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If this isn't variety - you're definitely the greatest denier! Part 4 Ud 09/11/13

“Thanks for rejoining this simply extraordinary game and unusually, it is the team who are winning that look the more nervous, what do you think Fred?”

“Yeah they do Bob and I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that there are one or two twists and turns left and maybe even a sting in the tail before this one’s over.”

Anything can happen in the second period of extra excitement.

Don't expect any Sympathy from Goo Goo Dolls, Super Furry Animals will show No Sympathy, Massive Attack have Unfinished Sympathy, The Rolling Stones will offer Sympathy for the Devil and Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti plead Sympathy for the Nymph.

Smoke Fairies better watch out as Blue Skies Fall, Echo & The Bunnymen floated In Bluer Skies and The Smashing Pumpkins claim Blue Skies Bring Tears.  The Dirty Three are warmed under Furnace Skies.

Seabird will swim ‘Til We See the Shore and Sanctus Real informed they will not instil trust ‘Til I Got to Know You.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice is a famous poem and 2010 film.  The Captain’s Apprentice is a song by The Imagined Village.

The Kooks and The Stranglers ask Do You Wanna and The Vaccines don’t really care as If You Wanna come back, it’s alright, it’s alright.

To really annoy everybody, Do You Wanna? is a song by Ringo Deathstarr and thank Flying Lotus for Only If You Wanna.

A sporting comeback is All in Vain unless you make it worthwhile.  Why did The Vaccines bother?

Why do Stereophonics need a Doorman?  Anyway, his ego outweighs his brain.

Good Charlotte are Something Else, Ocean Colour Scene will do Something for Me and Paul Weller believes You Do Something to Me.

“You want answers?”
“I want The Truth.”
“You can’t handle The Truth.”

Calm down Jack and Tom, and anyway Jack, how can you be certain that Tom will be overwhelmed by Good Charlotte?

Turin Brakes give highly articulate musical Outbursts.

It's perfectly normal to pour a drink but Matchbox Twenty took this to extremes as they literally poured the sweet stuff in their coffee.  I'm aware they Like Sugar but this was just ridiculous.

Like all megalomaniacs, The Courteeners have delusions of grandeur as they will Take Over the World.

Kings of Leon are King of the Rodeo and Echobelly are a King of the Kerb.

The Raconteurs have taken music to the next Level.

Jonathan Coulton is a right Mr. Smarty Pants.

The Leisure Society made a bit of a noise and when approached for a explanation the next day, they admitted that We Were Wasted.

2:54 are Creeping slowly towards me.  I remain unnerved.

The Smoke Fairies are grumpy every time they wake as display Morning Blues, Band of Horses admire the view and they display Window Blues, Deep Purple experience Junkyard Blues, Bombay Bicycle Club get emotional with Leaving Blues and having surfaced from a long dive, it's only natural for Graveyard to be overcome with Submarine Blues.

A bunch of louts attempted to force a reaction from The Enemy.  They walked as they wanted no Aggro.  If you want a real Troublemaker, talk to Beach House.

If The National are intent on Looking for Astronauts, shouldn’t they be in space like Beach House as they became an Astronaut.

Franz Ferdinand are rank Outsiders in the music business.

The Boxer Rebellion were a big naughty and Locked in the Basement for their misdemeanor.

If you haven't listened to Primal Scream, you must have Rocks in your head.

Do you remember Last Year’s Snow?  Never mind as I’m sure The Cribs can help your recall.

I lost a pair of shoes in bizarre circumstances; it’s a good job that Stereophonics had a spare pair as they share the Same Size Feet.

I failed to take snaps of Kaiser Chiefs as they were just Out of Focus, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour can’t be contacted because they are Out of Frequency, Embrace appeared Out of Nothing, Zero 7 got Out of Town, Real Estate are Out of Tune, Sugarcult have become Out of Phase, Lotus Plaza need to get with the program as they are Out of Touch and Athlete came Out of Nowhere.

Casting Crowns are basking in all the Glory.

The Levellers are On the Beach and Madness are On the Town.

Paddy Considine’s Tyrannosaur is nothing like Jurassic Park.  Instead, it’s superbly acted and not for either the easily offended or faint hearted.

X marks the spot...

