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If this isn't variety - you're definitely the greatest denier! Part 5 Ud 03/11/13

“I don’t know about you Fred, but I’m glad I’ve got my rain mac as it’s no longer just a harmless drizzle, it’s now a torrential downpour.”

“Bob, this is truly peculiar.  With everybody shaking like a leaf and dripping like a damaged drainpipe, let battle, err penalties commence.”

The drama unfolds…

I know this may come as a bit of a Shock to you, but Fear Factory have become Obsolete.

The Man Who Loved Beer is a song by Lambchop.  I believe there may be millions of males who are guilty of this…

Therapy? are 30 Seconds away and 30 Seconds to Mars is a band.

I visited Metropolis and bought an edition of The Daily Planet because you got a free Forever Changes album by Love free inside.

All the kings horses and All the King’s Men couldn't put Wild Beasts back together again.

The Calling will change Our Lives.

Thinking Fellers Local Union 282 gave me excruciating Indigestion.

We Are Scientists display acts of Impatience.

The National make me Thirsty for more.

The Raveonettes are easy to Remember and We Were Promised Jetpacks are Hard to Remember.

Some people seem to like arguing, so much so they are said to be able to start an argument in an Empty Room.  Just don’t pick the wrong conversation with Arcade Fire.

Further to this, you can have more fun if you do this in an Empty House with Air.

Vida (I Want You) and Vida la Vida are songs by The Answer and Coldplay.

Low are just Pissing me off and Badly Drawn Boy is Pissing in the Wind.

The Beatles and Space owned a farm with Piggies and Sparklehorse kept a solitary Pig.

Neutral Milk Hotel kept a Two-Headed Boy and Weird Owl is related to a Two-Headed Brother.

You should listen to Two-Headed Boy, it’s a masterpiece.

Miserable weather can include hail, rain, snow or Sleet.  Guess what weather condition The Futureheads prefer.

The Kills added the final Nail in my Coffin.

Slow Club are Beginners and Eels enjoyed Beginner’s Luck.

Everything In Its Right Place and Everything Falls Into Place are songs by Radiohead and Young Knives respectively.

I want everybody to Settle down as Detroit Social Club have just brought a new album out.

Kieran Leonard plans an Air Raid.

Garf is a Lambchop song and Gorf is an ancient 1981 arcade game.

Neutral Milk Hotel wrote a Song Against Sex and Weezer are Tired of Sex.  Of the latter, I have no comment…

A lady wanted to get a bit ooh la la with You Me at Six so she was told to Save It for the Bedroom.

After a road hog cut The Kills off, the offender approached the band and after giving it large, they rightly pointed out that You Don’t Own the Road.

I want to see The Other Side of the World with Tindersticks as my guide.

Don’t listen to LCD Soundsystem as it makes you Tired.

Who really Can’t Even Be Bothered to make music any more?  The Charlatans.

I’ve covered musical acronyms so here’s a pixel or several…

As many adventurers in Knightmare have donned the Helmet of Justice, I advise you to dust off and maybe wear that retro helmet (again).


Private Pyle from Kubrick’s brilliant Full Metal Jacket gradually descended into a World of Shit.  Eels also visited this brown coloured and putrid smelling place.

A vampire got poorly from doing what they do best.  Howler diagnosed that they had Too Much Blood.

Don’t be taken in by The Chap and their Nice Face.

Impatience and boredom can set in during a long journey so after persistent nagging, Tribes stated we’re Halfway Home.

Therapy? have been given the moniker of the Big Cheese.

The Pigeon Detectives state Everybody Wants Me.  Well, I didn’t want to be the first to say it…

Did you know that The Stranglers are certain that there’s never a frown with Golden Brown?

I attended a wedding but the bride hesitated when wedding vows were exchanged.  Placebo and Weezer were keen for her to say I Do.

When I go to the firing range, I want to shoot real man bullets and not Pink Bullets like The Shins.  Deftones literally turned heads when they produced a Pink Cellphone and Wire wave a Pink Flag.

