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Video games stealing film and famous faces - Reel 2

Box art is the perfect place to begin.

Famed for fluid character animation, platform action, puzzle-solving and digitised speech, Epyx's Impossible Mission was an instant C64 hit.

Although title is extremely similar, this bears no connection to Mission: Impossible.

Professor Elvin Atombender (what a fucking name) is back for revenge in a more complicated, but largely unchanged sequel.

His large weapon suggests Magnum Force.

T.I. album Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head was heavily influenced.

Is it reasonable to say everybody forgets Rockstar's Red Dead series began in 2004 with Revolver?


Whatever, angry gunslinger really rings true with 1976 classic The Outlaw Josey Wales.

Using surprisingly effective b/w footage, Prize Fighter is Raging Bull on Sega CD.

Box art is what you'd expect.

Maybe they saw De Niro's Jake LaMotta self-destruct against Sugar Ray?

For the purposes of dramatisation, pummelling received was greatly exaggerated.
Pre-dating FPS, observe Taito's Final Blow on whichever home computer.

After knocking out an in shape, but mentally damaged Mike Tyson in 1990, Mega Drive port (outside of Japan) was renamed James 'Buster' Douglas Knockout Boxing.

The man himself dominated box art (much like actual fight), but was merely a lazy palette swap of regular The Detroit Kid.

Master System discarded arcade's look and settled on a Rocky clone.

As if two giant dumps weren't enough, the toilet flushed another turd in 1991 with Heavyweight Champ.

(Shakes head).

Drago getting walloped in Rocky IV is another example of sporting violence.

Pantera's Vulgar Display of Power and I Didn't See It Coming by The Professionals are albums of unlikely coincidence.

Released after Cabal and building upon Contra's 3D perspective, 1988 arcade Devastators is consigned to Konami obscurity.

Still, it was the evolution for G.I. Joe, just like Capcom's Black Tiger became Magic Sword.

Gun toting twins aside, Rambo III provided the perfect, ahem, inspiration for title screen.

You'll note anonymous chars are differentiated by red and blue headbands.

It's a bizarre and innocuous thing to duplicate, but the same shit happened in SNK's 1986 cult classic Ikari Warriors, with future King of Fighters participants Ralf (red) and Clark (blue).


Newscaster 'Clark Kent' brings a bizarre report in messed up 1991 PC Engine shmup Download 2.

Complete with leather jacket, Neo Geo borefest Riding Hero had Taylor as Max Rockatansky.

Nerozzia from Taito's gangster farce Dead Connection was a fan of Marlon Brando's Vito Corleone.

Remember, evil power steals on.

What the fuck does that mean?  Ha ha!

Chars James and Philip pose as Eliot Ness (Kevin Costner) and George Stone (Andy Garcia) respectively, from Brian de Palma's 1987 smash The Untouchables.

Secret agent from Mega Drive's Rambo III looks nothing like Roy Batty, right?

Bomb Kick is a weird arcade by developer Yun Sung Electronics.

Spot the difference game Search Eye lifted Cammy's theme from SSF2: The New Challengers.

You needn't rub a lamp to conjure up this Genie.

The assholes couldn't even be bothered to recolour boss.

Abu (monkey), Jafar's guards and Aladdin?

Bomb Hack?

Copy that.

Thunder Blade had no right to display such amazing scaling effects in 1987.

Title screen imagery looks innocent enough, but I yell Blue Thunder.

If that's the meat, let me pour gravy.

Cast mince pies over Martial Masters.

IGS practically cloned Washizuka's stage from The Last Blade 2.

Fire at the Wadamoya
The extinguishable hate
I distinctly remember the Dreamcast port omitting superb ripple effect.

But wait, look at setting for end fight between Genma and Kibagami Jubei in Ninja Scroll, not to be confused with 2003 television series.

Swapping boat for house? Tut fucking tut!

For more burning ambition, see Rebecca's stage in enjoyable 1995 spin-off Double Dragon.

After sieving through each with fine-sword comb, here's what Samurai Shodown half-inched from Yoshiaki Kawajiri's excellent 1993 action thriller.

Temple Mist (Nicotine's stage) vs random scene

Tall trees, concrete steps leading to temple and moist air engulfing sombre atmosphere?

Identification positive.

The deeply flawed third and more balanced fourth dedicated proceedings to bamboo.

Hmmm, nothing like when Jubei takes on Devil of Kimon Utsutsu Mujuro.

Ukyo is a man of few words, when compared to blind samurai.

Original portrait retained principle.

Nicotine vs Dakuan

Just in case you're still not convinced, check out staff's end.

Undoubtedly more Shameless than Chatsworth's finest.

Before SNK bought them out, Metal Slug was Nazca's heavy machine gun.

Super Vehicle-001 is transport we strive to control.

Or put another way, how Dominion Tank Police trundled about.

Jealous of Minnie's beauty, witch Mizrabel shakes up the harmony of Vera City by kidnapping female rodent in Castle of Illusion.

Stereotypical hag on broomstick later transforms into her larger and younger self.

Okay, she makes no effort of disguising she's the Queen from Disney's 1937 adaptation of Brothers Grimm fairytale Snow White.

Licensing issues?

Doesn't make a great deal of fucking sense.

2013 HD remake.
Before Angelina Jolie wore antagonistic horns in 2014 big screen outing, 3DS adventure Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion painted Mizrabel as Sleeping Beauty villain Maleficent.

Others with Mr. Jack Shit to do with Disney were perversely less subtle.

Mr. Nutz (various)
I'm still Hoppin' Mad superior Amiga game ignored consoles.

Diet Go Go (Arcade)
Parody or piss take? Only Data East will know.

Crossed between SNK's Prehistoric Isle and Carrier Air Wing (spiritual 1990 follow-up to U.N. Squadron), P-47 Aces is Jaleco's opulent 1995 sequel to The Phantom Fighter.

Manga and eventual anime Area 88 is less mysterious than its 51 counterpart...

Capcom trumped Jaleco's 1988 card four years earlier as 1942 (first in the long-running 19XX franchise), debuted in 1984.

Some broad gives mission heads-up and bloke barks orders in U.N. Squadron.

After all that tomfoolery, enter Tony Scott's cult 1986 classic Top Gun.

Sergeant Kim Blair becomes flight instructor Charlie (Kelly McGillis).

Bond legend Sean Connery starred in Carrier Air Wing and/or Japanese namesake U.S. Navy.

I reckon...

James Roy vs Goose (Anthony Edwards)

Mark Olson vs Ice (Val Kilmer)

Did Lt. Pete Mitchell (Tom Cruise), more affectionately known as 'Maverick' escape Capcom's attention?

In a word, no.

Mick Ford is based on famous publicity still.

Thumbs up in F-14 Tomcat is given thusly.

If you're going to rip something off, do it in fucking style.

Charlie flying fighter jet in Ryu's ending to Street Fighter Alpha 3 might be some kind of reference to Carrier Air Wing?
Congratulatory screen is reminiscent of wild celebrations.
Group hug didn't deliver the climax he'd hoped for. 
I'll stand corrected, but is T2 the only film to feature After Burner?

Note cabinet artwork.

For North America, SNES weapons orgy Super Aleste was renamed Space Megaforce.
1994 Neo Geo shmup Zed Blade changed things around.

In space, nobody can hear peace scream.
Rambunctious entertainment will continue...

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