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If this isn't variety - you're spontaneously the greatest denier! Ud 03/11/13

Violence makes the sober stagger and sway, consumed by decay.

The despondent sunlight painted clumsily in the sky swiftly disappears.

Inconsequential happiness emerges with renewed hatred while basking in advanced delirium.

Despair is choked with ornate opulence and the atmosphere refuses to fluctuate.

Resplendent and receptive, a new eclipse envelops stagnant repugnance.

A deathly wind haunts toxicity and invigorates squalor.

Basic eccentricity must overcome the embodiment of abject sorrow.

Serene giddiness burns more intensely than idyllic poetry. 

Just when negativity couldn't be curtailed, a monstrosity inspires enlightenment with uproarious splendour.

As the earth hopes to be cleansed of all its impure evils, a sudden symphony ensues.

Be Honest with yourself, is it for your glory or for The Wedding Present?

I’m tired of playing these Sick Little Games with All Time Low.

“Yeah hi, how are you?”
“Good thanks, I’m just Leaving the Heartbreak Hotel so can you pick me up?”
“I thought you weren't seeing The Temper Trap until next week?”
“Ha ha, bless your memory socks...”

Rhinosaur and Rhinoceros are tracks by Soundgarden and The Smashing Pumpkins respectively.

I’m really Scared because Chapel Club has a nasty temper.

There have been interesting Developments in the world of Hands Like Houses.

You will love this combination.

Ashes to Ashes is a famous song by David Bowie and Dust to Dust is made possible by The Civil Wars.

As I heard fans bitch about the prolonged delay of The Hives appearing on stage, I had a word in their frustrated ear by assuring them they Won’t Be Long now.  During the aftermath, they bought me a pint, merchandise and publicly apologised to the band.

My Enemies are breathing down my neck because of Crash Test Dummies.

The Weight of Love is a Snow Patrol track and The Weight of Your Love is an album by Editors.

Breathing the same air as MGMT risks a Mystery Disease and it remains a Mystery of what happened to Inspiral Carpets.

Tribes went Nightdriving, Status Quo were seen enjoying a Nightride and Chromatics cruised during a Night Drive.  Nightcall is a track by Kavinsky and Nighthawks is one of Stallone’s best films with Rutger Hauer on great form as terrorist Wulfgar.

Flick of the Wrist are tracks by Queen and Cashier No.9.  Flick of the Finger is made possible by Beady Eye.

Guilty Gear, Castlevania and Gears of War are all video game franchises that faced Judgment. The first boss in The House of the Dead 2 and character from the Guilty Gear series is also named so.

Jimmy Eat World, You Were Good but are you better than me?  I don’t think so.

Danny Boyle retold the 127 Hours that rock climber Aron Ralston (James Franco) endured when having a nasty argument with a boulder.  Four Tet strummed 128 Harps.

Vantage Point is a film not worth caring about and Vanishing Point is an album from Primal Scream.

Although We All Are Lost, we should never give up searching for The Leisure Society.

El Camaleon is an assassin with a multiple persona in Robert Rodriguez's enjoyable trash Machete Kills and El Camino is an album from The Black Keys.

Dear Friends and Dear Father are songs by Queen and Black Sabbath respectively.

I Will Be Your Girl and Are You Gonna Be My Girl? are numbers by Dum Dum Girls and Jet respectively.

To Carry the Flame is like carrying a certain torch, an absolute privilege for Old Man Groom.

I hope for their sake that Walking Papers don't do anything embarrassing or stupid because The Whole World’s Watching.

Chairlift found a saucy summer, met the angelic autumn, enjoyed a wonderful winter but stumbling across a Frigid Spring ruined matters somewhat.

Broken Social Scene will take whatever Romance to the Grave and Cradle 2 The Grave is a film that Jet Li should forget about.

The world is a Cancer and My Chemical Romance are doing their damndest to cure it.

Times of Trouble is a tune by Temple of the Dog and Troubled Times is an album from Cast.

Paradise Lost refused to give the truth in life but gave Honesty in Death.