“Ernest Hemingway once wrote ‘The world is a fine place and Worth Fighting For’.  I agree with the second part.”

Okay that’s a quote by Somerset (Morgan Freeman) in David Fincher’s brilliant Seven, but there's also a song from Paradise Lost buried in that quote...

Saint Michael, Saint Simon, Saint Patrick and Saint Christopher etc.  Now there’s a song in there by The Shins so which Saint doesn’t look immediately familiar?

The Bees say I Really Need Love but they are also Tired of Loving.

I bet working in a Factory is far more interesting under the Band of Horses.

On the other hand, Tindersticks also own a chain which is either heaven for lesbians or pose many difficult choices to men as they only employ Factory Girls.  The Rolling Stones knew a Factory Girl.   

Depeche Mode are among the most Corrupt artists in the music industry.

Death to our Friends and Death and all His Friends are songs by Sonic Youth and Coldplay respectively.

My Descent into Madness is playing a text adventure on an 8-bit retro relic or a general mind-numbing and spirit constricting experience.  I am not one to speculate but I hear that Eels have their own vision.

Car Fiction is a song by Echobelly and Pulp Fiction is a cult classic Tarantino film.  The Xx are a work of Fiction.

This is a Reminder, Mumford & Sons have a new album out soon.

If you’re bored, just try Kicking Puddles to relieve some tension because it works for Standard Fare.

When somebody is having difficulty understanding a premise, concept or situation; Embrace may offer to Spell it Out for you.

To my amazement, Cage the Elephant appeared Right Before my Eyes.

I was having a shocking day down the pool hall and Gotye were having the opposite kind of day.  Their form started to tail off so I suspected they were just Giving Me a Chance.

Little Comets are guilty of committing Adultery.

The Imagined Village visited a Sick Old Man in hospital.

If banged up with While She Sleeps and they concoct a jailbreak, take no notice as they only promise a False Freedom.

Help I’m Alive.  Well Metric, I’m really ‘confused’ for you...

You can visit Jupiter if you’re in with The Futureheads.

I'm in no Mood for The Fiery Furnaces.  Tomorrow yes, but today, no.

You’ve heard of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and many other types of Day but have you heard of Lover’s Day?  I wanna be part of it but not before TV on the Radio.

Friends and loved ones keep telling me that if I keep listening to The Big Pink, you’re going to Lose Your Mind.  Wait a mo, hasn’t that already happened?

Hot Chip bought a lottery ticket and because their numbers were so close to be important, they asked somebody to check them Over and Over.  It didn’t change the result...

Bane delivered A Crippling Blow to Batman in blockbuster, The Dark Knight Rises.  He was inspired by The Killers.

If you ask Train nicely, they will bring you Breakfast in Bed.

Assassin and Assassins share similar subject matter but as films, that’s the only thing they have in common.

The Bees cannot believe the Skill of the Man.

Bombay Bicycle Club can recite scripts, Word by Word.

Capitals, states, countries and other related miscellany appear to be popular song titles....

