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If this isn't variety - you're ostensibly the greatest denier! Ud 29/04/14

What is the definition of motivation?

Well I see it as the act of wanting something so bad that you will do whatever it takes in order to achieve it.

In other words, there is no point in starting something if you never intend on finishing it.

For example, quitting an addiction is a notion that should never be entertained unless the threat is carried out in full, thus achieving your goal.

The magnitude of overcoming such a gargantuan task is something that should not be taken lightly.

The road will be hard, not without incident or difficulty, but persistence will lead to reaching the avenue of success.

Having considered all that, I’m off for a smoke.

Magnum noticed a Lonesome Star and Glasvegas fed a Lonesome Swan in the park.

Ride is a band of particular Taste.

Lesbian Vampire Killers and Lesbian Vampire Warriors are both films.

After listening to White Denim for the umpteenth time in succession, my friend stated an obvious obsession and declared he’s an adoring fan.  I felt it appropriate to reply with I Can Tell.

Armourland and Ignoreland are tracks from Everything Everything and R.E.M. respectively.

Zombieland, Adventureland, Austenland, Skateland, Parkland and Vampireland are all films. 

Cop Land has to go and ruin things...

Strangeland, Heligoland, Spiderland, Medazzaland, Wonderland, Disgraceland, Heartland, Joyland, Drainland, Floodland and Candleland are albums from Keane, Massive Attack, Slint, Duran Duran, The Charlatans, The Orwells, Client, Trust, Michael Gira, The Sisters of Mercy and Ian McCulloch respectively.

Dreamland is a stage from Konami's The Simpsons arcade.

Football fans will have heard of AVB (Andre Villas Boas) and those who like the arrows will be aware of Dutch sensation MVG (Michael van Gerwen).

Tender Trap shout MBV and by a stroke of pure coincidence, M B V is an album by My Bloody Valentine.

I Will Follow and Follow are tracks by U2 and Seapony respectively.

When I heard The Wedding Present had cancelled one of their gigs, I was simply Crushed.

Before I listen to Animal Collective, I have a few Chores to do.  Nah, sod it, I can’t be bothered.

Eye Robot is a track by Plaid and I, Robot is a 2004 Will Smith sci-fi film.

Keep that Champagne on ice as Sugarcult are in town.

The Stone Roses asked are we Made of Stone and Electric Light Orchestra will Turn to Stone.

Awakenings and The Awakening are both films.

Atlas Sound are so contagious, they need to be Quarantined.

It’s a Done deal that you’ll like Low.

I don’t know what all the excitement is about Surfer Blood and Eagles so I shout Take it Easy.  It sometimes has the desired effect and sometimes not.

Mystery Jets don’t want to show me the money, but rather Show Me the Light.  Sparklehorse will help you See the Light.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs hide many Skeletons in their closet.

Whiteout is a 2009 thriller starring the lovely Kate Beckinsale and White Out is a track by Woods.

Mystic River and Mystic Pizza are both films.  Young Knives summoned Mystic Energy.

I didn’t perform a hit as agent 47, but I assisted an assassination For Agent 13, in association with The Besnard Lakes.  Unit 13 is a 2012 PS Vita effort.

Stand by for Mind Control.  Hang on a mo Ash, at least give me some notice.

There’s a superhero called Superman, this dude of red and blue may be the man of steel, fly freely and burn through lead but he met his match in the most unlikeliest of foes in 3 Doors Down.  If you didn’t know already, they possess a hefty supply of Kryptonite.

If my Crystal Ball is working, I’d suggest Keane is just around the corner.

The Dears are a band of Yesteryear.

Bon Iver doesn’t and never will own any pets as they have a Creature Fear.

Tapes ‘n Tapes were naughty and were given Lines in detention.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.  This precious jewel is also the property of Mercury Rev.

Iris is a song by Goo Goo Dolls and is also Jodie Foster’s prostitute char in Scorsese’s 1976 classic Taxi Driver.

Hercules and Herculean are songs by Mercury Rev and The Good, The Bad & The Queen respectively.

16 Blocks is a 2006 Bruce Willis thriller and I built Three Blocks for Real Estate.

Shade and Honey is a Sparklehorse track and Milk and Honey is a posthumous John Lennon album.

