topping that cappuccino is easy, I just add more sprinkles.

Now this.

Why haven't I used the 'DVD' art for Mimic?  Well...

Apart from picture quality, Blu-ray can change the original art to theoretically enhance matters further, (especially when a classic is re-released).

Is it enough to justify spending the extra coin?  That's a matter of opinion as while it's sharper than a blunt pencil, the real difference shined when video games made the jump from SD to HD.

Enough of c'est la vie, please continue before the counter reaches zero.

Well Take On Me, do a handstand or rotate Wasteland 180 degrees...

How do you like shit?  Tastes good right.

Perversely, Borderland steals more from this.

Only the 'lesser' design swayed my choice.

Don't get too excited, the sight of flesh is only inferred.  Damn it man.

Before proceeding to Chapter 2, there's still a best of three to experience.

Taking refuge from a solitary, or group of menacing silhouettes from behind a tree isn't the most horrific idea.

The designers behind the former (which is definitely worth a watch), deny all knowledge that they had oodles of help from a friend.

Chapter 2: All out war

Don't blink or even think because this lot is sure to stink.

None warrant any commentary as these are just (fucking unbelievable).

Region 1 (aka Dark Moon Rising). 

The Hamiltons vs Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead.  That is just plain weird.

Dard Divorce, Husk, Dungeons & Dragons, Dark House, etc.

Oh, you have to love Skinwalkers and its 'subtle' attempt of not using Dark Skies...

They just didn't give a flying fuck stick.

Portrait of a Zombie vs Wolf Moon is another freak occurrence due to Region difference. 

Final Chapter: Inferno

To milk the tension for all its worth, the film reel will roll in descending order.

First Circle (Limbo)

Second Circle (Lust)

Third Circle (Gluttony)

Fourth Circle (Greed)

Fifth Circle (Wrath)

Sixth Circle (Heresy)

Seventh Circle (Violence)

Eighth Circle (Fraud)

Drum roll please.  Louder?  I said louder?  Thank you.

Ninth Circle (Treachery)

What can you say?

I know, there are no amount of superlatives that you can shower upon the love affairs brought.

This shit is a drug but unlike the evils of this world, I will never be hazardous to your health.

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