Perth – Bon Iver
New York – Paloma Faith and Snow Patrol
Strasbourg – The Rakes
California – Low, Semisonic, Phantom Planet, Gomez and John Murry
Pubelo - Pavement
Munich – Editors and The Fray
Paris – Friendly Fires and S.C.U.M.
El Salvador – Athlete
Ocean Avenue - Yellowcard
Seattle – Public Image Ltd and Mark Knopfler
Colombia – Oasis
Swansea – Bombay Bicycle Club
Haiti - Arcade Fire
Belgium – Bowling for Soup
Africa – Madness
Boston – Vampire Weekend
Hope Street – Levellers
Lincoln Avenue - Train
Georgia – Yuck
Vivian – Delta Spirit
Sarajevo - The Hoosiers
Beverly Hills - Weezer
Kettering – The Antlers
Miami - The Maccabees
Cape Town – The Young Knives
Manhattan – Kings of Leon and Cat Power
Rome - The Maccabees
Lisbon - The Walkmen and The Wave Pictures
Barberini Square – Cherry Ghost
Germany - Errors
Pittsburgh - We Are Scientists
Dectaur St - The Twilight Singers
Norway - Beach House
Vienna – Ultravox and The Fray
Hazelton Avenue – Manic Street Preachers
Shady Lane – Pavement
Penny Lane – The Beatles
Daisy Lane - Stereophonics 
Prospect Lane - Seasick Steve
Huckleberry Grove - Ocean Colour Scene
England – The National and PJ Harvey
Warwick Avenue – Duffy
Chelsea Walk – Ocean Colour Scene
America – Razorlight and Howler
Indiana - Cymbals Eat Guitars
Mulholland Drive – The Gaslight Anthem
Holland Road – Mumford & Sons
Mexico - Incubus and The Staves
Borneo - The Fiery Furnaces
Ohio - Justice
Philadelphia - Magazine
Miami - U2
Amsterdam - Coldplay, Imagine Dragons and Bellowhead
Canada - Low
Devon - Grimes
Rotterdam - The Beautiful South and The Wedding Present
Belraus - Low
Copenhagen - Midlake
Missouri - Low
Warsaw - Groove Armada
Stockholm - New Fast Automatic Daffodils
Aberdeen - Cage the Elephant
Arizona - Kings of Leon
Alaska - Owl City
Los Angeles - Sugarcult
Deli - Chapterhouse
Montreal - The Weekend and The Wedding Present
Burma - Puressence
Colarado - Grizzly Bear
Belfast - Neon Neon
Los Angeles - Counting Crows
Tokyo - Athlete
Dublin - Thin Lizzy and The Airborne Toxic Event
Holland - Cold Specks
Bosnia - The Cranberries
Kansas - The Wedding Present
St. Petersburg - Supergrass
Denmark - The Chemical Brothers
Atlanta - The Wave Pictures

Abbey Road, Union Street, Stanley Road, Shakedown Street and Ocean Avenue are albums from The Beatles, Erasure, Paul Weller, Grateful Dead and Yellowcard respectively.

E, F and G are all films but predictably, not sequels to each other.

D and Z are both game franchises.

D is also an album by White Denim and V is a classic television series.

M, X, O and J are songs by The Cure, System of a Down, The Phantom Band and Ani Difranco respectively.

When at the airport, Train are often observed Counting Airplanes.

15 Minutes, 88 Minutes, Four Minutes, 44 Minutes and 96 minutes are all films.

30 Minutes or Less and 10 Items or Less are both contrasting films.

My children were fighting over something quite irrelevant so inspired by Cymbals Eat Guitars, I suggested for them to Share.  The bickering promptly ceased and harmony was restored.

I was creating chaos and mayhem in the company of Errors.  For what it's worth, Sorry About the Mess.

R.E.M. stated that The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite and who knows what the Sidewinder did in the world of Teenage Fanclub.

Maybe Echobelly are responsible for the Fear of Flying.

Shut Your Eyes for a moment and think of Snow Patrol.

Kate Bush enjoyed a huge slice of Good Fortune.

Gymnasts regularly perform a Somersault, as do Zero 7.

All rehearsals by The Pigeon Detectives are Done in Secret.

The management company of Seabird ask for Patience and Wilco beg Please be Patient with Me.

The Enemy, The Czars and Paramore are under all kinds of Pressure and The Bees encourage lethargy as Pressure Makes Me Lazy.

Snow Patrol, please start your Engines.

Whoever wants to point something out on a monitor screen to the Future of Forestry, it’s important to make sure its Bold and Underlined.

Atlas Sound are covered in more Logos than an F1 driver.

Nickelback and The Cranberries were a flop in Hollywood and it’s Goodbye Hollywood from Jet.

Don’t Let Him In and Let the Right One In are both films.

Elysion can see the Weakness in Your Eyes.

The Zutons may struggle to Remember Me and I remember Nothing about The Cribs.

