Monday, 4 August 2014

Dawn of The Planet of the Apes - The scoop and digest

For me, Rise was an unexpected triumph as Andy Serkis, five star acting and interesting story captivated.

Let's not get into Charlton Heston, or the Mark Wahlberg flick...

Rupert Wyatt steps aside for Matt Reeves, responsible for shaky camera favourite Cloverfield and Let Me In, the appreciable US remake of Swedish horror Let the Right One In.

Plot details and/or spoilers will swing from tree to tree.

Those settling unfinished monkey business include:

Andy Serkis – Caesar
Toby Kebbell – Koba
Jason Clarke – Malcolm
Gary Oldman – Dreyfus
Keri Russell – Ellie
Kirk Acevedo – Carver

The Simian Flu virus has practically decimated the human civilization and only a clutch of genetically immune survivors remain.

10 years later, Caesar has set up shop and leads a new generation of apes.

Apart from the odd bear necessity, things are going swimmingly until Blue Eyes and Ash (Caesar’s and Rocket’s son respectively), encounter a human called Carver trespassing.  He subsequently panics and shoots Ash.

Caesar arrives but instead of retaliating, orders Carver and his party (led by Malcolm), to “GO”.

The other half live in a closely guarded tower in the remains of San Francisco.

Remember Koba?

What a handsome dude.

Anyway, he convinces Caesar to pay them a little visit.


It’s like…

Leave us be and we won’t attack but if not, your bollocks and lady bits will hang from the nearest tree.

I think that’s fair.  Or maybe he’s being obtuse?

Dreyfus agrees for Malcolm to ignore the ultimatum and hopes that Caesar will listen to reason as repairing a hydroelectric dam should power San Francisco.

Malcolm enters enemy territory but is predictably caught and brought to Caesar.

Permission is granted on the condition that all weapons are surrendered.

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho.  It’s home from work they go.

Ellie and the others gradually create a bond but when Caesar’s cute offspring inadvertently discovers a concealed shotgun in a toolbox, trust is destroyed quicker than crushed polystyrene.

Despite this, Ellie persuades Caesar to allow her to treat his sick wife Cornelia with antibiotics and their stay is extended.

Koba takes some friends and discovers an armoury that is far from a museum exhibit.

He escapes a pair of guards by playing the fool.

Back at Donkey Kong Country, Koba confronts and taunts boss man over his love for humans but is battered into submission when emotions run high.

His life is spared as ape not kill ape.

Koba returns to the armoury and kills the men he initially tricked with an assault rifle.

Carver’s life is also extinguished and 'acquiring' his lighter, the camp is warmed up.

Unbeknownst to anybody, Koba and Caesar establish eye contact and the Alpha male is shot.

Let's hope he falls on something soft...

The blame is naturally placed elsewhere so it’s time for Malcolm's party to get the fuck out of dodge.

Mass panic ensues and the war against humans officially begins.

Despite numerous casualties of war, Koba’s army force entry to the armoury and tool up.

Ash is ordered to kill a human but refuses.  This proves fatal as Koba throws him off a ledge.

Koba declares that any friend of Caesar is an enemy so those still loyal are imprisoned.

Caesar is found by Malcolm who doesn't look too fighting fit.  Ellie begins operating upon the wounded and because of Koba’s betrayal, the horrible realisation that his kind aren't infallible brings despair.

By now, the dam is repaired and San Francisco is seen in a whole new light.

Blue Eyes ensures those doing time are given early parole and they reach the tower’s summit.  Dreyfus informs Malcolm that help is on the way from another military base.

Koba and Caesar resume action and this time, the battle is less one-sided.

Meanwhile, Dreyfus detonates the tower loaded with C4.

This causes a little unrest up above but no matter, Koba is left hanging on for his despicable life.

In desperation, the same spiel is given as before but as Caesar no longer considers him an ape, he lets him plunge to his death.

When you think back of what he did to poor Ash - what a fucking hypocrite, right?

With the news of imminent reinforcements, Caesar is despondent as the opportunity for peace has been and gone.

Caesar greets his garrison and awaits the final battle.

We don't see a post-credits scene, but as text reaches a climax, the sound of apes and ‘somebody’ sifting through rubble is heard.

Could it be that Koba somehow survived?

Ambiguous?  Yes.  Stupid?  Probably.

I’d describe this as entertaining, but fails to emulate the original.

The story flows with gusto, but I just think something more could've been done instead of the emphasis on 'ape against ape’.

Performance capture remains superb and because the digital effects are so convincing, you may forget that humans hide beneath CGI wizardry.

It’s also intelligent for subtitles to dominate actual speak and as a bonus point, sentences are sensibly ‘broken’.

During Koba’s first encounter with the human pair he goes on to murder, one labels him a stupid ‘monkey’.

Urgent news flash script writers - we’re dealing with apes, not bastard monkeys.

Was it done on purpose?  I’m far from convinced…

We've had Rise and Dawn so where on earth do these apes go next?

Providing ‘Day’ is avoided like a zombie apocalypse, George A. Romero may resist sniggering.

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