Tuesday, 16 September 2014

DVD Deja vu - Revival

What can I say apart from they can't help themselves.

Published near on a year ago, those in 'Final Scene' have some competition.

Do they all have to be films?  Of course not and that makes things even more interesting.

Shame the Devil vs The Caretaker

Not forgetting Heretic.

Hercules vs Immortals

Ted vs Big Daddy

Dead Mine vs Evilution

One of the posters to mediocre found footage horror Chernobyl Diaries rings true with the latter.

The Sacrament vs Camp Hell

Bringing in Crimson Rivers II: Angels of the Apocalypse.

Films about girls struck with demonic possession have become boring - rather like how cover art is represented.

Cursed vs The Taken


The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia poster came out before both and recycled for home consumption.

The Hardy Bucks Movie vs This is the End

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones vs Final Destination

Even without 'friends', it's still a cut and paste job.

Kiss of the Damned vs Zombie Driller Killer

Ray Donovan Season 1 vs Boardwalk Empire Season 3

Metallica: Through the Never (Blu Ray/DVD) vs Brotherhood of the Wolf


See for yourselves.

Err.  Head fuck.

Haunted vs Fields of the Dead

Gypsy Fighter vs Forced to Fight

Barricade vs Fairytale

It's common knowledge that console games of yesteryear and film remakes can be released under a different name, but is also true for some that are re-released.

Why?  I have no idea but...

Fields of the Dead, Gypsy Fighter and Fairytale were originally called The Wretched (2008), Travellers (2011) and The Haunting of Helena (2012) respectively.

Turistas becoming Paradise Lost makes no fucking sense.

Moving on...

Next is the same thing, just zoomed in and upside down.

Nothing Left to Fear vs Hidden

Lords of London vs Dylan Dog: Dead of Night (Region 1)

Planes vs Sky Force

Planes came after Sky Force in 2013.  Wings: Sky Force Heroes followed in 2014.

McCanick vs Broken City

The Seasoning House vs Lost in Translation

And now boys and girls, feast on yer' eyes on these beauties.

Waste Land vs Sin City

Cold Comes the Night vs The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (remake)

Unless they apply the same treatment to 'Played with Fire' and 'Kicked the Hornet's Nest', remaking the first was practically pointless.

Haunting of Cellblock 11 vs Rec 2

Extraterrestrial vs The Need for Speed

Savages Crossing vs Devil's Bridge

Girl Most Likely... vs How Do You Know

Not Another Happy Ending is almost as blatant.

Endless Love vs The Time Traveller's Wife

Just use a little imagination by rotating horizontally and swapping the position of guy and girl...

And finally, the best of all.

Absentia (DVD re-issue) vs The Descent (Blu Ray)

I insist you take a look at the very recently released Almost Human.


Will I bring another feature of similar ilk in the future?  Well, only if my hand is forced...

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