With nobody to hang with, Green Day is Stuck With Me.

Shoot the Runner and Shoot the Water are tunes by Kasabian and Austra respectively.

Cold Specks struggled with Blank Maps and Bosnian Rainbows pieced together Torn Maps.  Yeah Yeah Yeahs find Maps fascinating to study.

Trying to Find a Home can be a nightmare.  Tindersticks, I share your pain.

There is a scene in The Naked Gun when the lovable Lieutenant Drebin takes an extended toilet break.  I'm happy to say that Austin Powers rips this gag off with a more prolonged take...

Beneath and Below aren't film sequels.

Wide Awake now and I couldn't believe my ears, somebody cried Man Overboard and Audioslave.

Neon Trees battled through Our War and Black Flag helped win My War.

Dark Clouds and Black Clouds are tracks by Space and Papa Roach respectively.

Wild Beasts organised The Fun Powder Plot  and was surprised to find Guy Fawkes in such close attendance.

If you want, why not dive into the Origins of Final Fantasy, Rayman, Spectrobes, Dragon Age and Silent Hill?

X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Batman: Arkham Origins are also relevant, Red Faction Origins is a feature film based on the video game franchise and Origins is an album from God is an Astronaut.

I have never forgiven Paper Aeroplanes for leaving me hanging At the Altar

Personally, I am Counting Down the Days until the next album from Miles Kane.

To compete with the imminent arrival of PS4 and Xbox One, Gotye are building a new Start of the Art games console.  Its release date remains unconfirmed.

This One’s For You is a tune by Of Mice & Men and This Note's For You is an album from Neil Young. 

Russian Roulette makes for uncomfortable but compulsive viewing in Michael Cimino’s 1978 epic, The Deer Hunter.  During the death of Bowman in Call of Duty: Black Ops, at least this shameless rip off had taste…

The Great Mistake is a track by Dark Dark Dark and The Great Escape can be a classic Steve McQueen movie or songs by I am Kloot, We Are Scientists, Boys Likes Girls, Arena and The Rifles.

Madrigal is a track by Yes and Madeline ‘Ma-Ma’ Madrigal is the main antagonist in Pete Travis’s Dredd.

Dreaming Out Loud and Thinking Out Loud are tracks by One Republic and Emiliana Torrini respectively.

Instead of more, I give you ‘less’…

Beck – Youthless
Tindersticks – Fruitless
Lemonheads - Rudderless
Switchfoot – Restless
I am Kloot - Shoeless
Neon Trees – Helpless
Taylor Swift - Fearless
Theory of a Deadman - Careless
Knight Area – Clueless
Red - Faceless
The National – Graceless
System of a Down - Needless
Bosnian Rainbows – Worthless
Morning Parade – Speechless
Mystery Jets – Ageless
Good Charlotte - Emotionless
The Ones – Flawless
All Time Low, Kids in Glass Houses and The Fratellis – Shameless
Hole – Gutless
The Fray – Heartless
Depeche Mode – Useless
The Airborne Toxic Event – Timeless
Kavinsky - Endless

That list tastes good and is more refreshing than a pint of Strongbow.

Monday’s child is fair of face, Tuesday’s child is full of grace and Wednesday’s Child is full of Emiliana Torrini, Thursday's child is, oh whatever...

Capcom introduced Hakan and the need for frequent lubrication in Street Fighter IV and Haken is a band.

When travelling abroad, Owl City paid a vast amount of money to dangerously travel On the Wing.  On the Ball is a 1992 Taito SNES puzzle game where you have to guide a ball to the exit by rotating a Mode 7 maze.

Don’t bother contacting Cast because they’re permanently Engaged, The Twang always Answer My Call and We Are Scientists don't do Callbacks.

Cmnd/Ctrl and Ctrl Alt Del are tracks by Deftones and Ash respectively.

Whatever life throws at them, Placebo will fight until The Bitter End.

Great Lake Swimmers enjoy tooting on a cigarette and then appreciate The Great Exhale.  Wire find it particularly soothing to Keep Exhaling.

