Sunday, 21 June 2015

Insidious: Chapter 3 - The scoop and digest

Series writer Leigh Whannell takes the directorial plunge to prequel James Wan's original and awful second.

Plot details and/or spoilers exist between light and dark.

Following in the footsteps of ectoplasm:

Lin Shaye - Elise
Stefanie Scott - Quinn
Dermot Mulroney - Sean
Angus Sampson - Tucker
Leigh Whannell - Specs

A few years before the Lambert family haunting.

Teenybopper Quinn persuades psychic Elise to make contact with her recently deceased mother Lilly.

When something makes threats to kill, connection is lost.

During a theatre audition, the sight of a mysterious being causes Quinn to fluff her lines.

Before she can report wave happy weirdo, a car sends her flying.

Daddy helps the wheelchair-bound into bed and for attention, clanging bell should do the trick.

Occurrences escalate beyond creepy and entity is best described as the man who can't breathe.

She's sick, right?

After every visitation, apparition leaves no physical evidence until muddy prints lead them to a broken window.

As geezer lies dead on pavement below, suicide is most plausible; but demon attempts to drag Quinn down.

Sean rescues the situation but daughter's neck is badly jarred in the process.

Come on Elise, get up off your fat ass?

Entering a place she likes to call 'The Further', Bride in Black initiates full throttle (who she brought back when looking for dead husband), but is shaken back to life before suffocation.

Sean pushes the desperation button and brings in Spectral Sightings pair Tucker and Specs.

Quinn lashes out with melee weapon and just for the hell of it - smashes plaster casts against bedstead.

Others help subdue before she can slit her own throat.

A rejuvenated Elise returns in confident mood and agrees to co-operate.

We've already seen a faceless Quinn, missing hands and feet, but that's only 50 per cent of the download.  The man who struggles to breathe must be stopped before her soul is completely swallowed.

Its identity is never revealed, but we know he died in the apartment yonks ago.

Elise scares off Bride and hubby Jack wants her to self-terminate so they can finally be together.

After slashing demon in fancy dress, the alternative Quinn is grabbed and regeneration begins.

Back in the land of the living, Elise says she must finish the job alone.

Hearing the voice of a woman who recently died, Elise finds a letter from Lilith.

Mother whispers something in Quinn's ear, giving her the strength to remove mask and defeat demon.

Quinn awakes and all is hunky dory.

Elise teams up with Specs and Tucker to continue cleaning up supernatural disturbances as and when they occur.

Returning home, she's pleased to find husband's jumper neatly folded on bed.

Woof woof barks at unknown face in darkness and Darth Maul provides incredibly boring pop up moment.

To paraphrase an old footballing cliché, this is a film of two halves.

The first 40 minutes or so is littered with unpredictable and intelligent jump scares, but the final section is consumed by generic shoddiness.

Believing herself to be Tetsuo from Akira, Elise forces geezer through floorboards with unofficial ultra combo Shockwave Stomp.


Quinn wearing the possessed shoes of Mia from Evil Dead 2013 morbidly offends.

Discounting 1999 original, her twitching is also reminiscent of a condom headed Silent Hill nurse.

Medical orderlies in prequel Origins appear to be faceless, just like the alternative Quinn.

"Come on bitch" is up there with the cheesiest pieces of fucking shit I've ever heard.

Unconfirmed of course, but Chapter 4 should already be set up with presumably what Elise saw off camera at the end of sequel.

One more thing, Quinn is seen reading A Clockwork Orange.

She's got taste...

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