In film:

Marci X (2003), Project X (1968, 1987 and 2012), Citizen X (1995), American History X (1998), Jason X (2001), Malcolm X (1992) and Patient X (2013).

In game:

Maken X (Atlus, 2000), Project X (Team 17, 1992), Metal Slug X (SNK, 1999), Final Fantasy X (Square, 2001), SBK X (Milestone, 2010), Guilty Gear X (Arc System Works, 2000), F-Zero X (Nintendo, 1998), Mega Man X (Capcom, 1993), Revolution X (Midway, 1994), Insector X (Taito, 1989), Ranger X (GAU Entertainment, 1993), Dance Dance Revolution X (Konami, 2008), Agent X (Software Creations, 1986), Burglar X (Unico, 1997), Strategy X (Konami, 1983), Shinobi X (Sega, 1995) and Alert X (Techland, 1994).

Song X is a song by Neil Young.

I don’t think many could deny Future of Forestry, Weezer or Vampire Weekend a Holiday.  The Holiday is a 2006 comedy film.

The Verve found a Lucky Man, Seasick Steve is a Happy Man and Oasis met a Better Man.

Line of Fire is a 1989 Sega light gun arcade game and In the Line of Fire is 1993 assassination thriller starring Clint Eastwood and John Malkovich.

If you fancy a spot of stargazing, borrow Yellowcard’s ultra powerful Telescope.

Beck got a funny look when visiting church as they couldn’t help spewing Profanity Prayers.

Either Way you must appreciate Wilco.

I’m confused as to why Young the Giant have suddenly started showing an interest in My Body.

Real Steel is a 2011 Rocky with robots sci-fi sporting drama, Red Steel is a 2006 Wii game and Blue Steel is a 1934 or 1989 film starring John Wayne and Jamie Lee Curtis respectively.

Lifeblood is a 2004 Manic Street Preachers album and Life Blood is a 2009 horror film.

Kaiser Chiefs did something naughty so they are Dead or in Serious Trouble.

Kings of Leon played in Velvet Snow, The Verve woke up to another Velvet Morning and Propellerheads wore Velvet Pants.

If you think you know music, Owl City are just The Tip of the Iceberg.

It was a truly Herculean effort by The Good, The Bad & The Queen.

Let me one thing Loud and Clear, Longpigs are a quality band.

Don’t Go Slow on the motorway or Benjamin Francis Leftwich will let you know about it.  Down Slow is a song by Moby.

Radical Face do The Strangest Things and The Czars are a Strange band.

We are Augustines are not a barrel of laughs, instead they’re a Barrel of Leaves.

I wish Detroit Social Club would Wake Up and smell the coffee and The Antlers will eventually Wake from their slumber.

Owl City finally returned to The Real World.

The Black Keys and The Cure are The Only One I want to know.  The Only Ones is a band.

Beck do not exist as It’s All in Your Mind.

Yellowcard are On the Brink and I am Kloot were taken To the Brink.

The Black Keys played with Little Black Submarines, The Beatles live in a Yellow Submarine and The Drums are beneath the ocean in their Submarine.

To cool down, Guillemots take a break in their Ice Room.

No One Knows about Queens of the Stone Age and The Magic Number wrote the most unpopular tune ever as it’s The Song That No One Knows.

No matter how cold the weather is, Hard-Fi always cause me to Sweat.

The Kooks are bridging a Gap in the musical world.

Instead of open here, The Cure stated Cut Here.

Rez is a unique on the rails trance shooting game originally released for the Dreamcast in 2001.  Rez is also the main antagonist in Gex, a 1994 3DO game.

As Criminals, Atlas Sound is on the wrong side of the law.  Crystal Castles suffered a Crimewave.

Ever since discovering the sound of Surfer Blood, I’ve developed a Drinking Problem.

After an unpleasant row with the wife, The Solar Bears demanded, Get Out of My Life Woman.

The Chap are Unusual but Nice whereas Interpol are pure Evil.

There’s an Emergency, send a memo to Paramore.

Tired Pony noticed Northwestern Skies, I am Kloot and Dido observed Northern Skies, Noah and the Whale and Longpigs always have Blue Skies and The Cribs agree that We Share the Same Skies.

At the Meeting Place, I bet that The Last Shadow Puppets will be there to greet you.