After been taken away against my will, I noticed my kidnappers to be Title Fight.  The first thing I asked was Where Am I?

If you don't like Black Stone Cherry, that's Such a Shame.

I have your card Marked, just like EMA.

I had to be on my Toes to escape the grasp of Errors.

The Walls are Wearing Thin and A Promise Wearing Thin are tracks by We Were Promised Jetpacks and Cashier No.9 respectively.

Longpigs, Howling Bells and Emiliana Torrini paint a Baby Blue and Fluke experience Baby Pain.

You just never know what’s over the Horizon because Taken by Trees were seen only the other day.  If New Horizons is what you seek, look no further than Flyleaf.

When I listen to Cashier No.9, no matter what battery life I start with; their music always reduces my Ipod to 6%.

Shows of Hands were tortured by a Cruel River, The Magic Numbers had no patience with a Restless River and Rogue River is a terrible 2012 horror film.

A tapeworm, glowworm or an earthworm all have different purposes.  I wonder what Battles do with their Inchworm...

Little Comets witnessed fights in a usually tranquil neighbourhood.  I know that there’s Violence Out Tonight but this is ridiculous.

If you have trouble nodding off, The Shins provide an invaluable advice on Sleeping Lessons.

Kitten Moon is a song by Fluke and Button Moon is a famous children's show adored by children and grown-ups alike.

On Deadly Ground and On Hostile Ground are rather chalk and cheese films.

The World Is Not Enough is the final Bond for Pierce Brosnan and Isn’t This World Enough?? is a song by Admiral Fallow.

Eraser is a typically entertaining 1996 Arnie action film and track by No Age, The Eraser is the 2006 debut solo album from Radiohead’s Thom Yorke and Eraserhead is a surreal 1977 David Lynch body horror.

I was in the local and just before ordering the normal fermentation, I noticed a curiously named ale on the specials board.  I hesitated at first but decided to throw caution to the wind and ordered a Bitch Please.

It wasn’t the smartest move as I was surrounded by many glaring women.  Minutes past and I wondered what was taking the barman so long because he disappeared into the back.

I was about to complain but then to my astonishment, I was not only handed a drink but an invitation to a Death Grips gig which I embraced with open arms.

Any suggestion that you should enter The Rapture will be met by a House of Jealous Lovers.

Runaground and Go to Ground are songs by James and Young Knives respectively.  Gain Ground is a 1988 Sega video game

Come Back to Me and Come Back to What you Know are songs by The Rapture and Embrace respectively.

If you want to follow The Hundred in the Hands, be prepared to negotiate many confusing Tunnels.

I had Money to Burn so I treat myself to a Richard Ashcroft album.

Animal Collective added Applesauce to their dessert, Soundgarden took an Applebite and Appleseed is a 2004 Manga sci-fi film.

Crystal Castles slept and were observed screaming, throwing punches and basically freaking everybody out.  If you’re akin to Violent Dreams, I’m sure you can understand.

Whatever can be The Tallest Man on Earth be imagining while he snoozes but it seems to be attempting to be using his fingers to form a gun.  Oh I know, Pistol Dreams.

Make For this City and Take Back the City are songs by James and Snow Patrol respectively.

I looked up an Ex Lover but all I found was Friendly Fires.

Fever Dreams is a track by Light Pollution and Fever Pitch can be two different films.

Air are Surfing on a Rocket and Klaxons enjoy emptiness while Surfing the Void.

Where are Beck now?  Lord Only Knows.

If you are going to attend a Bellowhead concert, please be aware that no matter how close you are to the venue, they will always be 10,000 Miles Away.

Mona Lisa are songs by The Summer Set and Atlas Sound, Mona Lisa Smile is a 2003 film and The Ballad of Mona Lisa is a Panic! at the Disco track.

Maximum Carnage and Total Carnage are unrelated video games.  Maximum Conviction and Maximum Overdrive are films with chalk and cheese subject matter.

