Friday, 29 January 2016

Video games Lost in Translation - Reborn

After period of absence, freinds returns to display more from bowels of heated nonsence.

The severalverse is under threat and needs there input.  Accepting challenge lated Captain will mean diet of dust.

Its bound be beatiful.

Andro Dunos (Neo Geo)

The walls of reality came caven down.
Derector then director?
Spelling something wrong, then right - and not notice?

That's pretty fucking awesome.
Kingdom Grand Prix (Arcade)

Go, on 'tells' us what's on your mind?
This shit ain't fair.
Even if a 'seize' fire was called, I'd continue disputes out of spite.
Thank you very much it is had to play at this time.
It is wonderful!
Your fight was splendid!
Ha ha ha!
I'm weeping a hundred waterfalls.
BlaZeon (Arcade)

Never mind about change main reactor to hyper-drive, confirm the high energy core immeditely to install spellcheck. 
Spcial thanks for a special mistake.
Rage of the Dragons (Neo Geo)

I'll offer this life If necessary to satisfied him...
Hmmm, what about '
to satisfy him...'
I've just made bullshit sound even weirder.
Sorry, but I was just wondering why we are here.
I was wandering the same thing myself.
Art of Fighting 3 (Neo Geo)

Enenmy has become my new sworn Eiji.
Hey Robert, give pops my best - no matter wherer in Italy he may be.
Earlier we had derector, now directer.
Final Star Force (Arcade)

Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo wasn't down to arrogance and complacency, but for ordering his army to launch a countrattack.
Stupid bastard.
Transpose 'borign' and you get...
Your service might be told hand down.
What the FUCK?
So long!
Alpha Mission (Arcade)
Congraturation !!

It's perfect play and game is over.
Thank You !!
Err, my pleasure, I think?
Bubble Bobble (Arcade)
Everybody go 'aaahhhhh', as it's happy end for Mam and Papa.

Also, which lunatic chose YELLOW love hearts?
Burning Rival (Arcade)
Some guy took the piss out of my traning session so I laid the bastard out.
To this day, I have no regrets.
Whether film, television show or video game, I demand all should exextive produce.
Fatal Fury 2 (Neo Geo)
The world's dest ran a school popolar with emotional fuck ups and unstable degenerates.
Parents - you have been warned.
Full Throttle (Arcade)
When in California, don't ask for directions to Los Angels.

They'll cart you off to funny farm before tootsies can touch the ground.
Masters of Combat (Master System)
Go ahead, reseach the area where the ship supposedly landed.
I'll just sit on my ass and laugh.
Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen (SNES)
I wouldn't trust the power of Tarot to organise a lap dance in a strip joint, let alone dicide the fitness of our leader. 
Black Tiger (Arcade)
Without sounding aggressive, I'd like to scull punch the assholes responsible.
Like Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Taito's 1989 arcade Cadash was another early example of the 'platform-RPG'.

These are just...

50 golds per night? Normally I wouldn't, but needs must.
A good day's rest?
(Snigger, snigger)

I've just paid for a 'night's' rest.
The... there is an aweful monster up ahead.
Put it this way, my exclamation would be rather more fucking dramatic than 'ouh'!
So a crazy old cow took in a lying bitch mermaid and poured her with love.
Surely this constitutes as grooming?
A spring of wonders awaits in flont.
Pardon me if I don't jump up and down in excitement.
Silver tialas can be carried only by the priest.
What about the others? That's discrimination.
Apparently, women wear tiaras. What crazy bitches.
I remarked some fit bird looked pshaw in her dress.
The only thing blown that night was my chances.
Oh yes he is.
Oh no he isn't.
Oh no he...
Hey enough already, this ain't fucking panto yer' know.
Massive gratitudes:

Assigment complete and war is win.

Front end well exist in less years of future generation.

Legacy reaches interlube but beginning proceeds less today.

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