Sunday, 26 June 2016

Final Fight - Rampant References

What's not been said before is now spilled.

Capcom's seminal scrolling brawler was inspired by Walter Hill's pretty bizarre 1984 rock and roll action fable Streets of Fire.

Led by Raven (Willem Dafoe), the Bombers Biker Gang kidnap singer Ellen Aim (Diane Lane) and old flame Tom Cody (Michael Paré) is paid $10,000 by new boyfriend Billy Fish (Rick Moranis) to roll up rescuing sleeves.

Before exclaiming "Fuck you asshole!" in The Terminator, Bill Paxton scored a very minor and forgettable role as Clyde the Bartender.
Is there more to Metro City than meets the eye?



Throughout, Tom is largely called surname.

Jessica and Ellen.

I censored bra with red dress.


Haggar looks rather like former wrestler turned actor Jesse Ventura (as seen in The Running Man).

Hey, don't Blain me for not using Predator.

For the moment at least, Shane Black says hero's name of direct sequel The Predator is Quinn McKenna.

We'll see in 2018.

Check out ridiculous ponytail in Final Fight 3, or Final Fight Tough if you're Japanese.

Now for something strange.

West Side saw you face corrupt cop Edi. E, and spat out gum can be eaten.

And you thought gum was for CHEWING?

Was Final Fight 3's opening boss Dave his second cousin twice removed?

After Raven informs he wants Cody dead, Officer Ed Price (Richard Lawson) urges protagonist to leave town.
Of course they don't look alike, what about first name?

Less harpoon gun and wheelchair, you'd think Belger would be modelled on Raven but...

Trust me, showdown is more painful than Dafoe's expression.
Homage takes centre stage with whichever Andore, and AndrĂ© the Giant.

Surname became Hugo in Street Fighter guise.

Mega CD or Sega CD version gave intro a welcome makeover.

Note J's mate Two P licking blade in featured excerpt.

I'd strongly suggest this was lifted from head exploding classic Fist of the North Star.

Thug sent on suicide mission to kill Snake in Golgo 13: The Professional provides an even better example.

Well shit the bastard bed.

Andore head swap and Bay Area boss Abigail fails to control anger management.

Said boss is in homage to King Diamond's first concept album.

Coincidentally, Abigail is also a Japanese thrash metal band.

Sticking with bosses, Damnd could be referencing The Damned and Sodom is probably named after German band of same name.

Controversial transgender enemies Roxy (left) and Poison (right) were surely based on...

...Bret Michaels (left) and CC DeVille (right).

Loading Guns n' flowering Roses.



Rolento vs Colonel (Fist of the North Star)

Complete with eye-patch, Final Fight 3 Skull Cross leader Black took the piss even more.

Street Fighter Alpha 3
Not to be confused with associates Wong Who and G. Oriber, the corpulent Bill Bull takes charge.

Perhaps designers had multiple arm-wrestling world champion and actor Rick Zumwalt in mind.

Bull Hurley gave Lincoln Hawk's Stallone major problems in Menahem Golan's 1987 drama Over the Top.
Censorship? Mistakes? Conversions?

Bear with me guys.

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