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Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension - The scoop and digest

The series so far...

Paranormal Activity

Katie killed Micah on 8 October 2006.  His body was discovered by police three days later.

She was gunned down by police in original ending and slits her own throat in alternate cut.

Paranormal Activity 2


One of those prequel/sequel things with events leading up to original and focuses on Katie's sister Kristi.

Watch for:

Kristi's gradual possession and before kidnapping Hunter, Katie murders Daniel and Kristi on 9 October 2006.

Paranormal Activity 3



18 years before Katie and Kristi's possession...

Watch for:

Grandma Lois watching Julie's boyfriend Dennis violently contort and before sisters accompany her upstairs, Kristi calls for 'Toby'.

Paranormal Activity 4


Just over five years after sequel (31 October 2011), with filming taking place throughout November.

Watch for:

Something 'witchy' and Katie charging like a woman possessed.

A post-credits scene sets up spin-off and features random woman in shop stating "Esto es solo el comienzo" translating as "This is only the beginning".

The Marked Ones


Less than a year after fourth, (12 June 2012 to be exact).

Latino locale is typical found-footage, but without nightly documentation.

Watch for:

Parallel twist ending as when cornered by Jesse in Lois's house, Hector is forced to enter a room which transports him back to the fateful night of 8 October 2006.

It turns out Katie screaming downstairs was because of seeing a terrified Hector, and while Micah is playing protector; she becomes re-possessed and stabs Micah in a frenzied attack.

Hector is startled and presumably knocked unconscious by a sharp-toothed Jesse.

Almost immediately after, a Midwife turns us off.

Oh yeah...

Everybody forgets about, and/or disregards 2010 Japanese indie effort Tokyo Night.

When searching for San Diego Katie murder on internet, article's headline reads:

"Woman said to be possessed by the Devil kills boyfriend."

Best described as a pseudo remake/reimagining of Oren Peli's 2007 original, split-screen action and J-horror saves disappointing bastard child.

Now you're bang up to date, how does this fit in?

Chris J. Murray - Ryan
Brit Shaw - Emily
Olivia Taylor Dudley - Skyler
Ivy George - Leila
Dan Gill - Mike

September 1988.

The climax of third is followed by Lois introducing Katie and Kristi to mystery geezer, who informs how important they are in regards to the arrival of Toby.

29 November 2013.

The Fleeges family (great name) move into their new home where antique video camera and bunch of tapes are soon discovered.

Recapping how third began.

Katie delivered the same set of plastic bricks to a pregnant Kristi in March 2005.

After a ransacking in August 2006, the tapes went missing.

Until now...

As camera wasn't part of dispatch, how'd it get there?

Wearing such a fantastic moustache, Ryan's brother Mike must be a Tom Selleck fan.

Recording equipment captures strange ash particles floating about, which are otherwise invisible to the naked eye.

Upon closer examination, the camera has been 'adapted' and fitted with extra picture tubes.

Night #1

Etc etc.

Videos show Kristi and Katie's exploits with guy from 1988 to 1992 and current playback capturing aggressive apparitions raise worried eyebrows.

Evidence of 1987 etched on concrete slab confirms new home is built upon where sisters used to live before bricks and mortar burned down in 1992.

Leila talks to imaginary friend Toby, plays Bloody Mary and when questioned, answers make little sense.

Could she be part of the prophecy?

What can't be seen, can still be felt...

Inevitable call is made to religious figurehead who advises performing an exorcism is pointless.

Demons don't haunt houses, they haunt people - and running isn't the answer.

No, we need extermination.

Ritualistic symbols drawn off-screen on bedroom wall by daughter dear opens a hole to another dimension.

Priest laces area with protection and demon is smothered with salt covered blanket inside circle of light.

It seems everything is okay, but...

Man of the cloth is grabbed by unseen force and sucked into abyss;
Skyler takes aim and vomits toxic black liquid on Mike; and
Whilst fleeing the scene, a huge demon arm bursts from Ryan's chest.

Four down, two to go.

Emily follows Leia through portal and whaddyaknow, we're back in 1988.

Briefly bumping into a young black-eyed Katie, 'it's too late' (for Leila), as blood acquisition has already completed the ritual.

Toby in human form (shown only from waist down), nonchalantly snaps Emily's Gregory Peck.

Before battery goes dead, Leila holds hands with Toby and they walk towards camera.

First off, this isn't a sequel to spin-off, so why ditch numbering system and add subtitle?

Yeah, it pisses me off.

Another franchise to do so for no reason is Mission: Impossible, as Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation aptly demonstrates.

According to cinema ticket, I watched 'Paranormal Activity 5'.

Ha ha ha!

Successfully giving what ardent fans crave, Gregory Plotkin's film entertains until canvas fades to black.

'Boo' moments still work and the belated appearance of visible activity pours liquid relief.

With so much left unanswered, I'm already salivating for more.

Toby's true identity?

Will Jesse be invited to the next party and create a paradox?


Can Demons and Witches play nicely?


Despite claims of calling time at the supernatural bar, they'll suck franchise dry until vampires no longer crave for blood.

Personally, I don't see that happening any time soon.

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