When talking video game spin-offs, you wouldn't be blamed for identifying the likes of Resident Evil, Street Fighter and Metroid.  The more obscure include Gargoyle's Quest and Kid Dracula.

Well spice up my curry, I wonder what's coming next...

Apart from starring in no less than seven arcade adventures, which began in 1987 and bowed out with Crystal Kingdom in 1992, Dizzy also enjoyed spin-offs such as Kwik Snax, Down the Rapids and Fast Food.


It took me Hours to find TV on the Radio but it was worth it.

I had High Hopes for Paolo Nutini and Pink Floyd but the result was flatter than a puncture.

Enema of the State is an album by Blink 142 and Enemy of the State is a 1998 spy thriller.

Switch, Snitch and Snatch are films that I suppose could be confused with each other.

All we have to do is rewire the Circuitry and 2:54 will be up and running again.

The Wrath of Khan remains the best Star Trek film and The Wrath of Cortex is associated with the Crash Bandicoot franchise.

Film Noir and Nature Noir are tunes by The Gaslight Anthem and Crystal Stilts respectively.

When skipping to Track 8 on any album, it's confusing when the sound of Public Image Ltd isn't heard.

Madness are a band that makes you feel So Alive.

Passion Pit will make everything alright, so please baby, Take a Walk.

I don’t why Lemonheads have started listening to me because Half the Time, they can’t be bothered.

For no apparent reason, The Gaslight Anthem made me Howl with laughter.

Frankenhooker and Frankenfish are both unrelated films that may feature nuts and bolts.  Frankenweenie went full length in 2012 and serves as a remake of Tim Burton’s original 1984 short film.

If Love Was a Gun then the Divinyls would be the ones to pull the trigger.

As this is hell, Field are more than willing to give you A Guided Tour.

Babel is a 2006 film and the smash hit second album from Mumford & Sons.  When Flying Lotus begins to Babble, I just ignore them.

Switch the station over to Channel 42 as Deadmau5 should be on at any moment.

No Need to Cry is a track by British Sea Power and No Need to Argue is an album from The Cranberries.

Although their time is up, The Divine Comedy are Too Young to Die.

Radiant Historia and Radiant Silvergun are both contrasting types of video game.  Radiant Dawn is the sub to a Fire Emblem entry on the Wii.

Radiant Door is an album by Crystal Stilts and Radiant Hearts is a track by Black Mountain.

Same Jeans and Same Shoes are tunes by The View and I am Kloot respectively.

When reading any literary piece, I expect a reference to The Tallest Man on Earth can be found On Every Page.

Do You Want It All?  Well yes I do as a matter of fact.  Tell me, who apart from Two Door Cinema Club can overwhelm with such a fantastic guarantee?  Yeah, keep thinking…

A Place to Bury Strangers are here today, Leaving Tomorrow.

The Smashing Pumpkins bought Cheap Rock and The Ataris became Angry Nerd Rock.  Celebration Rock and Mirage Rock are albums brought to you by Japandroids and Band of Horses respectively.

I am Going Through Hell at the moment and the last thing I need is to hear the sound of The Streets.

Raging Bull is a 1980 Scorsese classic, Raging Beast is a 1985 video game and Raging Lung is a track by The Knife.

The Breeders are really upsetting me as I Just Wanna Get Along.

Stupid Stupid Stupid and Lust Lust Lust are albums by Black Grape and The Raveonettes respectively.  Changing it slightly, Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me is an album by The Cure.

Bullet for my Valentine collapsed and Hit the Floor like a sack of potatoes.

Most have got bigger fish to fry but The Hives have a Bigger Hole to Fill.

Get Born and Get Free is an album by Jet and track from The Vines respectively.  Get Born Again is a track by Alice in Chains and Daft Punk hope you Get Lucky.

Honesty is the best policy and Editors will bounce this around the amphitheatre.

I can see the Future; it’s bright, breezy and Paramore squeezy.

A Sky Darkly and A Scanner Darkly is a track by The Solar Bears and a 2006 animated sci-fi respectively.

