Friday, 9 October 2015

Sicario - The scoop and digest

Meet what motivated ass to watch on opening night.

Although omens are good, what about the reality?

Emily Blunt - Kate
Benicio del Toro - Alejandro
Josh Brolin - Matt

Title definition is displayed on canvas, and goes something like:

'Sicario' is a term describing Jerusalem zealots who killed Romans with small daggers concealed within cloaks.

In Mexico, the word Sicario means 'hitman'.

After a raid in Phoenix, Arizona, idealistic SWAT agent Kate and her partner Reggie discover a large number of bagged dead bodies hidden inside walls.  In the aftermath, a bomb kills two officers.

Kate and Reggie are selected by Defence adviser Matt to help bring down cartel boss Manuel Diaz.

Operation takes them to Juráez and by now, we've met Matt's mercurial partner Alejandro.

Mutilated bodies strung up should not remind of Predator and please disassociate setting with Western-themed FPS series.

Disgusted at complete disregard for public safety when cartel thugs are dispatched at border patrol, Matt tells Kate this is how things are done.

In other words, lap shit up or lump it.

A vicious wet willy later, Alejandro forces prisoner Guillermo to reveal Diaz's whereabouts.

Unhappy of their treatment, Reggie and Kate demand answers.

A yarn is spun about causing disruption to Diaz's drug empire and intel received from a crowd of migrants tells of a tunnel network.

They arrest one of Diaz's money launderers but Matt refuses to proceed as he wants to bust Diaz for something bigger.

Going over Matt's head, his boss Dave tells Kate hands are tied.

A frustrated Kate pounds booze at a local bar and Reggie introducing geezer may be just the tonic she needs...

Back at the flat, would-be lover possessing identical rubber bands of money launderer ensures passion becomes nasty.

Upon hearing commotion, Alejandro rescues Kate and subsequently, beats the names of cops under Diaz's control from corrupt yap.

Tunnel raid proves to be the perfect decoy for Alejandro to slip away and kidnap mule Silvio, (the guy persistently nagged by son to play soccer).

For her interference, Alejandro rewards Kate with a bullet to chest vest.

Soon after belting Matt, her superior spills that our friend is working for the Colombian cartel so he can get close to Ruiz's boss Alarcon, who arranged the murder of his wife and daughter.

After killing Silvio, Diaz takes Alejandro to his jefe (Spanish for chief), who along with Alarcon's guards - all bite the big one.

He toys with Alcaron, before executing family and the man himself.

Alejandro gives Kate a waiver to sign as not doing so would effectively be 'suicide'.

Whilst on balcony, she thinks better of squeezing the trigger...

Silvio's widow watches fatherless son finally have a kickabout and gunfire can be heard in the background.

Every film strives for greatness, but Denis 'Prisoners' Villeneuve's crime thriller abuses the privilege.

Brolin and especially Blunt are brilliant, but Benico del Toro's performance is off the fucking planet.

Screen time simply mesmerises and silence is triple distilled with exceptional menace.

Utterly compelling, superbly written and completely believable, only an asshole drunk on drugs would fail to appreciate the most taut spectacle of the year.

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