Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Baby Driver - The scoop and digest

Writer/director Edgar 'Cornetto trilogy' Wright demands we buckle up and burn rubber.

Ansel Elgort - Baby
Jon Hamm - Buddy
Kevin Spacey - Doc
Jon Bernthal - Griff
Eiza González - Darling
Lily James - Debora

A car accident which killed his mother and stepfather left gifted wheelman Baby with severe tinnitus.

He still gets hum in the drum, so uses music to drown shit out.

For stealing Mercedes and hidden loot when he was knee-high to a grasshopper, Baby works for crime boss Doc to pay back debt.

After latest job is successful, he and Doc are apparently straight, but while wining and dining love interest Debora, he's forced into one final job.

By now, we've met Doc's rotated crew Bats, Buddy and Darling.

Third assignment involves knocking off a Post Office as Doc knows peeps who can turn blank advice slips into green.

Before the big day, the gang visit the Butcher for some new merch.

During arms deal, Bats recognises head honcho as a police officer who once arrested him and a bloodbath ensues.

Free Fire?

Doc reveals that gang of now dead police were paid off to fence advice slips.

In light of Bats's itchy trigger finger, heist is called off, until Buddy states he also has a fence.

Bats and Buddy put the brakes on Baby's escape plan and mixing tape labelled Debora arouses suspicion.

He admits telling porky pies about knowing Debora from earlier, but they don't think he's ratting them out.

The big day gets off to an unpleasant start as Bats needlessly murders a guard.  Baby then floors it towards a truck and Bats is killed when rebar smashes through windscreen and impales psychopath.

The fuzz give chase and shootout results in Darling departing company.

I can almost feel the Heat of situation.

Anyway, Buddy is a wee bit pissed at Baby cakes.

At the diner, they escape Buddy's vengeful intent and visit Doc, who agrees to help.

Former employer goes out with a bang, as he protects love birds from Butcher's men, but is ultimately mowed down by Buddy in a police car.

Buddy is shot in the leg, causing him to fall over ledge of multi-storey to his death.

Baby runs into police blockade and gives himself up.  He's sentenced to 25 years, not eligible for parole until after serving five.

We learn his real name is Miles and Debora is waiting with open arms after release.

And yeah, Simon & Garfunkel's 'title' song plays for end credits.

Pure entertainment

Exuberant, funny and exciting, this is for now at least - film of the year.

Amazing chase sequences are practically done and CG free.

Love it.

Wright admits premise is essentially a souped-up version of Walter Hill's The Driver (which was heavily influenced by Le Samouraï).

1978 cult classic also inspired video game series Driver and Ryan Gosling neo-noir crime caper Drive.

Aural satisfaction includes the likes of Golden Earring and The Commodores, but The Damned makes soundtrack Neat Neat Neat.

Oh, Baby's 'killer track' is Queen's Brighton Rock.

Not a bad choice.

Elgort manages to balance danger with innocence, but Foxx was a bit OTT.

However, Spacey and Hamm excel.

Here's an interesting 'coincidence'.

Just before dying, Buddy purposely fires a gun near Baby's ears, temporarily deafening him.

Same principle occurs in Cop Land, as Robert Patrick's corrupt cop does the same to good ear of Stallone's Freddy Heflin, making him practically deaf.


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