Mansun are Being a Girl, Manic Street Preachers were Born a Girl and The Vaccines imagine I Wish I Was a Girl.

Dionsaur is a 2000 Disney CGI effort and Dinosaurs is a song by We are Scientists.

Zero 7 listened to a Warm Sound and Pavement heard Gold Soundz.  Guess which word isn’t a typo?

After suffering treacherous conditions and a choppy sea, they finally take their toll on the crew of blink-182 and they shout Man Overboard.

I interfered with the music and lyrical content of The Pigeon Detectives.  Oi, it’s got Nothing To Do With You.  I suppose I deserved it.

The Horrors waded through Scarlet Fields and The Beatles muse Strawberry Fields Forever.

The Subways had a house warming and with the booze flowing, the music playing and cigarette smoking, it did get a tad on the rowdy side.  The inevitable knock at the door eventually came but the response of It’s a Party seemed to convince the complainant that their interference was that of a killjoy.

Meanwhile, Seasick Steve attended a Party, Good Old War can tell you what happened After the Party, Alabama Shakes can't stop as they're Goin' to the Party and Kings of Leon won't take any nonsense when they host My Party.

I would advise not to Lust after The Raveonettes and Low.

The Duke Spirit are Northbound and Earthbound is a classic and ambitious RPG released for the SNES.

The Boxer Rebellion aren’t spitting feathers, they’re Spitting Fire.

With a pencil and paper, Death Cab for Cutie can work out Long Division with ease.

Repetition can be a good thing.  TV on the Radio thought so.

I am getting married to Owl City as they promise a Super Honeymoon.

The Bluetones promise brain surgery will be a Happy Lobotomy.

The films Dream Home and Dream House share about as much in common with each other as elephants do with a pair of trainers.

Beck don’t own their own set of wheels because they hire a Rental Car.

Uninvited is a song by Alanis Morissette and The Univited is a mediocre American remake of a South Korean horror, A Tale of Two Sisters.

Songs that are also randomly TV shows (of whatever type).

Known or unknown - you decide?

Shameless - The Fratellis, Kids in Glass Houses, Groove Armada and All Time Low

Lost - The Pigeon Detectives, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Avenged Sevenfold, Morrissey, Dexys, The Calling, Within Temptation, Aqualung, Actress and Red
Daybreak – The Stone Roses
Manchild - Eels
Vice – Razorlight
Bread - Jonny
Imagine – John Lennon
Let’s Pretend – Tindersticks
Ashes to Ashes – David Bowie
Stella – All Time Low
This Is Your Life – The Killers and Switchfoot
Going for Gold – Shed 7
Friends – Travis
Drop Dead Gorgeous – Republica and Aerosmith
House of Cards – Radiohead and Madina Lake
Monkey – Low and Counting Crows
Still Game - Errors
Bones – Radiohead, Editors, The Killers and Young Guns
Dear John - Taylor Swift, Ryan Adams and Jessie James.
Futurama – Non Phixion
Something for the Weekend – Super Furry Animals
Black Mirror – Arcade Fire
Weeds - Pulp
Californication – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Twin Peaks – Surfer Blood
Game On – Catatonia
Moving On – Good Charlotte
The Good Life – Weezer
Big Brother – David Bowie
Married with Children - Oasis
With or Without You – U2
Six Feet Under - Saga
Hearts and Minds – The Farm
Demons – Super Furry Animals, Still Corners, Fatboy Slim, Dry the River and Sleigh Bells
Whitechapel – S.C.U.M
Blackout – British Sea Power
The Word – Magnum and Ocean Colour Scene
Deadwood – Dirty Pretty Things
Bad Influence - Pink
London’s Burning – The Temper Trap and Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly
Family – Dry the River
Take Me Out – Franz Ferdinand
Countdown – The Black Keys, Phoenix and Pulp
Midnight Caller – Chase and Status
Teachers – Daft Punk
Spaced - The Smashing Pumpkins
Traffic Cops - Calvin Harris
Sunshine - Kids in Glass Houses
Sanctuary - SBTRKT
One Tree Hill - U2
Planet Earth - Duran Duran
Life's too Short - Lightning Seeds
Africa - Madness
Respectable - The Rolling Stones
Last of the Summer Wine - Palma Violets
Utopia - Goldfrapp
Vicious - Lou Reed
Revenge - Black Flag
Kingpin - Wilco
Supernatural - The Phoenix Foundation

Life on Mars cannot be included as the classic David Bowie song is a question due to it having a ? after Mars.