Two Fat Ladies is a bingo nickname for 88.  Paul Weller failed to understand that when called out, this number doesn’t always guarantee a win.

Any Friend of Ours is a friend of Elbow, this Friend of Mine hangs out with The National and Duran Duran are Friends of Mine.

Lowgold will Clear the Skies and Keane enjoy Clear Skies.

Deerhunter felt a sudden Earthquake and Eels can tell you what happened After the Earthquake.

Five Times August are Better With You and The Cranberries say I Can’t be With You.

I met The Walkmen once and I was surprised when they acted like a bunch of Juveniles.

Stay Midnight and Midnight Movie are both guilty of displaying moving images.

Ugh! and Aaargh! are both video games.  To keep with the theme, Yuck is a band.

Original Sin is a film and for anybody who cares, it’s also the title for the final chapter of Sega’s House of the Dead 2.

The War on Drugs were the first to own an Original Slave.

If you ask Garbage to pour you a Glass of something, they’ll gladly oblige.

Primal Scream can be found on the 99th Floor.

The Cribs state We Share the Same Skies, Example are adamant that Skies Don’t Lie and M83 are confident that We Own the Sky.

Chase and Status find any type of object Heavy.  Good luck asking them to carry the shopping home then.

The Untouchables and The Intouchables are both films.  Hmmmm, I wonder which one is more famous?

Depeche Mode require a pair of strings because after all, they are just Puppets.

Love made me a Laughing Stock.

If you’re riding The Gravy Train, chances are you are making a large amount of money by doing next to nothing.  Ian Brown is such a musician to reap such rewards.

Penny Dreadful is a 2006 horror film and Penny Dreadfuls is a song by Animal Collective.

Miles Kane can hear what others can’t as he uses Telepathy.

Bloc Party will challenge any gladiator in the Coliseum.

When challenged to perform a party piece, The Futureheads are confident I Can do That.

Feeder and Blur are Tender and Manic Street Preachers decided that You’re Tender and You’re Tired.

I feel no Guilt when listening to Chapterhouse.

Look What You’ve Done and Oh Stacey (Look What You’ve Done) are songs by Jet and The Zutons respectively.

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are Higher than the Stars and also they are Falling Over (Higher than the Stars).

The Kinks asked Do You Remember Walter and Pulp reminisced, Do You Remember the First Time.  All the Young enjoyed The First Time.

Band of Horses arranged not just any funeral but The Funeral.

Nowhere to Run is 1993 Van Damme flick and Blur had No Distance Left to Run.

MGMT and Detroit Social Club closed very important business deals so they performed The Handshake and made a Handshake respectively.

The Ataris made Secret Handshakes, The National held a Secret Meeting, The Coral gave a Secret Kiss, Imperia hide a Secret Passion and The Sand Band found The Secret Chord.

Shinedown will happily Devour any food.

If trying for a baby, Paolo Nutini is will succeed as he has a Pencil Full of Lead.

Foals can turn the miserable into cheery with a sea of Happy Faces.

I see a Glint in the eye of Actress.

The new Muse album is well Overdue.

Goo Goo Dolls made Strange Love, Supergrass knew Strange Ones, We are Augustines had some very Strange Days, The Black Keys have a Strange Desire, Smoke Fairies witnessed a Strange Moon Rising, Hurricane # 1 arranged a Strange Meeting, Ultraista concocted a Strange Formula and Cream drank a Strange Brew.

The Magnetic Fields looked on with Strange Eyes and also possess Strange Powers.

If I ever had the opportunity to go out a few shandies with a band, I’d choose The Dead Weather as they guarantee a No Hassle Night.

If they were otherwise engaged....

I’d go On the Town with Madness, talk about This Town with Feeder, go Out of Town with Zero 7 and visit Any Town with The Farm.

I’d follow The Kooks, All Over Town.

Sonic Youth make me Purr like a cat.

If Ceremony is going to give you some bad news, whatever you do – Brace Yourself.

Science & Faith and Science & Nature are albums by The Script and The Bluetones respectively.