Liquid Lips is a song by The Bluetones and Liquid Skin is the second album by Gomez

Call it male Intuition but I reckon you like Feist.

Title Fight is a 1991 Sega arcade and also a band.

The Conversation is the latest album from Texas and also a 1974 Francis Ford Coppola film starring Gene Hackman.

Sticks and Stones may break Crystal Stilts bones but words will never hurt them.

I really do wish that Passenger would just Let Her Go as whatever the crime; it's mild in comparison to most.

Stranger Things have happened in the world, take Local Natives for instance.

Meltdown is the final episode from Red Dwarf IV and also a Jet Li film.

Graveyard leaves you Longing for more.

Cashier No.9 scored 6% in an exam, Grandaddy are operating at 50% and Sonic Youth refuse to take a breather until 100%.

Best Coast says Goodbye and The Beatles wish you Goodnight.

It took me Decades to discover Joy Division and Centuries later, I finally found The Orb.

‘Look at me, Damien! It’s All for You.’  If you listen carefully during the hanging scene in Richard Donner’s 1976 classic The Omen, Little Boots can be heard playing in the background.  For You is a song by Passenger.

One day, I will gain Revenge on A Place to Bury Strangers.

Carnage and Carmageddon are both racing games of sorts but the former never had to worry about BBFC issues…

CarnEvil is a nasty 1998 horror arcade only lightgun shmup by Midway.  I can just hear the advert introduction if released today - ‘PEGI 18’…

Ignoring the episode shorts of Blood Trails, Dark Days is the subtitle to the sequel of 30 Days of Night and Screaming Trees had to live through Dying Days.

Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve are all events that Dido, The Pineapple Thief and First Aid Kit relish.  Camera Obscura look forward to making a New Year’s Resolution and New Year’s Day is best enjoyed with The Ataris and U2.

If Zebrahead make another Crank Call, I'll go insane.

Blackout is a Christopher Eccleston television drama and The Blackout is horror bilge.

You Clock In, you clock out, in out, in out you shake it all about, you wave the Black Flag and you burn the place down, that’s what it’s all about.

My parents never told me about The Birds & the Bees and it came as quite a surprise that research led to The 2 Bears.  The Birds and the Bees is a 1983 Bug-Byte Spectrum adventure and its sequel; more affectionately known as Antics, is an album from Interpol.

I asked the missus to consummate our relationship but she kindly shook her head and replied “It’s too early and A Cigarette Is All You Get.”  With that, every memory of the Crash Test Dummies was promptly destroyed.

Marillion are a famous British rock band and Vermillion is a song by Mercury Rev.

Shrek the Third and Saints Row the Third are similar for whatever reason.

Right at Your Door is a 2006 film thriller and At Your Door is a track by Chromatics.

Bye Bye Badman and Bye Bye Baby are songs by The Stone Roses and OK Go respectively.

I heard the sound from School of Language and I thought, ‘Oh, you Poor Boy’.

Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?  That’s a question that my ex-girlfriend posed during one regrettable call and I point the finger of blame at Arctic Monkeys.

A little bit of Late Night Radio means a large nibble of David Gray.

Vermillion Plaza is a tune by Deastro and Pioneer Plaza is Blue Mary’s haunt in SNK’s Fatal Fury 3.

Maybe wearing My Morning Jacket will inspire to get them Outta My System.

Rage Against the Machine removed a Bullet in the Head while Bullet to the Head is a 2012 Stallone action effort.

I'm nervous for The Boo Radleys as they attempt One Last Hurrah.

Wizball is a 1987 video game classic and Wizbot is a Sea of Bees track.

Don’t worry Fossil Collective; everything’s going to be alright because you’re Under My Arrest.

A Cross the Universe is a live tour culmination by Justice and The Beatles travelled Across the Universe.

There Will Come a Time when Noah and the Whale will gradually melt away, like snow on a moderately hot day.

Sleeper Hold and Sleeper Train are tracks by No Age and Paper Aeroplanes respectively.

