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The Inbetweeners 2 - The scoop and digest

Let's remind ourselves of what projects the lads have done.

Will (Friday Night Dinner), Neil (Way to Go and Edge of Heaven), Simon (Fresh Meat) and Jay (Only Fools prequel Rock & Chips).

Our sex pest was also bumbling communications expert Robert Crumper in Orange advert for The Expendables 2.

Along with Jonny Sweet, Simon and Will's creative triumph was writing, starring in and co-creating satirical First World War sitcom Chickens.

Like everybody else, I'm sure Will prefers to forget The Harry Hill Movie.

Now, down to business.

When a smash hit comedy (or popular char) comes to the big screen, quality can plummet quicker than a bungee jump.

Thankfully, Malia begged to differ and was largely hilarious.

Others weren't so lucky as Kevin & Perry and most recently, Mrs. Brown's Boys D'Movie rightly bombed.

As for Keith Lemon - oh my fucking God.

Writers Damon Beesley and Iain Morris now direct, so does the clunge uncontrollably drip or become drier than the Outback?

Plot details and/or spoilers will sizzle down under.

Those with four weeks in paradise to kill include:

Simon Bird - Will
Blake Harrison - Neil
James Buckley - Jay
Joe Thomas - Simon
Emily Berrington - Katie
Greg Davies - Mr. Gilbert
Belinda Stewart-Wilson - Will's Mum
David Schaal - Jay's Dad
Tamla Kari - Lucy

Will and Simon attend university, Neil works in a bank and Simon is still with Lucy.

Her sweeter than sweet personality has radically transformed into a controlling, possession destroying bitch.

Neil receives an email from Jay who gratuitously describes his gap year in Austraila as running a top night club, owning a mansion and waking to regular blowies sounds anything but grim.

Jane?  Who's Jane.

They do find him working in the nightclub, as a toilet attendant.

Will chats with backpacker Katie, a former primary school friend and they appear to hit it off.

Jay's palace is a two-man tent in his uncle's garden.  Of course, it's only temporary...

Thanks to Jay's uncle, Simon accidentally proposes over Skype.

Anything is more attractive than lying in a fuck hole so they relocate to a youth hostel in Byron Bay.

Will meets Ben, who proves to be an absolute (cough) tosser.

After learning that Katie is heading to Splash Planet, Will senses an opportunity.

Things don't go swimmingly at the water park as due to the stress of Neil killing a dolphin with a diet of fast food, his 'irritating' bowel syndrome kicks in at the top of a water slide and subsequent events cause the place to close.

Much to the dismay of Jay's quivering lip, Jane's career has moved on.

Lucy tells Simon that Jane is working with horses on a stud farm.  Will decides to spurn his friends to stay with Katie and co.

Jay, Simon and Neil head out in the Peter Andre inspired Mobile Virgin Conversion Unit.

Will struggles to fit in and during spiritual healing, his suggestion to purify negativity is very non-PC.

Before leaving, at least Katie and that dick Ben are told where to go.

He catches a plane and the quartet are reunited.

The shagging wagon runs out of juice and without supplies, the desert will surely become their tomb.

A few hours later, Jane and her co-workers prevent the grim reaper from knocking but elation turns to deflation because she doesn't take him back.

Cue that lip again...

At Jay's uncle's house, family and revelations await.

Mr. Gilbert has entered Will's mum in more ways than one.  After uncle insults Jane, Jay feebly slaps him across the chops and finally; Simon is delighted to find uni friend Peter investigating Lucy's lady garden so is given the perfect excuse to dump the mental cow.

Vietnam (gun testing) and Bangkok (ladyboys) are visited as the credits roll and returning home with wacky haircuts, Neil is greeted by the pot smoking older woman and Will's mum is now engaged to Gilbert.

Scarpering in pure horror, airport security wrestle Will to the ground.

While far from a colossal failure, this disheartens.

I'd liken it to The Simpsons Movie.  Good in places but could have been so much better.

If fruit machines are feeling generous, 'nudges' instigate a win.  Here, it's an unsubtle way of pushing a friend into a potentially volatile situation.

Jay's crude and lewd variations can be unnecessarily protracted and neglect to be funny.

Simon remarks something like 'I lost interest half way through'.

Irony is a cruel mistress.

You expect the script to be recycled in a roundabout way but visual gags drinking from the poisoned chalice of shock was a huge mistake.

Just ask A Million Ways to Die in the West.

With no Carli to obsess over, Simon gives us literally nothing to laugh at.

All the best lines leave Neil's lips and timing proves effortless.

Will consistently fucks things up but his campfire serenade fizzles out into nothing.

Simon resorting to desperation in the desert is limper than Neil's toilet truncheon.

Although disappointing, there are some laugh out loud highlights.

The sequence with a turd in hot pursuit and Will wrongly accused of sleep raping Katie are moments of comedic brilliance.

Beesley and Morris are adamant this is the end.

Unlike one of Jay's outlandish stories, let's hope they're not bullshitting...

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