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Street Fighter II - Gratuitous Gaffes

Capcom's ground-breaking franchise serves a feast of fabulous foul ups that cannot be fully appreciated - until now.

If you guys think I'm going through the banality of typing 'Street Fighter' x amount of times, you're having a shoryuken.

Instead - please observe definition.

TWW - The World Warrior
CE - Champion Edition
HF - Hyper Fighting
TNC - The New Challengers
SSF2TR - Super Street Fighter II: Turbo Revival
SSF2THDR - Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix

Mentioning normal Super Turbo and Hyper is pointless.

Although I'm picking on a select few, systems such as Mega Drive and PC Engine were all guilty of the same shit.

Unless stated in description, presume all visuals are from insert coin.

Video games without title screens is like Riggs without Murtaugh, salt missing pepper etc etc.

Er, when did Street Fighter II burst onto arcade CRT monitors again?

That's right, they 'forgot' and didn't remember until the SNES port.

Oh yeah, 1991

Street Fighter Collection 2 (PS1/Saturn)
Etc etc.

Capcom handled the notorious Amiga version in 1992.

No they didn't, as U.S. Gold spread copious amounts of muck.

Year would only be correct if talking about CE or HF, but as neither made it...

Wait a minute, what the @ is that?  I mean come on, it's definitely not ©.

If original developer had jack shit to do home version, don't make out they did.

It's not fucking rocket science.

Takara and Fatal Fury Special on SNES shows how it's supposed to be done.

Easy peasy mistake free squeezy.

Also, Ken got stoned one night, dumped Eliza and married some demented freak called er, Lisa.

Ha ha ha!

Getting back to my point, CE came good.

I'm ready man, ready to get it on.

Continuity errors are rife in films but in pixels?

Have a butchers at spinning bird chick in her original iteration.

Whoever would expect to fight her in orange but no...

Beat her and she's back to 'normal'.

They put things right on SNES.

This was also fixed in CE.

Up steps Zangief, aka the Red Cyclone.

Vest on.

Vest off.

Vest on.

What the fuck happened here?

When first introduced in Alpha 2, he lost the vest and pre-match animation involved wearing, then discarding a new fashion accessory.

Maybe some kind of cute reference or in-joke?

Or was he inspired by Bison?

Yeah, I do go deep.

In 2008, Backbone Entertainment gave SSF2T a HD Remix for PSN and Xbox Live.

His vest wasn't given chance to cause any problems.

Fair enough.

Mike Tyson had various nicknames such as self-proclaimed Baddest Man on the Planet, Iron Mike and Balrog (or M. Bison if you're Japanese).

Portrait bio.

Hair - Dark (starfish cut) with I suppose grey highlights.
Kit - Long sleeved white jumper.
Dislikes - Boxing gloves.

Sprite bio.

Hair - Brown (designer shy crew cut).
Kit - Tatty blue and white shirt.
Dislikes - Bare fists.

Can anybody explain the not so brutal boxer's now toothless grimace?

Didn't think so.

Taken from CE, but also appearing in TWW and HF, his winning quote made no bastard sense.

"My fists have your blood of them."

It took until TNC for portrait to be brought more consistent with sprite.

Giving credit where it's due, compare his victory poses to CE/HF for a marked improvement.


Sorry (laughs).

They also rectified their own mistake.

Even so, I have a question.

How can you get blood on your 'fists' when wearing gloves?


Same but extended principle found its way into Alpha 3.

Now for Shadaloo kingpin Bison.

Are those red eyes? Is he supposed to be the devil?

The colour of his cap bill and cape should be red but...

A quick paint job later on SNES and hey presto.

His cape is still grey rather than blue and star appears to have changed to crime organisation symbol.

Okay, whatever.

As per Chunners, it was corrected in CE.

Again, the same goof with cape.

Switching to first Turbo-charged update on SNES, they opted for consistency.

About his comfort blanket, it's still a grey day.

In TNC, his chin is basically a pair of shaved bollocks, right?

Not anymore...

Briefly travelling to Mexico.

Thunder Hawk seems to have poured a tin of black paint over bad barnet.

It would be more difficult not to notice.

Vega disgusts more than delights.

Here's either/or colour from CE.

Finishing with any boss char rewards with a screen goofier than Duane Dibbley.

During dialogue, he even boasts about stroking his long 'blond' hair and yeah, he's acquired a 'pinkish' drape.

Balrog 'melts' with excitement and Bison with those eyes (again), complete with clobber emitting a hue of orange and red just compounds the situation.

Accepting that removing mask is just for effect in TNC is fine but...

...that shining silver claw is causing a right tanning problem.

Anyway, he did take his mask off during his new winning stance.

The third update actually gave bosses their own endings and jumping to screen omitted from SNES port reveals a big boo boo.

Yep.  He's blond and green, then missing green glove, matador reverts back to brown.

What a shame The Man with the Golden Claw wasn't a famous James Bond adventure.

The fun continues in SSF2TR on GBA.

White on Blonde is an album from Texas but Beige on Blond Bio Organic Weapon doesn't have the same ring to it.

Back with SSF2THDR and hair we go again.

Godammit man.

Considering he's totally custard flavoured in Alpha 3, adding a touch of mud to sprite didn't help.

 That's all for now but sit tight for the grand finale.

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