The 2 Bears can detect an Increase your Faith.

Some people have selective hearing.  Eels have Selective Memory

Fresh Blood is a song by Eels and True Blood is a rather watchable big budget vampire television show, first broadcast on HBO.

When listening to Echobelly, prepare for abdominal pain as you’ll get a Bellyache.

The View rested Underneath the Light, Oasis is Underneath the Sky, The Cure laid Underneath the Stars and Death Cab for Cutie found shade Underneath the Sycamore.

Baxter Dury couldn’t hold it on any longer so had a subtle Leak at the Disco and The Wombats suffered a Backfire at the Disco.

Carrier is a fairly ancient survival horror Dreamcast game released in 2000 and Carriers is a 2009 survival film.

The Bends is a decompression sickness often associated with an underwater diving.  This unfortunate and sometimes fatal condition can also be a famous Radiohead album and song.

Despite what the world thinks, it’s a better album than OK Computer.

The Charlatans associate themselves with a Weirdo.

Good Ol’ Days and The Good Old Days are tracks by The Script and The Libertines respectively.

Animal Collective suffered a slight Graze when tripping over.

A radical change of career on street corners beckoned which of course, as services rendered offered tax free dough, so I Became a Prostitute.  It wasn’t my fault; The Twilight Sad forced me to do it.

After watching a poor soul weep incessantly, they reminded me of The Zutons as You Could Make the 4 Walls Cry.

Doves are more narcissistic than Vega as they live in a House of Mirrors.

Can’t Explain and I Can’t Explain are songs by Love and The Who respectively.

I don’t have to visit Egypt as Detroit Social Club offer tours for their Pyramid.

Mansun are a very Negative band and The Streets insist you Stay Positive.

If you’re with a girl and want to be successful, just Play it Cool and listen to Super Furry Animals for a guaranteed success.  Be Cool is the 2005 sequel to Get Shorty and Stay Cool is an unrelated 2009 movie.

The Futureheads bought their own rocket and discovered Jupiter.

Ash found True Love 1980; many may still be looking.

Dry the River chose Family over friends.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs shouldn’t make Promises they can’t keep.

Bruce Lee knew all about how dangerous a claw is and how deceiving mirrors can be.

When White Denim grab a pair maracas, they just Shake Shake Shake.  They also are Light Light Light.

Thirteen Senses reflected After the Retreat and after been outnumbered, The Rakes were forced to Retreat.

If you want to Resolve a situation, talk to Foo Fighters.

John Lennon said sport is all about Mind Games and Queens of the Stone Age are intent on getting In My Head.  Magnum are Inside Your Head.

Tapes ‘n Tapes are brutal executioners as they always Hang Them All.

If I’m having a good time, I demand Frightened Rabbit to give me Music Now.

This is Love, This is War and This is Hardcore are songs by The Script, 30 Seconds to Mars and Pulp respectively.

The Final Sound I want hear is by The Cure.

I don’t know why but I just Can’t Say No to Lowgold.  They’re just too damn persuasive.

The Script leave me Glowing inside.

Some people live in monochrome but Frightened Rabbit are Living in Colour.

I’m afraid of certain things but The National are Afraid of Everyone.

Chapel Club and Hot Water Music should keep the language down as these walls are Paper Thin.

Cyrus is a disappointing comedy (or is it a drama?) starring Jonah Hill and there’s even Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer.

Emotions are running high within the company of Love.

The Cribs were a Victim of Mass Production and Iggy Pop suffered Mass Production.

Just before Mel Gibson loses his head as William Wallace in Braveheart, he's permitted to say a word and famously cries out Freedom.  It’s unlikely he was talking about Spirtualised, Flyleaf, Rage Against the Machine or David Gray.

The Twilight Singers are lighter than Feathers.

Eels are dangerously Mental.

Five Times August and Indigo Girls remain a Mystery to Me.

The National have a Beautiful Head and Good Charlotte know a Beautiful Place.

The Boxer Rebellion means No Harm.

