Monday, 10 April 2017

Ghost in the Shell - The scoop and digest

Adapting much loved anime 22 years later is surely a bad idea?

Scarlett Johansson - Major Mira Killian / Motoko Kusanagi
"Beat" Takeshi Kitano - Chief Aramaki
Pilou Asbæk - Batou
Hideo Kuze - Michael Pitt
Chin Han - Togusa
Peter Ferdinando - Cutter

Cyber-terrorist survivor Mira Killian is chosen as a test subject by Hanka Robotics and CEO Cutter trains her as a weapon.

Working alongside Batou, Mira learns the ropes fast at anti-terrorist bureau Section 9.

After learning that a rogue geisha bot was ghost hacked by an entity only known as Kuze, she seeks answers by 'deep diving' into its AI.  During which, Kuze counter-hacks, forcing Batou to disconnect her.

Kuze sets about killing Mira's creator Dr. Ouelet by taking control of Hanka employees, but assassination attempt is foiled by Mira and Batou.

Mira is taken to Kuze's secret location and discovers failed Hanka test subject has created his own makeshift network.

Question your own memories girl.

Ouelet admits Mira wasn't the first, but in fact the 99th of Project 2571.  Ignoring Cutter's orders to euthanize, Ouelet gives her an address which may be of interest.

Cutter kills Ouelet and declares Mira must be terminated.

Using Ouelet's note, a woman reveals her daughter Motoko Kusanagi ran away and when arrested, committed suicide.

After taking care of Cutter's men, a spider tank is deployed to take out Mira and Kuze.

Mira disables armoured threat by ripping out motor, but loses arm in the process.

Kuze offers to merge his ghost with Mira, but a Section 6 sniper kills him.

Batou and co rescue Mira and with her 'consent', Aramaki executes Cutter.

Embracing her true identity, Motoko returns to work for Section 9.

Major embarrassment?

Yes and probably.

Live action isn't a patch on Mamoru Oshii's anime (surprise surprise), but worth watching.

Rupert Sanders' film looks absolutely stunning, although holographic Bladerunner-esque cityscape is perhaps too busy.

Clint Mansell's score could be worse and no matter what you think about 'whitewashing' controversy, leading lady was ideally cast.

Birth of Major, rooftop leap, upwards shot of plane above skyscrapers (now helicopter thing), puddle alley shoot out, mechanical fingers furiously typing, discussion on boat with a beer swilling Batou and of course, spider tank sequence, are all lifted from 1995 classic.


Geishabots must be based on Gynoids from GITS 2: Innocence and Kuze (baddie of GITS: S.A.C. 2nd GIG), amalgamates the Puppet Master, with fashion sense smacking of the Laughing Man.

Considering anime is largely for adults, why pussy out with violence shy 12A bullshit?

Bang goes the opportunity for head popping gore.

Premise is no longer thought provoking and feels very, very forced.

Celluloid may look beautiful, but at the same time, extremely fucking boring.

Excluding Johansson, performances are virtually lifeless and action couldn't be more stock.

Along with Terminator Salvation, this also displays title twice during opening credits.

Why? Who knows?

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