Saturday, 24 May 2014

Burglary of video game sleeve art

It's not only DVD, posters and music sleeve designers that do what they shouldn't.

The weird and wonderful, the past and present - they're all dying to meet you.

Region code (and year) has been taken into account.

Let the stench of similarity begin.

Xybots vs Gryzor

Gradius vs Elite

Midnight Resistance (Japanese) vs Operation Wolf (NES - Japanese)

Resistance: Fall of Man vs Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas vs Beyond Good & Evil

Final Fight 2 (North America) vs Streets of Rage

It's fairly amusing that the exclusive SNES sequel ripped off one of the many blatant clones of Capcom's arcade classic.

I suppose it's a case of what goes around...

Now it gets rather ooky and even downright kooky.

Rygar vs Kentilla

Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas vs Times of Lore

'Nam 1965-1975 vs Joe Blade

Sleeping Dogs vs Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike vs Shenmue

While they who 'surround' remain relevant, do not avert your gaze from he looking at nothing in particular.

It seems that Wei and Ryu owe Ryo a pint, but hold the pump bartender, is there a sting in the scorpion's tail?

You betcha, because Robert and Art of Fighting 3 deserve a top shelf shit mixture.

It's bad manners to point, but not according to these guys.

Part 1: Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure vs Gauntlet (NES)

Part 2: Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos vs Call of Duty 2 vs Line of Fire

Part 3: Rampart (Master System) vs Cabal

For originality personified, look no further than mischief on NES, which of course came out after those existing on disc or cassette.

Let's face it, all you need is 8 bits.

Finally, Will Ferrell action caper Land of the Lost also bears a very strange resemblance...

Donald Sutherland would like to point out the closing scene of 1978 classic Invasion of the Body Snatchers (a remake of the 1956 original), is entirely relevant. 

It was expertly parodied in an after-credits scene from the first series of C4 comedy series The IT Crowd.

Before I disappear like a fart in the wind...

Bully: Scholarship Edition vs Street Fighter Alpha 2

Awesome, right?

Class dismissed.

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