The stain that Calexico created is beginning to Fade and Oasis will Fade In-Out of focus.

Things are going downhill for Stornoway as they’re off Zorbing.

Let It Be and Let It Bleed are famous albums by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones respectively.  Let It Die is an album by Feist that isn't so well known.

Even though I've got A Million Things to do today, time will be put aside for I am Kloot.

I bought some general items which came to £5.58.  I gave the shopkeeper £5.60 and on this occasion, there was no point in waiting.  However, the look of daggers shot from the eyes of Wilco and I felt compelled to Pick up the Change.

If These Sheets Were States, All Time Low would span many countries.

Look around and just think, One Day All This Will Be Yours.  The Wedding Present are a very generous bunch.

The Lion’s Roar is an album from First Aid Kit and Lion’s Mane is a song by Iron & Wine.

Developing a strain of hallucinating Imaginary Bars could mean that I have a drink problem or I'm really into Great Lake Swimmers…

As they were cleared by a court of law, it appears that I Might Be Wrong about Radiohead.

Pruno is a Smashing Pumpkins track and Bruno is Ali G’s second stab at the silver screen.  As a side note, The Dictator was a disappointment.

I Write A Thousand Letters per week to White Hills but the ignorant sods never reply.

Some People Say and Some Might Say are tracks by Terrorvision and Oasis respectively.

Okay I hold my hands up; I listened to David Gray the other day.  Although it will take time, Please Forgive Me.

There Goes Our Love Again and this time, White Lies will be unable to give chase.

Dum Dum Girls are about to make a decision that will affect the Rest of Our Lives.

Elephant Stone and Elephant Head are tracks by The Stone Roses and Cold Specks respectively.

It’s a Cruel and Beautiful World.  Yep, I think Grouplove got it about right.

Can I borrow Your Daddy’s Car?  Okay, but only if you promise to lend me The Divine Comedy. Also, please forewarn Suede of regular police patrols as Daddy's Speeding.

In chess, some people call a Castle, a Rook.  The former is an established crime drama series and the latter is an album from Shearwater.

Turin Brakes are not just part of furniture; they have become Part of the World.

As I call in favours from grasses and obtain 'bribed' alibis, I’m Ready to Question and bring Gabrielle Aplin to justice.

Soulchaser is a song by Caesers and we may already know that Soulsavers is a band.

The Head & the Heart concede that These Days Are Numbered.

I Can’t Hear You due to the din of this alternative music.  I really wish that The Dead Weather would learn to speak up.

Gaz Coombes Presents were seen not soliciting but enjoying a Daydream on a Street Corner.

The King of Comedy is a different but equally great Scorsese film and The King of Limbs was a triumphant return to form for Radiohead.

Magazine taught me how to hang Upside Down like a bat.

Crystal Fighters are riding the crest of a Wave.

I love Sleeping with Sirens, with All My Heart.

Fifty Shades of Grey reinvented erotic literature and 14 Shades of Grey is an album by Staind.

Suranne Jones wants business to be kept Strictly Confidential between herself and clients.  L.A. Confidential is a tasty tale of scandal and police corruption.

Goo Goo Dolls have made this the Happiest of Days.  The Happiest Days of Your Life is a 1986 arcade adventure as finding the Headmaster’s wallet will clear your name.

Sweet Karma is a 2009 film and Cream only drink Sweet Wine.

Phenomena and Phenomenan are unrelated films.

She Said are tracks by Longpigs and Plan B whereas Screaming Trees warned She Knows.

Sonic Youth have the sort of lips that must possess the Kissability factor.

“Good evening sir, Table for One?”
“Yes of course, what else would it be?”
“Please accept my unreserved apologies.”

The man obsessed with Passenger took things to the extreme while at his favourite restaurant…

Red discovered the art of Wasting Time and there’s simply No Time to discuss Good Old War.

It may be difficult but for heaven's sake, Just Try for the love of Soulsavers.

Ignoring the American remake, Shutter was a 2004 Thai horror and Stutter is an album by James.