Hello Mr Taxi driver, Take Me to the Hospital, yes that’s right the Hospital, no more than that, as I want to be In the Hospital, inhale Roses in the Hospital and Hospital Flowers.  Suffice to say, he looked confused but that didn’t stop him taking my dosh.

I take it he’s never heard of The Prodigy, The Used, Friendly Fires, Manic Street Preachers and Owl City respectively.

Magic Pie and Ocean Pie are by Oasis and Shed 7 respectively.

The Calling gave a Final Answer and Grizzly Bear issued A Simple Answer.

I previously hated muck and feathered flying objects but now I Like Dirt and also I Like Birds.  I can only think that Red Hot Chili Peppers and Eels changed my mind.

Bright Eyes have the song The Calendar Hung Itself.  That is either one depressed yearly referencing chart or it had artificial intelligence.

Space have hits like Neighbourhood and Female of the Species.  Their namesake is also a song by James.

Muse has the rather excellent New Born and Elbow narrowed it down to Newborn.

Special K is a popular dieting breakfast aid and cereal favourite of Placebo.  Gruff Rhys always takes his prescribed dose of Vitamin K.

The Bees always have One Glass of Water before going to bed.

I don’t particularly like Dance Music.  There are Errors in that opinion.

You can Run the Gauntlet or Run the Heart.  Sleigh Bells settled with the latter.

When sentencing, Ceremony will only dish out Community Service.

Where the Fun Is and Where the Heart Is.  The former is a song by Bad Religion and the latter is a TV show.

The Beatles state Happiness is a Warm Gun, The Seahorses believe Happiness is Eggshaped and Mansun speak of Egg Shaped Fred.

When on holiday, Standard Fare prefer to live out of a Suitcase.

The Past will come back to haunt Teenage Fanclub.

The National Anthem, National Anthem and Natural Anthem are songs by Radiohead, The Gaslight Anthem and The Postal Service respectively.

While She Sleeps are Satisfied in Suffering and Manic Street Preachers admit She is Suffering.

David Bowie hasn’t exactly got a subtle way of asking a woman to marry him as he blurted out Be My Wife.

Wake the Dead is the debut album by Comeback Kid and a song by The Used.

Chlorophyll to plants is like fuel to cars – pretty essential stuff.  It’s also a song by Son, Ambulance.  Owl City are a huge follower of Plant Life

To explain the phenomenon of spontaneous female human combustion, Weezer came to the conclusion that The Girl got Hot.

Vegetarians should stay well clear of the Meat Balloon owned by Pulled Apart by Horses.

Band of Skulls urge you to Navigate their music.

Maroon 5 guess their future by visiting a Fortune Teller.

I don’t know if Young Guns are particularly funny but they always have me in Stitches.

You Me at Six have Jealous Minds, Simple Minds is a band and Elvis Presley had Suspicious Minds.

There aren't many bands that Think Alike but I and You Me at Six do.

Paul Buchanan own Half the World and Oasis gave Half the World Away.

Don Broco will only attend a Fancy Dress party.

The Boxer Rebellion and The Heavy gave me Cause for Alarm.

Death Cab for Cutie didn’t speak to the animals, they had a fascinating conversation with a Talking Bird.

Paradise Lost are Worth Fighting For unless you want them to meet The Glorious End.

Howler knew a lot of Beach Sluts but they insisted that a certain lady didn’t fit the bill as This One’s Different.

Full Metal Jacket and The Devil’s Advocate couldn’t be more different as films if they tried.  They do however both use Paint it Black by The Rolling Stones as the end credits roll.

MGMT sang about The Youth, Metric are Youth without Youth, Frightened Rabbit missed out as they chose to Skip the Youth, Seasick Steve talked of My Youth and Beck are Youthless.

I’ve spilt Too Much Blood for The Gaslight Anthem.

On request, The Kooks will rub noses and happily share an Eskimo Kiss.

How Many More Times?  This is what Field Music say when they reach explanation frustration.

