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Mysterious malfunctions in miscellany - Slide 2

I'll start with how random computer games are guilty of bizarre contradiction.

Mission A.D.

Box art vs loading screen.

I don't care about gun changing position, but what about Terminator's hand?

Did flesh regenerate?

Mystery of the Indus Valley becomes Mystery of the Indus Valleys.

Gotta love appalling box art and Indiana Jones rip off.

Ninja Master

Box art and loading screen match.

But title screen The Ninja Master fucks things up.

Behold, three 'different' games.

Spike in Transilvania
Spike the Viking
Spikey in Transylvania
Whoever drew loading screen was obviously a fan of comic strip H├Ągar the Horrible.

Ha ha ha!

Re: box art, they couldn't even spell famous Romanian region Transylvania correctly.

Still, at least title screen righted wrong.

European box art for overall superior Mega Drive port of hack and slash arcade classic Golden Axe was identical to Japanese counterpart.

Genesis and North America makes a curious amendment.

Why the fuck did artist have Ax Battler swap weapons?
Rocky Legends (Xbox/PS2) told how each major character rose to the top of the boxing world.

It's crystal clear Balboa's boxing gloves are red.
Geeks should accuse box art of doctoring this film still from Rocky II.

Unless you're colour blind...

Television shows can be just as error strewn as film.

Blood Feud (The Simpsons)

Homan blood, and shortly after...
...becomes human blood.
The Maltese Hamster is an episode from the original series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Hero Turtles in some countries.

Star antiqes? As Mikey would say - "Totally bogus dudes."
Presented by Greg James, reality gameshow I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse aired in 2015 on BBC Three.

Public Service Announcement during Episode 6 (or Day Six), describes the Abomination.

Attacks anything in 'it's' path.
Sentence should be 'Attacks anything in its path'. 
Super strong intelligent zombie was portrayed by Stevie Douglas.
Moving inevitably to the big screen.

A.W.O.L. is one of four titles given to my favourite Van Damme film.

The rest being Wrong Bet, Lionheart and Leon.

Note spelling of Atilla.
In credits, Abdel Qissi's end boss is now Attila.
The correct way to write The Muscles from Brussels is Jean-Claude Van Damme.

Not according to cult classic Kickboxer.

End credits
We all know Tong Po didn't play himself.

Sticking with Muay Thai, I spotted something in 2016 reboot Kickboxer: Vengeance.

First class boarding pass spells Kurt's surname as Sloan.

Sloane in credits.
Robin Williams' final performance was voicing Dennis the dog in terrible sci-fi comedy Absolutely Anything.

Roll the mistakes.

Opening sequence states all living Pythons, (starring together for the first time since The Meaning of Life) form the Intergalatic Council of Superior Beings.
Damn.  These aliens can't spell Intergalactic.
As there's more than one, Pink Policeman in end credits should be pluralised as Policemen.
Beavis and Butthead Do America can't decide if it's the Freemont or Freemoht.
Denis Villeneuve's Enemy is an intriguing and complex masterpiece.

That ending?


Ignoring capitalisation, a portion of Daniel Saint Claire's profile interests me.

Height: 6' 183cm
Weight: 160 lbs 72kg

6 feet in cm is 182,88, so rounded up is 183.


But 160 lbs in kg is 72.5748, so 73 rounded up.

Rounding up length and not mass?


For this error alone, you have to to to to to to watch The Fault in Our Stars.
Amy's diploma in Gone Girl mentions both Radcliffe College and Radcillfe College.
Damn you Harvard University.
The phrase bunny boiler originated from 1987 thriller Fatal Attraction.

Newspaper clipping shows Alex's late father as Forest.
You know what's coming.

End credits got r happy and Alex Forrest is born.
I wouldn't piss on Superman IV: The Quest for Peace if it was on fire.

Foul smelling shit is supposed to be set in America, so daily rag should be our favorite newspaper.
'It's' back with an incorrect bang.

Contracted: Phase II
Escape Velocity
In a bizarre twist of fate.

Its should be it's.

See if you can spot a consistent problem with the following films.

Goddess of Love and Take Down

Swerve and Not Safe for Work

Life on the Line and Rise of the Krays


There's isn't a full stop at the end of each tagline.

Lawless proves my point.

Gangsters. Brothers. Heroes.
2003 region 2 box set The Terminator Collection contains special edition of 1984 original and ultimate edition of T2: Judgment Day.
Cardboard container states Judgement Day.
Even if 'judgement' is the British spelling, I'm confused.

Memories From Martha's Vineyard is an absolute must for any Jaws fan.

The Vineyard Gazette (March 1974) reveals the story of a rampaging great white shark terrorizing a seaside resort will be directed by Stephen Stielberg.
Maybe it's Steven Spielberg's pseudonym?

"After a decade of silence... The buzzz is back"
Controversial original was released in 1974, so if first half of tagline is taken literally, we have a glaring goof on our hands, as very different sequel came in 1986.

Was 'buzz' spelled wrong on purpose? Probably not. 
Brian Helgeland's 2015 crime drama may have been based on John Pearson's book (first published in 1972), but biopic was simply called Legend (not to be confused with 1985 Tom Cruise film of same name).
So in reality, The Profession of Violence: The Rise and Fall of the Kray Twins is not a major film starring Tom Hardy.
Before signing off.

Black Adder: The Complete Collection
Taking a peek inside.

Blackadder Goes Forth was written by Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson.
Really? I mean REALLY?
This is ONLY true for first series The Black Adder.
Until next time.

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