Various types of Blue…

Veins – The Raconteurs
Light – Bloc Party
Skies – Noah and the Whale and Longpigs
Cassette – Friendly Fires
Monday – New Order
Jeans – Lana Del Rey and Blur
Dahlia – The Gaslight Anthem
Orchid - The White Stripes
Blood – Foals
Hour – Turin Brakes
Soul – Graveyard
Piccadilly – The Feeling
Winter – Morning Parade
Bird – The Rapture
Clouds – Com Truise
Beard – Band of Horses
Day – American Hi-Fi
Girls - Pulp
Summer - The Phoenix Foundation
Cockade - Show of Hands
American - Placebo
Ocean - Flying Colors
You - The Magnetic Fields
Sister - The Stranglers
Jean - David Bowie
Agent - Deerhunter
Harbour - The Wave Pictures
Hawaiian - Pavement

As with my previous sets of Black and Broken, I'm not counting any tracks with more than two words like Blue Jay Way by The Beatles and Blue Spotted Tail from Fleet Foxes.

Tricky and The Charlatans say jump and you say How High.

Cosmo’s Ladder and Jacob’s Ladder is a Future of the Left track and a famous 1990 horror film respectively.

Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong is a Radiohead track and Punch-Drunk Love is a 2002 Adam Sandler offbeat comedy.

Doc Hollywood and Jimmy Hollywood are both films.  Goodbye Hollywood is a track by Jet.

I don’t doubt that Death Grips exist as I’ve Seen Footage as the proof

I was left Shaken but not stirred by Shiny Toy Guns.

Silver Streak and Blue Streak are both films.

If I feel the sudden sensation of Nausea, I know Metz is not too far away.

It puzzles me why Atlas Sound leaves Bite Marks after everything they touch.

Brett Anderson better be careful as he is a Crash About to Happen.

I bought my wife a New Found Glory album and I was Dumped without an explanation.

Lights Out is a common term that prisoners expect to hear when it’s bed time.  The Pierces defied such stereotyping and they fixed it that Lights On would be called instead.

If you fancy an Upgrade, Plaid recommend this sensible option.

Forget about finding fame and fortune, Yeah Yeah Yeahs found Shame and Fortune.

A jealous woman may tell you that Your Boyfriend Sucks.  Regardless if that’s true, that’s for The Ataris to say and nobody else.

Out of the Eye and into the frying pan is a not so famous expression created in part by Woods.

Female of the Species and Original of the Species are songs by Space and U2 respectively.

Of Montreal is a band and Montreal are songs by The Wedding Present and The Weekend.

The Boxer Rebellion point out that All You Do Is Talk, Pink Floyd insist you Keep Talking while The Strokes remind that You Talk Way Too Much.

Bombay Bicycle Club was not in drink and stood in a busy takeaway queue on a Saturday night.  They noticed that an argument began between two men who obviously were intoxicated over who should be served first.

Before it got ugly, the band intervened.  Look lads, just Leave It as it’s just the drink talking.  You’re both gonna get served so a few seconds between orders won’t matter right?  The feuding pair later became friends.

Jack & Ginger went up the hill to fetch a pail of water…  Wait a minute as that’s not right.  We Are Scientists, can you stop messing about?

After sticking Young Knives on, I felt Human Again.

Bright Eyes set me a puzzle of such deviousness and cunning I was totally stumped.  They didn’t even give me a clue, not even Something Vague.

The King is Dead and The Queen is Dead are albums by The Decemberists and The Smiths respectively.

If they can’t do it together, Sugarcult will Do It Alone.

I was caught red-handed with my collection of albums by Show of Hands.  I did feel slightly embarrassed but even I couldn’t wriggle out of this one.  Okay, so Now You Know.

Deadwood is a TV series and Heatherwood is a Deerhunter track.

If you are About to Die, please listen to Dirty Projectors.

Brother in Arms and Wall of Arms are songs by Young Guns and Maccabees respectively.

The Clash is going Straight to Hell.

Switchblade Smiles is a Kasabian song and Switchblade Romance is a 2003 horror.

I had an argument with The Wedding Present.  Having calmed down, we agreed it was about Something and Nothing.

Stereophonics are My Own Worst Enemy.

Soundgarden demand that you Get on the Snake.  Depending if you have a dirty mind, this could be misconstrued as erotic.  Frightened Rabbit are far more innocent as they just own a pet Snake.

I visited a DVD rental store and from then on, my night was Sorted.

There’s not a fine line, but a Fine Light between me and Chapel Club.

