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Titles, taglines, subtitles and miscellany - Fun and funky Ud 13/09/13

I have already devised two of these and I'm glad to say that in order to exhaust and exert maximum impact, there will be thirteen more.

The most radical electronic referencing guide this side of the water will dive into the depths of entertainment exploitation that you wouldn't think possible.

Like the male appendage, some will be larger than others.

To cover my back, some names are different in other countries so I've obviously used what's most appropriate.

While variety is still alive and kicking, meet the new breed of delight.

First off, the Second Coming.

I've only seen this horror stocked in HMV.  Another horror featuring twins is Seconds Apart.  After a string of disappointing films, After Dark did churn out a decent chiller.
Finally, if swap things around, you get the same thing.

Unrelated printed media and film.

i'm not teaching anybody to suck eggs here but as it's pretty small, the tagline for the above film is 'Don't trust a soul'.  If you replaced 'trust' with 'tell', you'll have an album from The Replacements.

A single from Django Django's self titled debut album

Coincidentally, this tagline uses this and finishes off the variation of 'life's a bitch'.

Now here's a virtual tagline steal from a very decent sci-fi.

Great right?

You will be forever tormented by this triple hit combo.

This recent Cruise Control effort exists as the subtitle for epic pixels.

To wrap up, this boxset from The Orb uses a convenient title...

Now up to its fifth film, this particular subtitle in this decent horror franchise should attract your attention as it's a variation of the title as the undead are clearly infected by 28 Days Later.

Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) made the famous quote "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" in The Godfather Part II.

Here are three very obvious takes on it.

Look at the above title and then the random relic below.

Is this supposed to be a portmanteau of Friend and Genesis?  Probably.

This is former world champ Adrian Lewis and got this nickname for winning a tidy sum in Vegas but couldn't collect his winnings because he was underage.  Gutted!
Now I wonder why I've chosen this particular arrow slinger?

Also, this tagline is useful for a funny comedy horror as that 'can be murder' too.

While the teenage son and his love interest are irritating, it does have some highlights with 'The Old 96er' and a bald headed bear.
Things are ready to explode...

This variation finishes things off delightfully.  Read all about it from The Suffering.
Their decent follow up to Bring It On.
Hold the phone, what's this?

The name of this game is to soak and destroy all who stand before you.
Two very similar taglines.

I know you love these so here are two taglines that are surprisingly identical...

This is the final chapter for some but we all know that Friday the 13th had other ideas... 

The original consisted of 3 OVAs (Original Video Animation), but all we got was the final part that was subject to heavy editing in order to secure a BBFC 18 rating.
In short, the UK release should be avoided like a certain plague.
I reckon that Saw will somehow have another entry up its sleeve.  I know, the origins or childhood of Jigsaw.

After the amazing Castlevania IV, this was a near train wreck of a port when compared to the brilliant PC Engine game Rondo of Blood. 
A 1988 comedy horror.  Random shit...
I present three examples of reaching the Last Resort.

An American military drama TV show.
R-Type rip off?  Well yes and no but this actually stole from Irem's Gallop Armed Police Unit which was part of the R-Type universe.
For a good time, ask for Melina.

Payback's a bitch and revenge is a bitch?  Well, what a complete bitch.

A 2008 album by Madonna.
You can bet your boots that any revenge thriller will contain nasty subject matter and also be well acted.  This 2005 effort is no different as a suspected sexual predator suffers greatly at the hands of a teenage vigilante.  I'd recommend 7 Days, a kick ass film.
Cometh the film, cometh the Alien tagline parody.

The 1975 classic didn't have any official taglines so the mediocre sequel simply built upon what went before.

Anyway, here are a couple of cheesy parodies of Jaws 2.

This one isn't trying to be a parody and just serves bullshit.

Did they really think that nobody would notice?  Well maybe so, but then they're the idiots.

This tagline takes an ironic swipe at Tobe Hooper's infamous horror classic.  
This 'sequel' is merely an expansion of the classic original so was incredibly lazy.  The Star Trek themed subtitle fails to raise a smile.
It may be coincidental but the title of the above was used as the subtitle for the third X-Men outing.

These next two are self explanatory.

A trail of blood is left for you to follow...

Here's something of a novelty - a well done American remake.  Even so, stick with Let The Right One In.
The title of this torture porn is entirely relevant.
A pair of thoughtless and awful taglines.

1234, tell me that you love me more.

Subtitle, tagline, title and part of a tagline can all be linked to..

...a Van Damme film that he'd like to forget.

Unrelated but related.

Another crazy word swap...

A brilliant debut album so... I've linked this tagline to Mumford & Sons deserves a cheer.
A subtitle that suggests that the player will give chase when he/she can be bothered.

This however doubts that you'll be able to.
Brilliant (and not the film).
We don't have 'The' but we must rewind to Angelica Walker to see the obvious reason behind this FMV heavy inlcusion.
The way that the above lists emotion instantly reminds me of...
...a highly polished but certainly not without its faults classic.  As you can see, this is heavily plastered with emotional intrigue.

Swap 'terror' for something else and you get...

Finally, this tagline is 'slightly' different.

Here's another one, this time swap 'experience'...

Sometimes the past (can do whatever it wants).

The next after Regeneration in a tired franchise which sees action fossils Van Damme and Lundgren at it again.  You can use this subtitle to great effect.
A very similar track title which also happens to be a great song.
Not only is it incredible that I actually went to pictures to see this piece of shit but providing that you ignore 'on the streets', look what remains.

Yeah, that uni sol tagline.

You want one more example?  Of course you do, so here is that subtitle used again from some forgotten 1982 C64 game.

We move on with exactly the same principle taglines.

Now consider this as it fits like a worn pair of shoes.

I know - wow.

It just keeps on coming...

A horror starring a WWE star?  What's next?  A live action version of Shrek with Wayne Rooney in the leading role... Err, okay.  While the film is literally torture, at least the title is of some use.
Sea Evil?  Ha ha!
And finally.

It's not one of the duo's best but it still has some funny moments.
Some Thing
The tagline is a mish mash of what the decent sequel to Jurassic Park used.

Opposites attract.


How far will you go...?

How far would you go...?

The rest go ape shit and ask more of a complete question.

I don't wish to blow one's own trombone but this is a great set.

Oh look, it's that kick ass film I was just talking about.

This is partially insane as I don't think this could happen very often.

The disaster sequel to Airport.
The Neo Geo's debut release.
As a bonus, The 1975 are a British rock band.

Proceedings end here but it's a goodie.

This Mongolian wrestler made his only appearance in SNK's superior 1994 sequel to Art of Fighting.  His name immediately rings true of this... defunct video game company.
One down, twelve to go...

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