It’s a Walk in the Park when you’re Beach House.

I am Kloot had a perfectly good car but traded it in for a monster truck.  Why did they do this, well it was because they wanted a vehicle with Bigger Wheels.

I like Laura Marling.  Don’t Ask me Why.

If you have an argument with Birdy, expect her to leave Without a Word.

The Bluetones take The Simple Things in their stride, The Proclaimers and Paolo Nutini handle Simple Things.

Oasis want to Talk Tonight, The Futureheads will Think Tonight and The Maccabees may Sleep Tonight.

The Smashing Pumpkins and Levellers both share the same album name in Zeitgeist.  This album namesake is also a Solarstone song.

Saint Etienne are a Popular band.

This is the One and This is the Land are songs by The Stone Roses and The Bees respectively. 

The Proclaimers despaired Oh Jean and Gay Dad remembered Oh Jim.  Oh, Oscar is a track by Admiral Fallow.

Radlands is a song and album by Mystery Jets.  Badlands can be a video game and a 1973 film.

D'You Know What I Mean? and You Know What I Mean are songs by Oasis and Goo Goo Dolls respectively.

Charles Hawtrey is a famous Carry On regular who features on the front of The Very Best of The Smiths.

Mom Says I had to clean my room.  I did this more as a favour for Low.

The Duke Spirit were ordered to Surrender and Wet Wet Wet tasted Sweet Surrender.

I strongly disagree that there is No Atmosphere in soirees hosted by The Bees

All My Life I have been listening to Echo & the Bunnymen and I gave All My Loving to The Beatles.

Thanks to Lower Than Atlantis, all of my dreams have gone Up in Smoke and Coldplay are pretty hot today as they went Up in Flames.

How the hell can Beck perform with a Broken Drum?

I am Kloot were determined to be Monkeys, Low are a cheeky Monkey and Ian Brown reminded us that Dolphins were Monkeys.

Speech Bubble and Acid Bubble are songs by Longpigs and Alice in Chains.

We are Scientists have a Lousy Reputation in the music world.

I scowled, snapped and snarled at the most harmless comment.  Wow, The Vaccines certainly put me a Bad Mood.

Detroit Social Club must be even hotter than the big hot thing in the sky as they feel the need to Kiss the Sun.

In stark contrast to the content, both teams seem to happy to pass it among themselves (in their own half).

“Well Fred, there’s not much ambition from either side and it appears that both teams are happy to let this fizzle out.”

“Hmmmm, disappointing really Bob as one moment of magic, a burst of acceleration or even a bit of lady luck could avoid the dreaded 12 yard situation.”

Future This is a song by The Big Pink and Picture This is a film that I don’t really care much about.

The Shins believed that Caring is Creepy.  I hope that’s not too literal.

A gorgeous girl attempted to seduce me but as much as I wanted to, I had to spurn her advances as We Are Scientists reminded me that I’m already Spoken For.

The National have a Beautiful Head and Goldfrapp have a Lovely Head.

Why does everybody put The Czars through such Pain?  I guess they must enjoy it.

Bright Eyes get a bit upset if they don't have an unpeeled Bowl of Oranges next to them.

Evanescence and Within Temptation were Shot in the Dark, Hot Chip were Made in the Dark, Gruff Rhys experienced Sensations in the Dark, Snow Patrol Called Out in the Dark, Flyleaf are In the Dark and Passenger were injected with a Needle in the Dark.

The Jam called Beat Surrender and LCD Soundsystem lost Beat Connection.

Lowgold and Dido had Quiet Times, The Black Keys are up to date with Modern Times, Beach House witnessed Better Times, Portishead taste the Sour Times, The Stone Roses remember Good Times, Eels look to End Times, The Raveonettes face Uncertain Times, School of Seven Bells are prepared for Low Times, Screaming Trees struggled through Troubled Times, Black Mountain couldn't fix Faulty Times, Jamiroquai ascended to High Times and Boards of Canada felt queasy when the Sick Times came around.

Owl City can show you a Good Time and Little Comets are trying to make up for Lost Time.

The Bees are just The Start of my problems.

Goo Goo Dolls have seen Better Days and Ocean Colour Scene pray for the welcome of a Better Day

Deep Purple were chased by a pack of rabid dogs.  Honestly, it was like Call of the Wild.

