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Titles, taglines, subtitles and miscellany - Sizzling and succulent

Happy New Year!

Features of this type will count thirteen instead of fifteen because I made the simple but silly mistake of including the original and encore. 

Yeah, I've just realised.

Anyway, I expect you are experiencing a sense of withdrawal that borders on driving one to distraction so allow me to put such suffering at ease.

Absolution is found in music and game.

In order to hit full throttle in subtitle, one mustn't apply the brakes.

Crossing over to another dimension.

Multiplayer excitement and a 3D revamp were the main carrots dangled to encourage 360 owners to blast off and kick the Bydo empire's ass (again).

Final Fantasy Dimensions was released for Android devices in 2010.
You can't block what can't be blocked.
X-Men: Children of the Atom, X-men vs Street Fighter, Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter  and the little matter of this in 1995.
Marvel vs Capcom was the crossover to end all crossovers, but I'm sure Street Fighter X Tekken and Namco X Capcom would disagree.
Another case of album duplication.

So with the formalities dispensed with, let's get rocking and a rolling.

I don't like the smell of Old Blood, it stinks.

This was a direct to video sequel of the 2011 reboot and therefore isn't a remake of the 1988 sequel to the original 1985 film, Fright Night: Part II.
Moonlight meets twilight?
I'm already out, without been bitten by the count.
You either know or you don't but whatever, this album is New Blood from Peter Gabriel.
Instead of shaking your booty, shake your remote.
To finish off, Kane Hodder made his debut as the invincible Jason.
I'm waiting for the sequel to the 2009 reimagining.  Will it happen?  Let's hope so.
Double tags (Penultimate)

The final three words form a film.

Anger is difficult to contain.

Terrible. Deplorable. Disgusting. Horrendous. Appalling. Horrific.
Yes, this sequel was magnificent.
A town is left devastated by an ancient evil in this forgettable 2008 horror.
When Resident Evil made the big screen transition, The Hive is a secret underground laboratory controlled by a bit short of a byte super computer Red Queen.

Here's subtitle and title associated with the same subject

Although spelt differently, using the former now makes sense.

A similar arrangement remains.

A big screen outing for Jean Luc Picard and co.
For some fucked up shit, a typical text adventure of the same name existed for PC in 1988.
Apart from scaled down versions of Neo Geo originals and several original jaunts including RPG, Card Fighters and Pac-Man, SNK's pocket dynamo also boasted one of Sonic's most celebrated adventure.
This sub literally belonged to Rainbird and their makeshift 1990 Amiga shmup.
The horror maestro attempted change in 1994 as the iconic claw enters our reality.
This wasn't quite a nightmare but if the less than well received 2008 reboot's title didn't confuse, the later released PS3 version added the sub of Inferno, but despite apparent 'enhancements', was principally the same game as the 360 effort.
To further annoy, the PS2 and/or Wii equivalent had different levels.
Ruin moves in a different direction.

A medley of identical subs.

Just like First Contact, this post-apocalyptic PC adventure owns the sub.

Now I'm just toying with you.

A less than impressive Robin Williams film was soon adapted into pixels.
This geezer was one of the grizzled soldiers up for action in Saurus's Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad on Neo Geo.
Aside from this eponymous effort, Join the Dots for their latest album.

If anybody owns a genuine copy of this very well known shmup on PC Engine, you are more hard core than porn.
The only thing more obscure than this 1995 arcade action platform shmup from Zeus is its story.
When Scrubby the criminal steals the Pendulum that gives all life to toys, Relik the Cuckoo Clock asks our hero Inguz to recover the Pendulum before the world disappears.
Yeah, nice one.
Wish You Were Here.

British drama (1987)
Pink Floyd (1975)
Film poster (2012)
James Franco ensured this druggy road trip wasn't too bad.
System 3's Last Ninja 2 on C64 kicked the broadest of asses.
We thunder on without the lightning.

It was okay, but was pretty disappointing compared to Damien: Omen II.
There was officially a fourth and a made for television 1991 nightmare...

Although unnecessary, remaking the 1976 original wasn't a complete disaster.
The makers of Blagger on C64 had played Manic Miner...
This rare and very decent 1994 SNES hack and slash hybrid stole from Contra, Strider, Shinobi, Ninja Gaiden and even Bionic Commando.
With a title like that, you'd assume that something went before but...
187 rumbles in a jungle.
Back in the day, Skate or Die and Ski or Die were a brief collection of sporting mini-games.
This had jack shit to do with either.
I don't remember much, but Russian Roulette was forced upon Samuel L. Jackson (openly referencing Michael Cimino's The Deer Hunter).
Originally released on PC in 1997, this alien related FPS spawned a sequel in 2000.
Most should agree that entertaining 1993 action hokum Demolition Man popularised the penal term.
Stallone and Snipes (
as respective cop and criminal) had a hoot when defrosted from cryostatis in 2032 in the fictional and politically correct San Angeles.
The title of this sci-fi RPG coincidentally forms...
...the first line of this cult sci-fi horror's tagline as Sam Neill's Dr. William Weir spaceship took us to hell and back.
There's a fine line between love and hate.

