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Evil Wears a Mask

Over the years, disguise has become an integral part of horror folklore.

Just in time for Halloween, buckle up and ride with a dedicated follower of fear.

Warning: Contains imagery some viewers may find disturbing.


You're Next and The Purge

The Sleeping Room and The Redwood Massacre

Easily confused I know.

Mr. Slausen (Tourist Trap) and Richard Sullivan (New Year's Evil)

Hey Freddy, how about showing us some disfigured hotties?

Go on pal, do us a Krueger?

It'll be my pleasure bitches.
Matilda Dixon (Darkness Falls) and Victor Crowley (Hatchet series)

Gunther (The Funhouse) and Pluto (The Hills Have Eyes 2006 remake)

Now for my top fifteen.

Expect thrills, spills and multiple chills.

Released just a few months back on Netflix, Mike Flanagan's Hush (2016) is another hit for Blumhouse Productions.
Romano Scavolini's notorious 1981 video nasty Nightmare is probably more famous for press material stating Tom Savini provided the special effects.
He didn't, and acted only as a consultant.
Ted Rashford
Villain of fictional film The Dark Beneath becoming reality forms the basis of Jack Messitt's impressive slasher Midnight Movie.
The Strangers is one most would associate with the home invasion thriller.

Sheriff Sanders
In stark comparison, Home Sweet Home (2013) couldn't be any more obscure.
Mrs Tredoni
Delayed and ill-advised remake of Alice, Sweet Alice will undoubtedly ruin warped original, so why are they bothering?
Oh I forgot - that's what Hollywood does best.
Farmer Vincent
Chainsaw duel from 1980 comedy classic Motel Hell is a sight to behold.
This is probably coincidence, but...

Micro-budget 80s throwback 2010 slasher Porkchop had deranged killer wearing same get up and wielding identical weapon.
It was followed by even cheaper sequel Porkchop II: Rise of the Rind.

We never Saw this costume coming.

Billy Murphy
It appears brilliant modern day slasher The Final Girls ripped Midnight Movie off, as baddie is also from a made up horror film, the aptly titled Camp Bloodbath*.

I don't want to jump on the bandwagon too much though as that's where similarities end.
*Camp Blood is a straight-to-video slasher franchise and title probably refs Friday the 13th.

Night Owl/Irving Wallace
Killer in Michael Soavi's 1987 Giallo slasher StageFright wears a very memorable mask.
Despite same setting and a greater emphasis on music, there is no clear cut evidence that Jerome Sable's 2014 film Stage Fright (not to be confused with Alfred Hitchcock's 1950 film of same name), is a remake, reimagining or even bare-faced knock off.

Case is strengthened further with completely different murderer Buddy Swanson.
Anyway, countdown continues.

2009 hit Laid to Rest
 certainly delivered the bloodthirsty goods and impressive sequel upped the gory ante in 2011.
Edvard Munch inspired mask is instantly recognisable, but doesn't Scream loud enough to make the top five. 
When The Hills Run Red (2009) isn't confused with a 1966 Western, you'll struggle to find a better horror from the noughties.
Dr. Philip Decker
Adpated from his novella Cabal, Clive Barker's Nightbreed was very messy, but buttons up for David Cronenberg's blade obsessed killer.
Is Sam from Trick 'r Treat a distant relative?

Ha ha ha!

Michael Myers
Nobody could predict how modifying a William Shatner Star Trek mask would make Halloween one of the most iconic horror franchises in history.

John Carpenter wrote and performed 'that' theme tune, but is credited to The Bowling Green Philharmonic Orchestra.  Legendary director grew up in Bowling Green, Kentucky.
2009 sequel went through the bloody motions, but I found Rob Zombie's 2007 remake/reimagining rather decent.

Under the care of Dr. Loomis (Malcom McDowell) at Smith's Grove Sanitarium, Michael created a variety of primitive masks which 'helped hide his ugliness'.

Fifteen years later, Tyler Mane assumed murderous control.

Taking a peek inside room, we get a nice shot showing 'several' papier-mâché masks.
Before resuming Haddonfield killing spree, he returns to now derelict childhood home to retrieve kitchen knife and mask concealed underneath floorboards.
Disguise of unstable 10 year old (Daeg Faerch) had a strange knock-on effect.

Loon's killer Charlie Graves (himself).

But wait an incredible minute.

Same mask appeared in 1978 horror anthology Alien Zone, aka House of the Dead.


The late Gunnar Hansen will always be remembered for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
Upcoming film Leatherface will prequel Tobe Hooper's 1974 original.
Beating off all competition is Camp Crystal Lake's killer attraction.

Jason Vorhees
Moulded from a Detroit Red Wings goalie mask, stuntman Richard Brooker was the first to don signature disguise in Friday the 13th: Part III.
Marcus Nispel's 2009 reboot reimagined the first four blood-soaked originals.

Mask is found after searching through murdered redneck's junk.
Was important piece of pop culture lifted from a non-horror franchise?

Part III Jason (front and back).

Lord Humungus (front and back).

Primary antagonist from Mad Max 2 wore a modified Cooper HM6 hockey mask.


Finally, burlap sack of Part II fame could well have been inspired by the Phantom Killer in 1976 original The Town That Dreaded Sundown, which also got meta-sequel in 2014.

Sleep well, and don't have nightmares.

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