Friday, 26 June 2015

Films Lost in Translation - Screen 1

Instead of cuddling the norm of video game carts, I warm the cockles of movie mistake seeking hearts.

My mission is not to regurgitate shit done a hundred times before, but to focus mainly on all things 'Engrish'.

John Nash (Russell Crowe) may have A Beautiful Mind, but should have collected a 'Nobel' Prize for strategic decision making.
Check out this peculiar error in Woody Allen's 1977 romcom classic Annie Hall.

Fine, but in the credits...

Never mind director, I'm more concerned that Christopher Wlaken didn't notice.

I'm probably not alone in thinking The Dark Knight Rises was a disappointing end to an otherwise excellent trilogy.
Did you hear about the dyslexic thief? He went on a 'hiest'.
Just for a really random laugh, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps shows Christopher Nolan how it's done.

This is technically a character error by Roy Scheider's Martin Brody in Jaws.

Yes it should be 'coroner's' office.
Maybe Polly should have typed up the report. 
In exciting sequel Lethal Weapon 2Joss Ackland's Arjen Rudd and his crooked cronies hide behind diplomatic immunity.
Reckless Riggs finds 'aparthied' impossible to spell.
Just to blitz brains, reference on refrigerator in original was correct.

Ha ha ha!

After Keith Allen's Hugo mysteriously dies leaving a suitcase full of money, it leaves an obvious dilemma in Danny Boyle's superb directorial debut Shallow Grave.
Nothing immediately wrong here, but spin on to credit roll... 
As if by unstable magic, Christopher Eccleston's eventual lunatic David changed his surname by goof poll.
St Trinian's is set in the fictional town of Chelteham, Gloucestershire.  
Another shot highlights continuity didn't fix matters.

Nobody predicted this 5 day weather 'forcast' in Total Recall (2012).
Perfect organism.  Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility.

Here's some strange data produced by MU-TH-UR in Alien.

I fear the margins may be out of 'allignment'.
Although 'insure' is obviously a word, I'm sure they meant 'ensure'.
All other considerations secondary.
Crew expendable.
Even a store wide 'clearnce' sale hosted by Dick Miller was afraid to charge The Terminator for guns and ammo. 
Dispensing with formalities, presenting what were surely done on purpose.

Tortured 'teacher' Andy (Perry King) is eventually pushed over the edge in Mark L. Lester's controversial 1982 classic Class of 1984.
Before he went Back to the Future, a young Michael J. Fox (credited as Michael Fox) briefly joins in and Roddy McDowall (Corrigan) does GTA.

Teenage Head provide the musical touch. 
Irvin Kershner's final film Robocop 2 advises to go and fuck a refrigerator pecker neck.
If that's wrong - 'kick' me in the bollocks.
Hillbillies and gratuitous gore ensures 2010 horror comedy Tucker & Dale vs. Evil was an absolute hoot.
We got ur 'freind' deserves an extended close  up.

Brainless and bereft of charm, The Sweeney on big screen disappointed more than the sun failing to glow.
Please note, Novembers figures deserve an apostrophe between r and s.
Fancy a laugh - look no further than Idle Hands.
'I'm' under the bed.
Your and you're are commonly used in the wrong context.

For example:

Lerenzo Lamas is 'search and destroy' soldier Jack Kelly in the first of cult action adventure series Snake Eater.
(I heard the toilet struggled to flush this piece of shit).
'Your Dead Right'.
Fuck.  Wrong again. 
Smiley was 'supposed' to come and kill me, but urban legend thought better of it.
However, if electronic insult from Death Proof informed 'you're an asshole!!!', then I'd be really offended.
Ecological found footage horror documentary The Bay largely kicked ass.
'HOLLY' SHIT! i just ate something 'wierd'.
Now my stomach feels fucking weird.
Amy? Amy?
Why didn't you activate auto-correct?
Amy? Answer me?
Battery dead...
Untraceable featured killer host, hosting a killer website.

See Fear Dot Com for inspiration...

thniik soooo.
Fcuking idiots. hes fucking dead cant you fucking (illegible).
Err, what?
the killers ded long live the killer...
'nlod' this video?
Probably means down'load' this video?
Next time, it's more with definite phwoar.

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