Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Video games stealing film and famous faces - Final Reel

Speedball vs Rollerball

John McTiernan's 2002 remake was fucking awful.

Operation Wolf, NES (North America) vs The Delta Force

Guy on left smells very much of living legend Chuck Norris.

The Colonel's Bequest vs The Color Purple

Wheelchair instead of rocking chair?

Principle remains.

Gloom 3 (aka Ultimate Gloom), recycled Director's Cut VHS cover of Dawn of the Dead.

John Paul portrayed Plaid Shirt Zombie or Bald Zombie.
Sherman Howard's Bub was domesticated by Dr. Logan in Day of the Dead.

Illegal hack?

Perversely no.  This was a real fucking game.

Ubi Soft's first game Zombi is basically an unauthorised adaptation of Dawn of the Dead.

Ending screen (original Amstrad CPC version shown), was 'altered'.

In regards to Halo making countless references to Aliens, I think Bungie took the piss.

For example:

Sgt Johnson vs Apone

Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy in North America), may not be everybody's favourite cup of tea, but you cannot help but admire Quantic Dream's absorbing interactive mystery adventure.

While visiting Bellevue Asylum to investigate murders connected to the Kirsten case, Detective Carla Valenti meets Barney.

Despite the obvious nod to The Silence of the Lambs, that's where similarities end, as unlike medical orderly, Carla and Janos bear no resemblance to Jodie Foster or Anthony Hopkins.


Why not go the whole bastard hog?

Released for Amiga and Atari ST, Nitro shamelessly ripped off 1988 Sega arcade Hot Rod.

Check out how Roger Moore, Clint Eastwood and Sylvester Stallone were turned into cyborgs.

Tekken character Raven is a combination of two iconic characters played by Wesley Snipes, specifically Blade (shades) and Simon Phoenix (blonde hair).

Namco can deny it all they want.

Vicente de Santa (Red Dead Redemption) vs Tony Montana (Al Pacino)

Sanchez (Hitman: Absolution) vs Danny Trejo

Samchay (Fighter's History) vs Wes Studi

Hiroshi Ikeda (Budokan: The Martial Spirit) vs Mr. Miyagi (Pat Mortia)

Now for the wacky and wonderful.

Random boss (D.D. Crew) vs Richard Kiel

Dalas (Nostradamus) vs Michael Biehn

T-103 (Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City) vs Mr. Freeze (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Clive R. O'Brian (Resident Evil: Revelations) vs Bill Murray


Yep, civvies scream that a lot in Taito's Operation Wolf 3.

Remember how Golden Axe lifted samples from First Blood and Conan the Barbarian?

Nice one.

Less famously...

'A few years after huge of force of terrorists "Skull" occupied some island', shitty Lethal Enforcers wannabe screwed over yelps from Lethal Weapon 3 (the result of Lorna's garage fight with Travis's thugs) and Sully's scream in Commando, after Matrix 'lets him go'.

Getting back to business.

Code Name "Hornet" vs The Terminator (T2)

Code Name "Queen Bee" vs Pris (Daryl Hannah)

Before wrapping up.

For scrolling hack-and-slash Knights of the Round, Capcom hijacked John Boorman's seminal 1981 classic Excalibur.

Arthur vs Nigel Terry

Lancelot vs Nicholas Clay

Merlin vs Nicol Williamson

For some reason, the po-faced Perceval looks fuck all like Paul Geoffrey.

Spin-off series will focus on action, drama, horror, war, sci-fi and fantasy.

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