Sunday, 11 December 2016

DVD Déjà vu - Festive Edition

I'm destined to do this until package design ceases to be.

Fire City: End of Days vs Hellboy

Zoombies vs Attack of the Sabretooth

Paranormal Island vs Welcome to the Jungle

Jacob vs See No Evil 2

The Dark Forest vs The Witch

The Secret Life of Pets vs The Box Trolls

Cosmos vs Bound

Also, what's Love got to do with it?

Well, quite a lot.

Burnt vs The Other Woman

The Good Neighbour vs Disturbia

The Ninth Configuration vs A Clockwork Orange

Man Up vs American Pie: Reunion

And finally, my personal favourite.

Haunting in Hollow Creek vs The Unborn

Unless something fairly dramatic happens, see you guys around the same time 'ish' next year.

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