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Generalising video game impostors throughout history - Quadruple Pixels

The fourth casualty of pixels is not innocence.

Underestimating importance is like failing to respect electricity, the second you don't is when it kills you.

Unless stated in description, screens are from insert coin.

Run Saber, Hori Electric 1993 (SNES) vs Strider, Capcom 1989.

Oh fucking dear.

Mario vs Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem, Nintendo 2010 (DS) vs Lemmings, DMA Design 1991 (Amiga).

Nintendo did enough to prevent the shit from hitting the fan but both use the same principle...

I know there was Mario vs Donkey 2: March of the Minis beforehand so shoot me for choosing the sequel...

Pop 'n Magic, Telenet 1992 (PC Engine) vs Rod Land, Jaleco 1990.

Okay, the fairy's 'rod' has firepower and she bursts a bubble to kill instead of smashing the shit out of it, but the single screen action and principle is competently blatant.

Va va zoom...

Full Throttle, Taito 1987 vs Outrun, Sega 1986.

Racing games are always difficult to accuse but I think it's a fairly open and shut case.

For reference only, here are two unrelated engines.

Hyper Rally, Konami 1985
Pole Position, Namco 1982
Just when you thought a racing game couldn't get any older...

Turbo, Sega 1981
Overtaking cars was only necessary to progress in Sega's long since forgotten relic.  It was probably the first arcade to feature scaling effects.  Wow!

The following ensures it's difficult to contain anger...

Catalypse, Genias 1992 (C64) vs Armalyte, Thalamus 1988 (C64).

BULLSHIT!  It's such BULLSHIT!  They also took it upon themselves to complete the piss take with a virtual boss hack.

The not so Genias against...
...actual Genius.
If I didn't laugh, I'd cry.

Confusion reigns over these next two because...

Metal Warriors, Lucasarts 1995 (SNES) vs Assault Suits Valken, N.C.S 1992 (SNES).

...Konami published both games.

Yes, this is the same Lucasarts that had us enter a Maniac Mansion and escaped from Monkey Island.  

Cobra Command, Data East 1988 vs Silkworm, Tecmo 1988.

Which came first?  The chicken or the egg?  I have no clue.

All choppers look similar and have the same purpose but it's what you do with it that counts. Right girls?

If you're taking obscurity, this deserves a high five.

Airwolf, Kyogo 1987
The name is no coincidence as it really was based on the 80's TV show but come on, this did the famous flying machine no favours.

For shits and kicks, the 1985 home version of Airwolf was a completely different animal and played more like Fort Apocalypse, a great if very demanding game from 1982.

Slayer, Hewson 1988 (C64) vs IO, Kinetic Designs 1987 (C64).

This isn't quite as bad as Catalypse but still quite awful.

Hewson at it again and far more blase.

Insects in Space, Hewson 1989 (C64) vs Defender, Williams 1980.

Aside from this, Head the Ball, Cyberdyne Warrior and Mission Impossibubble made up one of the many Power Packs that Commodore Format gave away 'free'.

Thanks to Zzap 64, this was nothing new.

Anything that's marketed as 'free' annoys me because how the fuck can it be as you have to buy the thing it's attached to.

I'm surprised that the internet hasn't made magazines extinct but back then, it was the only available resource to give you the heads up, solutions and cheats.

Personally, I chose reputation over opinion.

Unsurprisingly, competition was fierce and each offered a carrot that was apparently tastier than the other.

Enough of nostalgia and reminiscing, just a few more before I shut up shop. 

Monty on the Run, Gremlin Graphics 1985 (Spectrum) vs Jet Set Willy, Software Projects 1984 (Spectrum).

The C64 version featured a great in-game tune.

What were they smoking in 1984?

O la la.  It's odd that although earlier games looked very similar, this was the only adventure with named areas, hence the rip off.  I mention 'areas' because each screen in Jet Set were uniquely christened.

You could even take a motor for a spin and this section was called 'Drive Sir Clive's C5'.  One must assume that at the time, Spectrum legend Clive Sinclair owned a Citroen.

Impossamole was a totally different affair and because of Core's input, looked very similar to Rick Dangerous.

Of all the gazillions out there, the big N fucked with the daddy.

Space Fever, Nintendo 1979 vs Space Invaders, Taito 1978.

Why Nintendo?  Why?

Next time, the steaming puddle of plagiaristic piss is brought to the boil.

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