If I take A Quick Peek outside, I believe you’ll come across Oasis.

Hoard is a 2010 action strategy game and The Horde is an entertaining action strategy game first released on 3DO in 1994.

Firefox and Firewall are both films.

Jumping Jack is an insane 1983 Speccy game; Jumping Jack Flash is a track by The Rolling Stones and Jumping Flash! is a 1995 PS1 effort.

If I don’t listen to The Cardigans and/or Sugarcult soon, I swear I’ll Explode.

When not writing music, Queens of the Stone Age earn a few bob by posing as unconvincing Avon ladies.

It Ain’t You is a Howling Bells track, It’s Not Me is a song by 3 Doors Down and It’s Not Me It’s You is a Lily Allen album.

I Do Believe in The Duke Spirit and I Still Believe Oasis won’t reform.

Nothing Matters apart from The Rifles.

If you’ve got an interest in something, owning Memorabilia is bound to be important.  I’m sure the stuff that Tender Trap have on offer is interesting.

The Kills baited Hook and Line in preparation for a splendid day of fishing.

Sega's Megadrive has a colour palette of 512 and if you halve that number, you're left with the maximum number of on-screen colours that the SNES is capable of displaying at any one time.

That might be an odd coincidence to those who didn't know but guess what, this is even worse.

Fact - Nintendo's wonder machine has a palette of 32,768.

Double that number and the answer 65,536 will become clear.  That is the palette of SNK's Neo Geo.

Crazy shit right?

You don’t have to work for the Met Office to know when Japandroids are close by as all you have to do is listen for Continuous Thunder.

Hold On is the tagline for the very competent 1993 Stallone action film Cliffhanger.  This tagline is also a song by Spiritualised.

Every Little Counts is a New Order track and Every Second Counts is a U.S game show with Paul Daniels hosting the UK version.

After long trek to Broken Records, I was relieved to be Nearly Home.

I am prone to keep making Magical Mistakes.  Athlete was on hand to applaud such calamities.

Do You Want Me To play Franz Ferdinand or not?

City State and Red State are both films.

Badfinger is a band, Bowfinger is a 1999 Steve Martin comedy and Goldfinger are tracks by Magazine and Ash.

I was asked to become Something Surreal and visit Somewhere Strange.  So instead of leaving the comfort of my living room, I simply used my loaf and played Woods and Mirrors respectively.

Tunguska is track by Cymbals eat Guitars and Secret Files: Tunguska is a classic point and click adventure video game franchise.

Black Swan and Black Swan Song are tracks by Thom Yorke and Athlete respectively.

The Airborne Toxic Event will take you on All At Once but The Calling is slightly less brave and will attack One by One.

Bonanza Bros. and Blood Bros. are both different types of video game.  Bros is a track by Panda Bear.

There are Sixteen Ways to enjoy Vivian Girls, it has taken me Sixteen Years to appreciate Chapterhouse and The Replacements went Sixteen Blue.  Sixteen Candles is a 1984 John Hughes film and track by The Stray Cats.

I was feeling under every type of weather so I slammed Frightened Rabbit on as a soothing exercise.  Suffice to say, I Feel Better now.

Friends with Kids and Friends with Benefits are both unrelated films.

Headshock and Headshrinker are tracks by Tapes ‘n Tapes and Oasis respectively.

When you are Down for so Long, you probably won’t feel like getting up.  The Rapture may however disagree.

Katy Perry was Hot n Cold and The Raveonettes are Young and Cold.

After finding Sleeper, please tell me, What Do I Do Now?

Even though I Am Arrows missed a shot while playing pool, it was certainly a Nice Try.


Hominid, Syndrome, Solider, Storm, Breed, Earth are all video games not connected with the Alien franchise.

Thanks to Sugarcult, my world is Crashing Down all around me.

This is a song by The Czars and Com Truise, Them is a 2006 French psychological thriller and They is a 2002 Wes Craven horror.

Face/Off is a 1997 John Woo action film and Face Up is a New Order track.

Don’t be a Wet Blanket and give Metz a try.

You may find Squealing Pigs in a slaughterhouse or during an Admiral Fallow recording session.  You can literally find Ty Segall in a Slaughterhouse.

