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Dark Escape 4D - Gruelling Analysis

Long overdue, but best things come to those and all that.

My brief review from 2014 indicated I was slightly impressed.

I've since learned fourth dimension relates to 'other' features such as vibrating bench, air blasters and heart rate sensors.

So in other words - bollocks.

IGS upped the ante in 2015 with 5D theatre light-gun game Monster Eye.

Imagine Let's Go Jungle (spiritual successor to The Ocean Hunter), meets Police 24/7 (motion sensing technology).

What does 5D mean?


Nex Entertainment's Production staff include:

Director - Minoru Watanabe
Game Concept Design - Daisuke Tajima
Lead Character Model Designer - Takaki Iwata
Character Model Designers - Kazuyoshi Nagata, Erina Matsui, Katsuhito Kawai, Shigeru Yagi and Mariko Sanefuji

While I have nothing but praise for 'grotesque imagery and shocking scenes', on-rails horror rollercoaster is largely ONE BIG FAT DIRTY STINKING RIP OFF.

Allow me to show you why.

Cabinet's ass end smacks of The Human Centipede.

Was title logo stylized on The House of the Dead 4?

Ask designer Yasuo Mori.

NPC Courtney Wall looks remarkably similar to Haunting Ground's Fiona Belli.

Or Rebecca Chambers from the excellent Gamecube Resident Evil remake.

I can't fucking decide.

Ignoring Prison (which isn't compulsory), let's pick the bones out of each mandatory stage.


Zombie arms bursting through wall reminds me of Day of the Dead (1985).

Swapping wall for wooden boards, same kind of thing happens in Resident Evil 2.
Box art for Outbreak is either terrible, or makes bizarre reference.

I'm going with the former.

Venus flytrap boss deserves a scary high five.

Now shit really hits the proverbial fan.

This fearsome freak dominates Death Chamber.

Urotsukidoji is famous for tentacle porn and gory violence.

The above may have been influenced by Niki's monster.

Splitting heads, two rampaging alligator things provides boss encounter.

Lab Complex should hide its head in shame.

Arachnids are staple diet and responsible for several boo moments.

Ambush scene features amazing slow-mo.
Camera pans around curious containers.

Now what the FUCK does that look like?

(Embarrassed laughter).

You don't have to be a film geek to scream ALIENS.

Oh what a tangled web we weave.

Frank Darabont's splendid adaptation of Stephen King's novella The Mist rings a loud bell.

Dead (left) and alive (right).


Going even further, Resident Evil Code: Veronica's Antarctic base thought of it first.

When Chris gatecrashes frozen party, the dead become slightly more aggressive.

Now for tremendous eight-legged boss.

When vitality is nil, stage complete?

Not quite, as amazing battle continues.

(Hey, how about a close-up?)

Okay, no probs.

Nothing remotely like The Thing (1982)...

Here's ghastly grotesque giving up the ghost.

I actually feel sorry for the poor bastard.
As he possesses tits with more droop than a Weeping willow.

Hideous crone's significance in The Shining is still open to much debate.
I'd suggest the Overlook's evil is strengthened by Jack's willingness to commit adultery.
Now we can enjoy final stage.

Weapons Factory has no regular enemies and consists of one large behemoth.

Magnificent monstrosity is either the Angel of Death (Hellboy 2: The Golden Army), or most likely...

...a certain Queen.

Consumed and imprisoned by giant plant, every tactic in the biohazard book is thrown in your general direction.
Oh man, how good is he?
Shit! Now he's utterly dead.
Oh well, the asshole had it coming.
Unless all deadly seeds are dealt with during 'emergency' situation, Courtney goes ape shit.

Destroying as many security cameras as possible is heartily recommended as threat becomes more manageable.

In true girlie fashion, success sees you hold hands and leg it to freedom.
Before skedaddling, observe the incredible.

Please compare elongated neck to the opening boss of Konami's 1990 Aliens arcade.

Ha ha ha!

Cross-examine face with Vincent D'Onofrio's tragic Private Pyle.

Full Metal What the Hell?

It's time to dazzle more than inconsiderate motorist.

Death Chamber regular cranks up the tension by not immediately attacking.
Looks brilliant, right?

What a crying shame they plagiarised Clive Barker's 1987 classic Hellraiser (adapted from his 1986 novella The Hellbound Heart).

The Engineer was referred to as the fifth Cenobite in novella, but even we know this to be so, beastie's identity remained anonymous in original film.
The more you stare, the worse it gets.

Go on, tell me I'm wrong?

Putting things into perspective, above shot from said scene only lasts TWO seconds.

Yeah, I timed it.


This can't be a coincidence.

If so, pigs do fly.

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