Friday, 8 August 2014

The Purge: Anarchy - The scoop and digest

It's that time of year again.

We kick off at 7pm and reflect at 7am.

In flashback, the title sequence of the original confirms the purge was first introduced in 2017 and now, we indulge in the sixth.

Plot details and/or spoilers will commit murderous rage.

Releasing the beast includes:

Frank Grillo - Sergeant
Zach Gilford - Shane
Kiele Sanchez - Liz
Carmen Ejogo - Eva
Zoe Soul - Cali
Jack Conley - Big Daddy
Michael K. Williams - Carmelo

21 March 2023.

With a little over two hours before the annual purge commences, violence seekers shake with excitement while others tremble with fear.

Eva and daughter Cali discover their father is dying and leaves a note explaining he's sold himself to the rich for the princely sum of $100K.

I suppose you'd call it a will.

Meanwhile, couple Shane and Liz are eager to reach her sister's house and survive the night.

While stocking up with supplies, a gang of masks startle and intimidate.

They continue on their merry way but a breakdown halts progress.

Faulty engineering isn't responsible and the pursuing gang aren't too far away...

Sirens wail and it's showtime boys and girls.

Now on foot, they don't wait for an apology.

A nameless guy tools up and moonlights as a standard purger, or is he?

We've already met Diego and fuelled with rage, turns into a giant shit stain when he breaks into Eva's apartment intent on probable rape.

Get ready to be happy as he's gunned down by SWAT types, but the women are viciously dragged outside to be bundled into a van.

The mysterious stranger saves them by lining lungs with lead.

Having no choice but to trust, they enter his car (where Shane and Liz have already taken refuge), but a recently wounded guy known as Big Daddy shows what a gatling gun can do.

Due to transport not appreciating armour piercing rounds, this presents a problem.  Eva promises to provide an alternative, on condition that he guides them safely to friend Tanya's place.

Occasionally, an anti-purge resistance group interrupts countdown updates and leader Carmelo is never lost for words.

After negotiating flame-throwing equipped vehicles down a subway, destination is reached.

Inside the apartment, Eva reveals there was never a car.  That's right pal, she spun you a web of bullshit.

Some woman becomes really pissed off and Tanya is killed.

Staying may have been a better idea as they're captured by masks who are paid handsomely for delivering them to a rich purger's party.

Money doesn't just talk, it screams...

For the right to cleanse in an arena dubbed the hunting ground, each are auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Serge seizes control as distraught onlookers witness unexpected slaughter.

Resistance fighters (including the once bloodied stranger), turn up to help but are powerless to prevent Shane's demise.

Liz decides to hang about for extra target practice...

Serge, Eva and Cali hijack the mistresses car so his son's passing can be avenged.

Better hurry though, time is ticking...

There's ample opportunity but bottles it.

Big Daddy opens fire and injures Serge.  He tells him that the purge is not removing enough of the poorer class, hence why death squads have been dispatched to make company figures more respectable.

His son's killer repays unseen forgiveness by ending Big Daddy's ability to breathe.

The girls do enough to stall more uniforms and the siren concludes another edition of Millionaire.

Eva and Cali take their protector to hospital as emergency services begin clearing up the chaos.

James DeMonaco impressively delivers a different type of mammal and is altogether better than the first.

Murder is given more meaning and displays a corrupt message.

I note that instead of people unleashing, they now 'release' the beast.

Got to be a clanger as why change it?

Remember Arnie's quote from Terminator 2?

"Come with me if you want to survive."

Didn't think so and why not?

Oh yeah, the writers weren't assholes and stuck fast with 'live'.

Before the gang are brought before the sadistic and rich, a pianist belts out Chopin's Nocturne in E-flat Major, Op. 9, No.2.

It's a beautiful piece of music.

Vehicles can ring Mad Max bells and would it be harsh to bring up Rockstar's Manhunt?

Not really, and this 'coincidence' is taken too far as Sergeant even describes those eager to massacre as 'hunters'.

I didn't dream it and only happens once.

The next could see resistance fighters smashing New Founding Fathers and Edwin Hodge's background could be expanded.

My only worry is that we could go on forever as there's only so much you can do with a limited, albeit thought-provoking premise.

Let's be honest, this doesn't have the batteries to keep going like a Freddy or Jason.

With that said, let's hope the plug is pulled after the third, or the occasion may smell staler than a cesspit.

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