Island and Islands are songs by Young the Giant and The Phantom Band respectively.

Them Crooked Vultures wrote Mind Eraser, No Chaser and The Black Keys are just a Mind Eraser.

Girls are all Substance over style.

Noah and the Whale experienced the First Days of Spring.  Cymbals Eat Guitars will experience a Cold Spring and Detroit Social Club are part of Spring.

The Strokes have the most difficult situation completely Under Control and Weezer will Take Control of any scrap.

I find myself curiously Humming to Portishead.

As You Are and As I Am are songs by Travis and Goo Goo Dolls respectively.

For goodness sake, somebody turn the Volume up for Trevor Hall.

The Stone Roses reduce me to Tears but Massive Attack force only a Teardrop.

Bad Religion is a true Individual in the music scene.

It is music to your ears if you make sure that Black precedes the following....

Tambourine - Beck
Ghost – Gay Dad
Thumbnail – Kings of Leon
Door – The Black Keys
Mirror – Arcade Fire
Milk – Massive Attack
Flies – Ben Howard
Dog - Led Zeppelin
Noise – Panic Room and Nine Inch Nails
Swan – Thom Yorke
Mud – The Black Keys
Eyes – Kieran Leonard and Shearwater
Gold – Foals
Plant – The Last Shadow Puppets
Moon - Wilco
Night - Deep Purple
Balloon - Goo Goo Dolls and The Kills
Sheep - Metric
Water - Train and Wolf People
Flowers - Babybird
Treacle - Arctic Monkeys
Satin - The Raveonettes
Flags - The Ataris
Wave - The Shins
Tide - Dirty Three
Coffee - Tricky
Magic - Jarvis Cocker
Lake - Real Estate
Crush - Kids in Glass Houses
Smoke - Tindersticks
Fang - Cherry Ghost
Heart - Calexico and Stone Temple Pilots
Flute - Leftfield
Steel - Tricky
Lucia - Aztec Camera
Math - The White Stripes
Skies - Magnum
Rooster - The Kills
Lagoon - Howler
Sand - Jenny Lewis
Tongue - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Shuck - The Darkness
Hole - Aqualung
Tiles - Wild Flag
Trade - The Unthanks
Chandelier - Biffy Clyro
Satellite - American Hi-Fi
Widow - Dolores O'Riordan and Cage the Elephant
Buzz - Lotus Plaza
Saturday - Soundgarden
Tables - Other Lives
Grease - The Black Angels
Saturday - Soundgarden
River - Paul Weller
Again - Stone Temple Pilots
Crow - Jamiroquai
Cherry - Goldfrapp
Spot - Local Natives
Dunes - This Will Destroy You
Mould - The Phoenix Foundation
Sea - Field
Jack - The Hives
Diamond - The Replacements
Cloud - Kids in Glass Houses
Sands - Bonobo

I am only using two words hence why Black Burning Heart by Keane or any others of a similar nature will never be included.

Portishead and The Verve have albums Third and Forth.  Notice that The Verve used it in the wrong context even though this was their ‘fourth’ album....

Airbag emigrated but became Homesick.

You don't know it yet but Matchbox Twenty could be your Downfall.  Dead Space: Downfall is adult animation set before the first Dead Space game.

Call The Smashing Pumpkins as we need to Disarm a bomb.

The Cure called somebody up but realising their mistake, they apologised as it was the Wrong Number.

Panic Room only perform in Nocturnal circumstances and The Smashing Pumpkins state We Only Come Out at Night.

Tarrant has bored us all to tears by asking prospective millionaires about their Final Answer.  The Calling would surely get annoyed pretty quickly.


Pirates - Norah Jones
Cars - Snow Patrol
Shadows - Deep Purple
Pavements - Adele
Rainbows - Shed Seven
Lights - The Saturdays

Please take a moment and Listen to Goo Goo Dolls.

Evil, Spiteful, Unpleasant, Depraved, Nasty, Malicious, Vicious, Cruel, Hateful, Malevolent, Terrible and Detestable.  This is Longpigs describing a Dozen Wicked Words.

So Extra Time has failed to force a result so a different type of lottery will begin (soon).

Try and contain your delight and anticipation.

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