Washed Out say Eyes be Closed and The Raveonettes state I should go into situations, With my Eyes Closed.

False Advertising can mislead and anger consumers.  What are you playing at Bright Eyes?

I don’t have to go to a Weed Party to feel slightly giddy as I just listen to Band of Horses.

If you’re weighing up your Options and given Choices, please consider Gomez and The Hoosiers respectively.

Talking Heads have No Compassion for human life.

The Unthanks urge you to Stay Tuned.

When approaching the finishing line, The Black Keys naturally begin to Tighten Up.

Simon Says and Jack Says are both films.

Jack Says is part of a trilogy as there’s also Jack Said (prequel to Jack Says) and completed with Jack Falls.  Anybody who’s seen Sin City, the style is ridiculously similar.

When people have a night out on the piss, they are likely to visit many bars.  I defy anybody to beat Spritualised as they visited 200 Bars.  Whether they drank alcohol in each remains a mystery.

You should Crawl to a Kings of Leon and/or The Wedding Present gig.

Drop Dead Fred and Drop Dead Gorgeous are both films.

The View says Best Lasts Forever, Echo & the Bunnymen are more realistic as Nothing Lasts Forever but Rise to Remain believe We Will Last Forever.

Even Ladyhawke cannot hide my Anxiety.

As a massive video game fan, the following is deliciously bizarre.

SNK used the tagline, The Future Is Now for the truly seminal Neo Geo.  That’s great, but wait a minute, there’s something even more brilliant and has to be among the two most amazing coincidences ever…..

Yes I did say two.

This tagline is a song by The Offspring and the title of debut album from Non Phixion.

I’d like to think that they are both used in homage to SNK but it’s surely just a delightful mouth drop.

Is there another amazing reference out there that you could associate with a video game company? 

Possibly, but because it’s SNK and not Sony, Nintendo, etc - that’s what really makes it crazy.

No matter what Dry the River do, they will never leave their Family.

After talking to School of Seven Bells about a topic they share a great interest in, their answers didn’t make a great deal of sense.  It soon became obvious that they were still Half Asleep.

I feel strange sensations as The Big Pink begin to Frisk me.

Bang!  Thanks for that, yeah I really appreciate The Raveonettes for waking me up.

The Meaning of Love, The Meaning of Soul and The Meaning of Life is a Depeche Mode song, Oasis track and a Monty Python film respectively.

Coming Up is an album by Suede* and Coming Down are tracks by Starsailor, Dum Dum Girls, The Weekend and David Gray.

*I don't know why I ever put this down or noticed this before but this was obviously never an album by The Stone Roses.  Oh well, at least I spotted my own mistake (eventually).

Primary Colors is a John Travolta film and Primary Colours is a song by The Horrors.

It seems that The Duke Spirit is the real Villain of the piece and Austra are literally The Villain.

Tribes have the best of both worlds in one breath as they don’t mind been Alone or with Friends.

Instead of a barrel of laughs, We are Augustines are a Barrel of Leaves and The War on Drugs are a Barrel of Batteries.

What a Shiny band The Decemberists are.

Most people have used a Dyson Airblade as it's standard in most toilets.  Change Air Blade is 1999 Sammy arcade game.

Braindead and Brain Dead are two totally different films.

Dead Man’s Curve, Dead Man’s Cards and Dead Man’s Shoes are all films.

Apples and pairs is cockney rhyming slang for stairs.  Apples and Pairs is a song by Slow Club and unless you saw it written down, it'd be a total guess if it was this expression or a pair of fruits.

If something cannot be blamed on a machine, we say it’s Human Error.  We Were Promised Jetpacks are guilty of such mistakes.

With nobody being able to beat the opposing keeper, we have a rather dramatic turn of events.

Both sets of players are practically taking penalties in a swimming pool and the referee orders a pitch inspection.

After declaring that it would be more plausible to play water polo instead of football, the game is abandoned.

The crowd let out a raucous and celebratory cheer.

This game will be rearranged (undisclosed).

They think it’s all over, it isn't yet.

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