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Annabelle - The scoop and digest

Miss me?

You did? Aw, that's sweet, but I haven't been away for that long...

Oh, you meant the creepy doll slapped with enough make-up to shame a discount hooker with a confidence problem.

In this prequel/spin-off to The Conjuring, John R. Leonetti is promoted from cinematographer to director, and along with James Wan; Peter Safran produces.

Plot details and/or spoilers are expected to take a supernatural turn.

Those with souls to protect include:

Annabelle Wallis - Mia
Alfre Woodard - Evelyn
Tony Amendola - Father Perez
Ward Horton - John

We begin as per The Conjuring, with young peeps telling who we know to be the Warrens about their experience with possessed porcelain.

1 year before.

Expectant mother Mia is delighted when husband John buys her a certain doll to complete a full set.

After murdering her parents with the help of male scroat, Annabelle Higgins commits suicide by slitting one's throat while clutching the doll

When found, the recently deceased leaves a curious looking symbol and before her blood is even cold, the doll's eye absorbs a drop of the red stuff.

Guy and gal are said to be part of satanic cult Disciples of the Ram.

Could they have been trying to conjure something?  An inhuman spirit, perhaps?

Remember, demons only claim people and use 'objects' as a conduit to manipulate.

John dumps doll in the old bin and when popcorn 'accidentally' heats the kitchen, Mia is rushed to hospital.

Baby Lea is born and relocating to Pasedena is done without hesitation.

They think it's over, but the games have just begun.

Like a bad penny, Annabelle follows and buying brown trousers seems like a shit hot idea as circumstances escalate.

Research leads her to bookstore owner Evelyn who informs that a supernatural presence isn't likely to shoo until it claims a soul.

One night in the basement, the lift refuses to budge and the horny demon leaves its mark on Mia's arm, which later vanishes.

Almost inevitably, help is sought from the church and Father Perez's offer of taking Annabelle away is snapped up without hesitation.

Father is given a lift and Annabelle's ghost reclaims the doll.

He survives the ordeal and tells John that Mia and her soul are in grave danger

Back at the apartment, the demon takes Lea and wax crayon eventually answers desperate pleas.

'Her soul' or 'your soul', it matters not.

Mia is ready to take the plunge from window with Annabelle but suicide is foiled by John.

Evelyn is more successful and consequently makes peace with daughter Ruby.

As Lea is found playing merrily in her cot, the doll disappears...

6 months later and ahead of opening scene, the mother naively buys Annabelle as a gift for one of her daughters.

For the benefit of the less eagle eyed, a reproduction of the real raggedy plaything is seen perched on shop shelf.

To shield the public from dormant evil, we're told Annabelle is blessed twice a month by a priest in the Warren's museum.

Even with James Wan's influence, this is pretty run of the mill.

Our demon charred in black is very Insidious and unlike Bathsheba, entity is a missed opportunity.

Actress sharing the same first name with Annabelle is a great coincidence and while others are decent, one must pour scorn over Ward Horton's lifeless performance.

Ignoring the unchanged depiction of Annabelle, to more pressing matters.

The stink of rotting flesh is clear evidence of demonic activity so with or without the Warrens, how come nobody complains?

I guess the overbearing aroma was masked by pretentious perfume.

Also, Ed tells us their room packed with cleansed trinkets is only blessed once a month in The Conjuring.

Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson will reprise their roles next year in The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergiest.

If that's not a hot date with floorboards creaking, doors slamming, catatonic behaviour and explosive reaction to deceitful innocence, what is?

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