Sunday, 27 March 2016

10 Cloverfield Lane - The scoop and digest

Film titles bearing specific address are something of a novelty, so this joins a pretty exclusive club.

Ignoring Jump Street, the only ones I can think of are 5150 Elm's Way and 388 Arletta Avenue.

Maybe somebody can do better?

John Goodman - Howard
Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Michelle
John Gallagher, Jnr - Emmett

During reports of a citywide blackout, Michelle is forced off the road and knocked unconscious.

She awakes in an underground bunker and informed by Howard that because of a nuclear and/or chemical outbreak, contaminated air has killed everybody.

We soon meet Emmett who broke arm by forcing entry.

Michelle is understandably apprehensive and bottles Howard during delicious meal.

Her escape is halted when a not so hot looking woman hammers on glass.

Maybe the big guy wasn't chatting shit?

A tremor from above causes air filtration to break down and lady pants is forced to reset system.

Before leaving ventilation shaft, she notices 'HELP' scratched on window and finding bloodied earring (recognised from photo of Howard's daughter Megan), Emmett confirms polaroid is actually of missing high school girl.

They agree it's time to get the fuck out of dodge.

Did you know perchloric acid serves as precursor to ammonium perchlorate, which is used to fuel satellites?

Howard certainly does, and unless somebody talks, bodies are gonna sizzle faster than burgers on barbeque.

Like a silly billy, Emmett accepts full responsibility and is subsequently shot dead.

Honesty is the best policy?

My ass!

Unstable doomsday fanatic admits to smashing into Michelle as he couldn't allow perfect replacement for estranged daughter to get away.

She repays hospitality by spilling barrel's contents on Howard and escapes wearing makeshift radiation suit.

Quite understandably, Howard's a bit pissed off.

Michelle manages to evade energetic pursuit and secures freedom.

Realising air is breathable, a biological alien craft approaches.

You have got to be kidding?

Howard is killed when electrical fire triggers explosive device inside barn and parked truck interests extraterrestrial presence.

Molotov cocktail destroys monster and foot is firmly put down.

She can either evacuate to Baton Rouge, or join those savvy with medical or combat training at Houston.

The latter option is chosen and lightning engulfed clouds illuminate another patrolling mothership.

Related yes, but this isn't a sequel to 2008 monster hit.

Interestingly, the eagle eyed will note for the briefest of moments camera does shake during alien attack.

Suffice to say, anthology will continue.

As per original, J.J. Abrams helps produce and Dan Trachtenberg's directorial debut delivers psychological chills and sci-fi thrills.

Goodman puts in a frightening shift and Winstead completely convinces.

In stark contrast, Gallagher, Jnr's performance couldn't help a hangman tighten his noose.

Before shit hits the proverbial fan, Michelle, Emmett and Howard make the best of a bad situation by having fun and games.

It's both inspired and refreshing to use the original version of I Think We're Alone by Tommy James and the Shondells, as unlike Ted, hearing Tiffany's velvet tones wouldn't work.

Anyway, sequence completely rips off principle from Dawn of the Dead.

Megan's favourite film is John Hughes' coming-of-age classic Pretty in Pink.

Not Ferris Bueller?


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