Broken Social Scene brought out a hair product that instilled pain, misery and sorrow.  I guess you could call it Shampoo Suicide.

Most were legless at a Public Image Ltd concert, but resisted by not touching One Drop.

After a stuttering start, it’s Full Steam ahead for David Gray.

The One You Feed is the one you love.  Now be a good chap and Crown the Empire.

Although The Blair Witch Project popularised the found footage genre, the first of its kind belongs to Cannibal Holocaust.  Anyway, Blair Witch is a track by Surfer Blood.

Phantom Limb is a band and also tracks by Alice in Chains and The Shins.

Every time I leave a Switchfoot concert, I bought a variety of Souvenirs.

The Orb made me an offer so good; I found it impossible to Turn It Down.

I don’t remember much from Yesterday Morning but I know that Son, Ambulance were somehow involved.

Harry Angel (Mickey Rourke) eventually belongs to Robert De Niro’s mysterious Louis Cyphre in 1987 thriller Angel Heart.  As for The Boxer Rebellion, You Belong to Me.

The Lemonheads have just Gotta Stop before their behaviour gets out of hand.

Passenger can Do What They Like because I’m honestly past caring.

Wild Beasts enjoyed the Lion’s Share of the possession but could not turn their dominance into goals.

It’s little consolation but before any execution, Paolo Nutini guarantees a Last Request.

Calexico will chastise other bands for taking a brief Glimpse at their album notes.

Before it had chance to pull away, The Boo Radleys decided to Get on the Bus.

When The Lights Go Dim, Cold Specks go out on a limb.

Don’t become a fan of New Found Glory as it will be Your Biggest Mistake.

The Streets were left Puzzled by People who can’t appreciate good music.

Dead Head and Dead Heads are both different types of visual entertainment.

Chairlift are always getting lost so don't panic, as I'm sure they'll be Somewhere Around Here.

Soundgarden are Halfway There but unlike Bon Jovi, they are not Livin’ on a Prayer.

Although I can’t quite believe it, Black Flag is What I See when I first open my eyes.

Stornoway have got you Hook, Line, Sinker whereas Dinosaur Pile-Up demand a Lip Hook Kiss

End of Days is a watchable but ridiculous 1999 Schwarzenegger supernatural action yarn and 30 Seconds to Mars wait for the End of All Days.

After ten straight defeats, Dum Dum Girls would be right to predict a Season in Hell.

Of the all the Trees in all the world, Turbowolf had to crop down mine.

The Rolling Stones are 2000 Light Years from Home and Green Day can be found 2000 Light Years Away.

Legends are made of Burnout, Soulcalibur, Skies of Arcadia, Gauntlet, Rayman, Rocky, X-Men and Castlevania.

Legend is a famous Bob Marley album, a 1992 Amiga or 1994 SNES video game and Lara Croft Tomb Raider finally became a Legend in 1996.

Snowdrops keep falling on my head, but that doesn't mean The Pineapple Thief will soon be turnin’ red...

If you placed Field Music in a room and put things In Context, I’m sure you’d change your mindset.

Although usually Shy, Chapel Club didn't suffer from stage fright.

Quentin Tarantino is Pulp Fiction and Black Crowes are Non-Fiction.

It wasn't beauty that killed the beast, Evolution Did.  That’s at least what The Phoenix Foundation said.

When attending a computer dating agency, The Wedding Present insist on the criteria of Model, Actress, Whatever…

I've gone through this Over and Over in my head but Hot Chip and Morcheeba keep blocking my thought process.

Silence overwhelms.

The seeds of sadness have been extinguished as optimism defeats pessimism.

With the enemy eradicated, we embrace unbridled satisfaction while complementing the relentless onslaught of imperious fulfillment.

Amid celebration, there are some that still crave chaos.

Eyes widen and several grins broaden.  A silent roar exchanges corruption which unfurls the process of revival.

Darkness grows, jealously seethes and suffering revels in desecration.

Satiated and swollen, the phoenix will rise again without the assistance of a cliched inferno.

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