Dennis Hopper, Sicilians and Christopher Walken.
Say no more.
Another classic episode in the ITV drama series.
Although this was brought a few years after Tony Scott's film, what a coincidence.
Infected monkeys were responsible for a triple viral outbreak.

Did the 1988 horror Primal Rage inspire Danny Boyle's angry mob?

Scientists accidentally create a 'rage' virus while intending to restore dead brain matter to baboons.  A journalist is bitten by an infected ape and things escalate from there.

The gore effects still stand up well.

As a side order of fries, Mako sharks became smarter as a result of researching a cure for Alzheimer's in Deep Blue Sea.

Claims that the zombie outbreak was down to rage-infected monkeys was refuted and one of the many references used in superior zombie parody Shaun of the Dead.

This was in tribute to Danny Boyle's now cult film.  I fear 28 Months Later is a forlorn hope.

Monkey business ends here.

Ditching the item crate familiarity and introducing 'character zapping', Resident Evil 0 brought mixed joy for Gamecube owners.
Due to their speed and general viciousness, Eliminators are best evaded...
Double tags (Final)

This very similar title doesn't even make sense.

Clash of Heroes from Might & Magic.
Back in crossover territory and look at an extended subtitle.

Hello.  What's this?

Regardless of identical subject matter, Vampires vs Zombies as sub and title in different films is still pretty weird.

An episode called The Magnificent 5 in Capcom's masterful Viewtiful Joe required you to take down tougher versions of bosses you've already previously fought.
This kind of recycling is not environmentally friendly.
Years before Les Battersby, unemployed Bruce Jones gets desperate in Ken Loach's drama by going to a ruthless loan shark in order to pay for his daughter's communion dress.
It's a tale that's both uplifting and tragic.
Before Brian De Palma's 1976 adaptation, Stephen King's 1974 horror novel debut Carrie featured raining stones.
No inference intended...
The deranged in question is Dennis Rader
This tagline uses the same principle.
Sin. Suffer. Repeat.
It's hardly out of sync.
While the tagline is entirely relevant to the villain of the piece, it's also a clever variation to the computer term of performing a 'hard break'.
Panic Button was another thriller that attempted to highlight the dangers of social networking.

On paper, this horror anthology couldn't be more ambitious as each director is given complete artistic freedom.
Mixing live action and animation, the majority are over before they've even begun.
Anyway, look at the tagline.
From personal experience, David Fincher's crime classic can come all in black and doesn't display a tagline.
Therefore, it's extremely handy that my knowledge connects this perfectly with the above...
It also demonstrates that Blu-ray isn't the only animal to change artwork.
The Megadrive handled and converted the 1989 Toaplan arcade extremely well.
In 1997, Metroidvania was born on PS1 with Symphony of the Night and Castlevania never looked back.
Assuming that Limited Edition is your PAL and complete, its value remains consistently attractive.
Ey up mi duck, the Toaplan arcade appears in Symphony's Special Moves list.
Jeepers creepers.
'Something' or 'someone' lives.

The fourth part led us to believe it was the final chapter and apparently over...
The rest as they say is bullshit.
"The martians love Kuato, they think he's fucking George Washington."
When Turrican II on C64 switched to scrolling shmup in 1991, our jaws dropped.
During which, most players couldn't resist popping the question mark that reminded Denaris was once called Katakis...
Slapped on the subway wall connecting Game Central Station, Wreck-It Ralph references Final Fantasy VII with the graffiti of 'Aerith Lives'.

I'm fighting tooth without nail. 

Although Ultimate pioneered the perspective, Ocean's Head over Heels remains a 1987 isometric masterpiece.
At this point and unlike the Spectrum version, the C64 version plays a very respectable rendition of Mozart's Piano Sonata in C.

I'm choosing to reference three from five.
Instead of Blacktooth, Greek comedy Dogtooth touches on the surreal that features Jaws and Rocky IV.
'Blaxploitation' from 1979.
When surfing, some people may choose to be on Safari.
Taglines that couldn't be closer...

See what I mean?

I bring impending doom.

An inferior, but still fun sequel/prequel to Raiders.
Unsurprisingly, there were a bucket load of pixels based on the tabletop RPG but before coming to the Saturn, Capcom secured the scrolling arcade action licence in 1993 and was followed by Shadow over Mystara.
Eagle's setting is found in the camp and not too great world of SNK's Savage Reign.  Background interaction provided a limited novelty but wore off quicker than a weak headache. 
An area that Jonathan and Charlotte will traverse in the previously displayed and superior Castlevania adventure, Portrait of Ruin.
Before Ultima, there was Akalabeth: World of Doom for the Apple II.
At face value, films 9 Dead and ICU share nothing in common.

Cobra excepted , D-Tox was a 2002 serial killing atomic bomb let off in the Stallone bullshit factory.

Getting to the point...

More random than a fruit machine spin, right?

I know, that shit was good.

We end with something equally superb.

The 2002 remake of the 1975 original instructs consumers to 'get in the game'.
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers, demands we do otherwise.
Three down, ten to go.

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