Monday, 7 September 2015

Rezon takes the Force

If the category of arcade developers came up in the final of popular BBC gameshow Pointless, I'd bet vital organs on Allumer winning the jackpot.

In 1991, this oddity melted into folklore as being surely the 'greatest' R-Type rape ever.

How come Irem didn't spank bottoms?

Because, there is no justice that is perfect.  The continually wars prove it.

Holy shit!

'All your base are belong to us' suddenly makes perfect sense.

Title screen.

Zoid lives within the Brood, and attack when they sense objects close to them.

Who's this?

It seems Cancer has grown.

An older version Bydo weapon used for wider area control.  Also capable of hovering.

Equipped with homing missiles, wave and vertical lasers, Planet Bombing Warship is used to capture planets.

Thinking about it, name contradicts purpose.

How ridiculous.

As a side note, Subatomic (salvaged corpse of Dobkeratops), was created with planetary destruction in mind.

Lazer firing blocks vs unmanned highly armoured transport container Dop.

Pink core is Achilles heel.

Otherwise invincible man of bronze Talos was 'unplugged' in 1963 classic Jason and the Argonauts.

Snake vs Worm.

Covered with a tough shell, these creatures guard huge living creature Cyst that reproduces wiggly woos.

Subtle'ish' I suppose.

Bydo culture Bellmite is controlled by electronic centre.

To be fair, unlike organic outer shell which incidentally is worth 300 points, asteroid encrusted exterior is just for graphical effect.

Okay, now shit gets messy.

Compare Leo's tooled up craft to Rezon's machine.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander?

Last Resort was released in same year as Leo (1992), but SNK's game was born first.

Compare sprite and laser crystals.

Oh yeah, incorporating 2P simultaneous play was mere 'coincidence'.

Finally, Mega Drive 1993 shootfest Eliminate Down steals miscellany.

Background vs X-Multiply.

Boss vs Dragon Breed end boss (defeated).

Boss vs Leo

And that my friends is that.

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