Friday, 15 April 2016

Hardcore Henry - The scoop and digest

Written and directed by Biting Elbows frontman Ilya Naishuller, action is seen from a different angle.

Sharlto Copley - Jimmy
Danila Kozlovsky - Akan
Haley Bennett - Estelle
Tim Roth - Henry's Father

Henry wakes in a laboratory high in the sky and missing limbs are replaced with cybernetic parts by hot scientist Estelle.

She informs following an accident, amnesia caused him to forget about trouble and strife.

Telekinetic Akan and loyal mercenaries interrupt and escape pod is used to get the fuck out of dodge.

Estelle is kidnapped by henchmen and a guy called Jimmy helps out.

Like your average smart phone, Henry needs re-charging and 'another' Jimmy tells him to locate Akan's right-hand bitch Slick Dimitry, whose chest hides booster pump necessary for killing machine to keep on going.

A chase across town ends in success and after plowing through more henchmen at local brothel, Akan flings Henry like rag doll.

Now pot-smoking hippy, Jimmy gets Henry closer to fleeing convoy, but guess who knocks him sparko?


Regaining consciousness, the real Jimmy residing at abandoned hotel spills what we've already twigged.

Henry was part of Akan's super cyborg project, which Jimmy helped co-create.

With first batch nothing more than a bunch of lobotomized vegetables, Akan threw temper tantrum and broke his spine.

Quadriplegic uses various clones so mind can indulge in otherwise impossible mobile fantasies.

Henry and WWII Jimmy infiltrate Akan's headquarters where friend is killed.

Manipulated and drip-fed Henry's memories, army is awoken to unleash murderous rage.

Enemy threat is eliminated on rooftop, but Akan remains untouchable.

Baddie reveals Estelle is actually his wife and she was taking Henry for a mug all along.

During a blackout, father's rousing speech to fight back against childhood bullies motivates Henry to surprise and decapitate Akan using cybernetic eye stalk.

He confronts Estelle inside helicopter who opens fire.

Bad luck bitch, as hand deflects bullet and life is left hanging by fingertips.

Ignoring transparent pleas, she falls to her death when door is slammed shut.

Okay, is perspective original?

Colin would vehemently disagree.

If Marc Price had known about Fangoria flick I, Zombie, so called £45 undead movie wouldn't have been made.

Wasting Away is told from both the infected and human's viewpoint.

Mixing found footage with first person, I don't even wanna know how terrible straight to DVD zombie shit stain Hard Line really is.

While not entirely relevant, Ghostface in Scream 4 references Peeping Tom as being the first to place audience in the killer's POV.

Getting back to what I enjoyed.

Accompanied by kick-ass beat, gory violence justifies 18 cert.

GoPro Hero3 cameras housed on specially designed rig ensures wafer thin plot runs at a cracking pace.

Whether lothario, mohawk or street drinker, Copley is great fun and 10 different stuntmen and cameramen played Henry.

Although powers are never explained, official comic prequel Akan Origins #1 reveals he was exposed to radiation.

Despite all the video game nods, I don't think wearing the guise of FPS was intentional.

If anything, concept was born from music videos Motherfucker and Stampede.

Now for some amusing shit.

Towards the end whilst Henry revels in killing time, Queen's Don't Stop Me Now 'randomly' plays.

Is there really any fucking need to rip off Shaun of the Dead?

This observation is beyond remarkable coincidence.

Akan's hideout is a huge skyscraper - scarily reminiscent of Goldman's hideout in Sega's The House of the Dead 2.

Ha ha ha!

I'm disgusted Magician didn't become boss fight and disappointed Akan (the Emperor), isn't waiting on the roof.

Mr. Naishuller deserves the benefit of the doubt, but principle heavily lingers.

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