Friday, 12 June 2015

Total Recall: Symphony (Adornment)

Before proceeding, why not reacquaint yourself with:

Part 1 -

Part 2 -

Now where was I?

Oh yeah, a horse won Richter a mint and Benny let off a tremendous fart...

If I am to become that fucking asshole Hauser, it is my democratic right for televisual entertainment to be provided.
Crap, junk, bollocks and bullshit.
It makes me wonder why I pay my TV licence.
I wonder if it's the same back on Earth...
Richter: Excuse me pal, do you mind if I twat the bastard, just for old time's sake?
Doctor: For fun?
Richter: No in the name of science - you fucking idiot.
That's for porking my old lady - hard and deep.
One detects digesting ring-piece inferno, washed down with seventeen pints of dangerous strength lager is more unlikely than contracting agoraphobia of imminent pain.
JESUS! That tickles.
In hindsight, maybe I shouldn't have pissed him off...
Squeal like a mouse, sing like a canary and miaow like a pussy.
That is the way of samurai.
Oi bitch, filthier than a holiday postcard.
This is hardly the time to drop knickers, spread legs and authorise lab rat to perform cunnilingus.
It's...(hmmm), errr, an experiment.
A bit more (ooohhhh)... down a little (not too much).
Nibble, nuzzle and give it a cuddle.
Treat the old muff rough and tough, and... w
hy so jealous?
Ladies and gentlemen - witness the grit and determination of Bruce Banner.
Now you've licked the bitch dry, it's time for me to aim high.
Game shot and the match.
Slack jaw, ball breaking, desk hugging, brick laying, clock watching, dumb fuck.
As your ass always wanted to be skewered more than mixed kebab... 
Safe in the knowledge I've gone all Debbie Harry and KooKoo, at least I can die happy.
Now Quaid and Melina have defaced campaign poster with spunking prick and customary three pubes per testicle, shall I throw the switch and activate the reactor?
But it'll spread to all the turbinium on the planet and Mars will go into global meltdown.
(Richter raises famous frown lines).
WELL SHIT ON A BASTARD STICK! Even those aliens didn't think of that.
Your landlord warned what would happen if you fuckers fell behind with rent.
(Cough, splutter, choke).
My final wish upon this earth is for piscine to be given a decent send-off, and not suffer the indignity of being flushed down unscented and neglected ivory throne. 
As we're running out of air, it blows we don't have some kind of life bar.
Thumbelina: Look Tony, you're not Isaac Clarke and this ain't Dead Space.
Now kindly SHUT THE FUCK UP before necromorphs get Victorian on everybody's ass.
Hey Quaid (not forgetting Melina), you remember father of five (four) kids to feed?
Benny.  Benny's the name, (ha ha ha) and betraying is my game.
Which unofficial Roger Moore James Bond adventure is now of particular relevance?
I meant For Your Operator's Eyes Only.
After endodontic treatment, this minor migraine cannot climb beyond the peak of pain.
Fiddletwits.  It appears my prediction was wrong.
First I punch you, now bullets fuck you.
'Cause honey I'm an asshole draped like a daydream.
Don't panic viewers, but everybody's GeForce is about to temporarily Nvidia. 
The impatient can minimise this window to the taskbar and continue working while updates are downloaded and installed.
It is not necessary to restart your computer.
Should first person be played with joypad or mouse?
While you're chewing over rhetoric, please be advised - I'VE GOT A HOLOGRAPH!
I am doing unto you, what Captain Freedom did unto to Ben Richards.
Yes it's The Running Man, with Cadre Cola - it hits the g-spot.
O, pardon me, thou bleeding piece of earth.
Woe to the hand that shed this costly blood!
Cohaagen (off-screen): The construction worker that became a secret agent.  The secret agent that became a dream.  The dream that escaped lobotomization.
Fascinating story!
As adverse weather conditions are due to oscillate, engage reverse thrusters.
Malfunction! Unable to launch.  Bleep, whirr; etc.  Maximum overdrive.  Access denied.
Well whatever nevermind.
I've heard of relationships getting off to a flying start but this is just fucking ridiculous.
Under pressure.  Dum dum dum dur de de dum, (plink plonk).
My fingers don't even fit.  Who designed this ungodly piece of shit?
Arth and his friend ritis will be visiting sooner than expected.
The inaugural winner of Mars With Talentless Sophistication reveals Mary (three tits) was salvation and Last Resort for fame.
Experiment gone right 41A didn't even make it through auditions.
I would take it further (on coming second), but the appeals procedure is purposely convoluted and inappropriately expensive.
Anyway, going up against a bunch of ass-kissing, back-stabbing, corrupt-sucking bastards would be profligate.
Quaid: (Puff puff, pant pant).  That was shagtastic and I came like Niagra Falls.
Mel: Ha! I'm glad somebody did, as I've known fruit machine spins last longer.
Hauser gets to fuck me every night? I can hardly wait.
Quaid: Would one care for a tongue embrace?
Mel: I suppose saliva transfer must be better than inept rhythmic grinding.
(Yuck! The dirty bastard didn't even bother to scrub teeth and gargle cheap cider).
The future has a silver lining.

Robocop (1987) will follow (at some point).

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