After a long hard day, I like Nothing Better than to listen to The Postal Service.

The Jam and Editors weren't too bothered when their houses were condemned to demolition as after all; it’s only Bricks and Mortar.

Combat Rock is an album from The Clash, Combat Shock is a 1984 film and Combat School is a 1987 Konami game.

Owl City and David Gray watched a Tidal Wave and Manic Street Preachers were devastated as a Tsunami rudely washed over me.

When I Go Deaf, I will thank Low, rather than blame them.

Night Creatures and Nightmare Creatures are both video games.

Wulong is a char from Taito’s 1994 Global Champion aka Kaiser Knuckle and Oolong is the hero of Konami’s Yie Ar Kung Fu.

Even the simplest things can bamboozle some.  Take this question about asking a group of people of what they thought of Taken by Trees.  They gave a look that could hypnotise your average chicken.

However, I wanted an answer so I tried again but this time put it In Other Words and they suddenly understood.

Golden Axe: The Duel is a 1994 one on one fighter which Sega hoped to cash in on the Street Fighter II obsession and James Bond 007: The Duel is a terrible 1993 Domark game.

The Cider House Rules is a 1999 movie starring Michael Caine adapted from John Irving’s novel and The Garden Rules is a track by Snow Patrol.

Guess God Thinks I’m Abel and Abel are songs by Oasis and The National respectively.

Soundgarden believe they should Let me Drown and Audioslave are counting down the days to Drown me Slowly.

Can you flick the Light Switch as I can’t hear Young Knives?  Ah, that’s better.

Skinwalkers is a 2006 horror and Sleepwalkers is a track by The Hundred in the Hands.

36 is a film and also a song by System of a Down.  36 Hours is a track by Aqualung.

Wendy, John and Michael paid their respects to Kula Shaker.  The gravestone simply said Peter Pan R.I.P.

Growing is a track by Two Wounded Birds and Growth is a 2010 horror movie.

I will see you and The Rapture at a holiday park.  To ease the recycled boredom, a party is arranged in my Caravan.

Ode to Lrc and Ode to my Family are tracks by Band of Horses and The Cranberries respectively.

Two Wounded Birds are not on riot patrol, but on Night Patrol.

Attention thieves.  Here’s some information that will cost nothing apart from your time.  There’s no point in robbing a house owned by Woods as you’ll always Find Them Empty.

Get Back and Get Funky are songs by The Beatles and Teenage Fanclub respectively.

Rise Against are rotten To the Core.

Sugarcult are one of those bands that left me Crying soon after.

Grass is essential in creating the mood for Animal Collective.

After listening to The Automatic, it may take me some time to Recover.

Radiohead are lost it when Climbing up the Walls and Sugarcult enjoy Bouncing off the Walls.

Last night, I listened to Good Charlotte and I felt Alive again.

We Are Scientists have a distinct lack of Ambition.

Way of the Warrior is a 1994 Naughty Dog 3DO Mortal Kombat rip-off, Way of the Dragon is a 1972 Bruce Lee classic and Way of the Tiger is a 1986 Speccy game.

Lake Mungo and Lake Placid are rather different types of films.

Somebody sent me a text involving a joke which I found to be rather funny.  Like many, I simply replied LOL.  Another text followed asking me what Miley Cyrus has gotta do with anything?  At first I was confused, but it made sense shortly after…

I find the following snooker loopy but it’s a fact.

Satelllliiiiiiiteee, Ssslowdreamsss and Sweedeedee are tracks by Flying Lotus, Light Pollution and Cat Power respectively.

If I ever get down, I greet every situation with a smile on my lips and a Song in My Heart.  I give thanks to Gomez for the second part of my self-invented remedy.

The Zutons offer sound advice in numerous dangerous situations as they advise Don’t Get Caught.

If you can’t see Chapel Club, you must be Blind.

No matter how they look, Dum Dum Girls cannot fail to seduce with those Bedroom Eyes.

Congo’s Caper and Congo Bongo are both video games.

Right, after dotting out my final cigarette that is the end of this latest set but before I log off, have a go at this teaser that you should be able to work out. 

Why can you associate the Commodore Amiga with SNK’s Neo Geo?

All will be revealed next time and the real killer is that an obvious Google search shouldn't help you…


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