Thursday, 23 March 2017

Get Out - The scoop and digest

Written and directed by Jordan Peele, let's hope hype pipe doesn't belch shit smelling foulness.

Daniel Kaluuya - Chris
Allison Williams - Rose
Bradley Whitford - Dean
Catherine Keener - Missy
Caleb Landry Jones - Jeremy
Lil Rel Howery - Rod

A lost black man is assaulted and bundled into the trunk of a car.

Some time later, Chris and girlfriend Rose prepare to stay for the weekend at her parents house, who are oblivious to the fact boyfriend is black.

Along with creepy brother Jeremy, the Armitages make Chris feel generally uncomfortable and declines the offer from Missy (a psychiatrist) to help him quit smoking through hypnosis.

Going out for a cheeky fag, he's put off by the strange behaviour of black servants Walter and Georgina.

Missy uses Chris's guilt over mother's hit and run death to her advantage and hypnotises him.

Physical body becomes paralysed and consciousness falls into the void, dubbed 'the sunken place'.

Chris wakes up in bed initially dismissing last night as a nightmare, but the very thought of puffing on a cigarette makes him feel sick (just like Missy said).

Uh oh.

Annual big bash sees numerous white couples fascinated by Chris, with target not in the least bit flattered.

He meets Logan King, with face ringing a loud bell.

Surreptitious snap with flash on mobile causes Logan to lose it and screams hysterically for Chris to "GET OUT!"

Dean claims incident was down to epileptic seizure, but the aroma of bullshit wafts up Chris's nostrils.

Blind art dealer Jim wins a game of bingo, with prize something far greater than bottle of cheap champagne or cash...

After contacting TSA best bud Rod, Logan is identified as Andre Hayworth (guy from beginning).

Chris finds a set of photographs showing Rose with numerous men and women, and admits her involvement in deception.

Despite Chris's best efforts, Missy stirring tea with silver spoon puts a dampener on escape plan.

Strapped to a chair in empty room, television reveals all.

Roman Armitage (now deceased) confirms family developed a method of pseudo-immortality, as neurosurgeon Dean performing brain surgery transfers consciousness of white folk into the bodies of younger and stronger black people.

Jim will use Chris as a host so sight can be regained, while doomed body is controlled in the void.

Georgina and Walter are vessels for Rose's grandma and grandad respectively.

If memory serves correctly, I think organisation is called Coagula.

Unaware Chris has wriggled free from restraints, Jeremy is knocked out.

With end of tether well and truly reached, Dean and Missy are killed with antlers of stuffed deer head and knife respectively.

Jeremy puts up more of a fight, but also kicks the bucket.

After hitting Georgina with Jeremy's car, Chris takes her with him but psycho bitch attacks.

Following car crashing into tree, her goose is cooked.

Rose sets Walter on Chris, but flash photography snaps him out of trance.

Walter takes the rifle and shoots Rose, then commits suicide.

Chris cannot go through with strangling Rose and the police arrive.

Driver turns out to be Rod, and as they drive away, she's left to die on the road.

Best debut ever?

Utterly compelling and totally unique, Peele's comedy horror satire is absolutely brilliant.

When dealing with such sensitive subject matter, things must be handled carefully and intelligently.

Rest assured, taste left in mouth will be anything but sour.

Daniel Kaluuya and the hilarious Lil Rel Howery upstage an excellent cast and running time never drags.

Soundtrack also kicks ass, as high pitched instruments contribute massively to situation.

Although girlfriend and family were always in on it, twist really surprised me.

If I did have a complaint, the principle of Temple of Doom appears to be ripped off.

Shorty awakes Indy and The Maharaja from the Black Sleep of Kali Ma with burning torch.

Camera flash has the same effect on hypnosis, albeit only briefly.

Who's with me?

(Hundreds and thousands raise hands).

What genre will extremely talented director explore next?

I urge him not to keep us waiting too long.

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